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I was on E Hollywood Network, The Soup!

First randomness of today was that I was on TV for .3 seconds.  A few people emailed me saying that they saw me on The Soup (a show that basically makes fun of other shows and is pretty hilarious).  They were doing a segment about Inside Edition and they showed the clip that I did … Continue Reading

Remembering how to hurt….

Car rides to church are always pretty entertaining with us.  I am usually trying my hardest not to spill breakfast all over my belly (ps I always have such a large bag with me so that I can pack at least 3 days worth of snacks in there in case of an emergency.  Emergencies include … Continue Reading

Addicted to the long run quote and my personal pizza streak.

My mom is going to be so proud: You can read my interview HERE and If you leave a comment on the post you will be entered to win a 1 year subscription to Women’s Running Magazine! ———————————————– Don’t tell Billy (I warned him that if he read today’s post that I would hide all of … Continue Reading