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The cookies that made me like peanut butter again.

Curly doesn’t always have good hair days;)  She had some pretty sweet hair wings going on yesterday and did not want me to take her picture.  She is a very proper child because she eats her chicken nuggets with a fork. I think I will be more than happy if every day of my summer … Continue Reading

A Mid-Life Crisis

I am very concerned.  Billy must be going through a mid-life crisis at the age of 26. This is what happened: 1-The NBA Finals game started at 7 pm Mountain Standard time. 2-Yoga started at the exact same time. 3-Billy texted me earlier in the day to see if we could go to yoga. 4-I … Continue Reading

Guru’s, I used to be blonde and carbohydrate comparison.

Steak and Bleu Cheese Quesadilla that was beyond incredible, I would like you to meet all of my internet friends.  Internet friends….you seriously HAVE to try this quesadilla at some point in your life.  It is from a place called Guru’s and it is the third item down in the middle section of the menu … Continue Reading

Top 8 Reasons Why……

yesterday was awesome. 1.  My sister sent me this picture of Curly before her ballet dress rehearsal last nightl.  My sister told Curly that she wanted to take a picture of her before they left and my niece did this dramatic pose naturally.  I really wish you guys could know her in real life, she … Continue Reading

Poolside napping and a leg workout

Summer has officially started now that I have had my first trip to the pool with my sis and her kiddos.   My niece is doing Jazz hands for you. We went to the pool of an apartment complex that I used to live at.  This is the apartment building where Billy and I first … Continue Reading

The microwave saves the day and my little sidekick.

After lunch yesterday I went to my parent’s house for three main reasons: 1.  They have air conditioning and I don’t like sweating to death at my house. 2.  They always have ice cream and I always want to eat ice cream. 3.  Everyone else is usually hanging out over there and Billy is being … Continue Reading

We sure know how to live it up on the weekends.

Saturday: Long run- Check Eat a delicious sandwich– Check Go to Costco (yes, we were there 12 hours earlier also) to get samples of red velvet cupcakes- Check Since my crazy packed to-do list was all completed I decided to pamper myself after doing so much by spending the rest of the day at home … Continue Reading