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Mental Training

5 Ways to Push Yourself While Running (especially when you are tired)

We get endorphins and a boost of self-confidence after any run we do (unless it was a REALLY miserable run) but nothing beats those workouts or races where we know that we truly pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones.  The only problem is that we get tired and tell ourselves we want to quit … Continue Reading

My 5 reasons to work out today and CREPES.

The second I arrived to my in-laws house I was surrounded by fresh fruit.  That blueberry crate below was full before I got to it.  I am always in charge of cutting the watermelon and act as though I do it to serve others but in reality I just want to eat half of it … Continue Reading

Remembering how to hurt….

Car rides to church are always pretty entertaining with us.  I am usually trying my hardest not to spill breakfast all over my belly (ps I always have such a large bag with me so that I can pack at least 3 days worth of snacks in there in case of an emergency.  Emergencies include … Continue Reading

I have a favor to ask of you and MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Will somebody come figure out how to get the chocolate off of these because I really want the inside gooey caramel right this second.  I don’t care how you get it off but just leave me the caramel and I will be happy. (Billy, I know you taught me how to make my computer take … Continue Reading

Things I am loving today.

1.  Dahlicious sent me some of their drinkable yogurts and I had one as part of my breakfast this morning and holy cow it was incredible.  I will be going home and marking my name on them with a big black sharpie or I will just lick all of them….no one better touch them. 2. … Continue Reading

Mental Strength and Running

I don’t remember where I heard about the book ‘Mind Gym‘ but it is a winner and a book that definitely helped me with my mental strength.     PS it is really fun when your blow dryer breaks and you have to dry your hair under a hand dryer in the locker room.  I … Continue Reading