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I was on E Hollywood Network, The Soup!

First randomness of today was that I was on TV for .3 seconds.  A few people emailed me saying that they saw me on The Soup (a show that basically makes fun of other shows and is pretty hilarious).  They were doing a segment about Inside Edition and they showed the clip that I did … Continue Reading

Strengthening moves and the person that isn’t embarrassed by me.

Workout: 4 miles on my good ol’ treadmill and then I went up to the gym to meet up with my sister and get a pump class in.  There was a sub today and she officially took the lead as my favorite pump teacher ever and I don’t throw that term around lightly. Every move … Continue Reading

I lost my shirt

This morning I woke up bright and early (9 a.m.) to hit up the gym.  I started off with some time with my good old friend the elliptical and stair climber and then tried out a new pump class. I usually love every pump class I go to but todays wasn’t my favorite because 84% … Continue Reading