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Back to myself again and BROOKS REVIEW!

Twice in one week?  I am feeling back to my normal self again.  I don’t think I mentioned it on the blog but there were a few months that froyo just didn’t sound as good as a steak did but don’t worry it now trumps all other food again. Yesterday we had a meet up … Continue Reading

Poolside napping and a leg workout

Summer has officially started now that I have had my first trip to the pool with my sis and her kiddos.   My niece is doing Jazz hands for you. We went to the pool of an apartment complex that I used to live at.  This is the apartment building where Billy and I first … Continue Reading

My Biggest Life Accomplishment

I don’t normally write a post at night but something really awesome happened and I just had to share it with you. I bet you know where this is going….. We went for fro-yo tonight and I guessed the EXACT cost of our fro-yo.   It pays to have consumed as much fro-yo as I … Continue Reading

My National Holiday.

I don’t know if you heard but yesterday was National Fro-Yo day and I really hope that you celebrated. I did the only acceptable thing and took the free cup that they gave me and filled it up to its max capacity.  The place was packed and after waiting in line for 30 minutes I … Continue Reading