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Cafe Rio

Favorite Summer Activity

I found my new favorite summer activity.  I think I enjoyed the slide more than Curly did but she was a good sport to go on it over and over again with me.  I would tell the life guard at the top that she was the one wanting to keep going down to save myself … Continue Reading

Using my stomach as a table and the 5k.

After a power nap I felt super productive yesterday and almost finished packing up my entire room (besides the things I need for the next 1.5 months). To reward my hard work: The other night when I met Jef (be aware that this post will be linked at least a dozen times a month) we … Continue Reading

Top 8 Reasons Why……

yesterday was awesome. 1.  My sister sent me this picture of Curly before her ballet dress rehearsal last nightl.  My sister told Curly that she wanted to take a picture of her before they left and my niece did this dramatic pose naturally.  I really wish you guys could know her in real life, she … Continue Reading

The microwave saves the day and my little sidekick.

After lunch yesterday I went to my parent’s house for three main reasons: 1.  They have air conditioning and I don’t like sweating to death at my house. 2.  They always have ice cream and I always want to eat ice cream. 3.  Everyone else is usually hanging out over there and Billy is being … Continue Reading