Crazy facial expressions are our specialty. Andrew had a shift at the hospital so that meant another treadmill run for me.  I started at 5:28 in the morning so I could try to get it done before the girls woke up.  Getting on and off of the treadmill to get them situated is not easy … Continue Reading

I have a new Skye update for you and you can find it HERE! How is she six months old already? ————————————————————————————- I had the crew with me for 1.81 miles of my run yesterday morning. Andrew had to leave early for a shift at the hospital (he is in the NICU for this rotation) so … Continue Reading

If you missed out last week, the top three posts over here were: *One of the best days of my life. *What you don’t know about your body + an awesome deal. *Our Last Day, A FIRST, Missing & Your Accomplishments ———————————————————————————————- Good morning! Our Sunday started out the way it normally does… Kodiak Cakes … Continue Reading

I don’t know if I have lost my marbles but I swear I saw a guy eating an ice cream cone on his porch at 6:15 in the morning yesterday.  It looked like he was in workout clothes and then he must have finished his workout and just grabbed a scoop of chocolate chip cookie … Continue Reading

6 miles @ 8:31 pace and I made it to the Mississippi river again. At 6 a.m. it was 72 degrees and crazy humid.  I’ve always been in awe of all of you that run in heat/humidity often but now after experiencing it, I need your autograph.  You are hardcore. I love how running makes … Continue Reading

We were in four states (Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois) in six days.  We have been all over the place this week.  It’s going to feel strange to not be traveling around tomorrow.  We are headed home today sadly and I’ll be missing our people so much.  Andrew has to be back for class.  When … Continue Reading

I am not exaggerating about this at all—>  yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We were only in St. Louis for about a day but from what we saw and ate, we loved. Skye also slept from 10-5 (ate at 5 and then went back to sleep) and we woke up … Continue Reading