I’ve been feeling some more real (at least I’m calling them real because they feel a lot different than Braxtons and way more crampy… you’d think I’d remember how it is all supposed to feel) contractions and starting yesterday afternoon I just felt SO OFF. These ‘contractions’ aren’t very close together but sleeping isn’t happening … Continue Reading

I’ve got a new pregnancy update HERE for you today—>  39 week update and I have a favor to ask of you:) —————————————————————————- Josse and I were planning on getting in a run yesterday morning together but she was more than okay with meeting me at the gym for the miles instead of the roads. … Continue Reading

We are in the SINGLE DIGITS (9 days until my due date)!! Right now I kind of feel like I do whenever I am this close to running a marathon or a big race I’ve trained like crazy for.  There are some nerves, a lot of questions floating around in my head, an insane amount … Continue Reading

Poor Beretta is always wondering why I would ever get on a machine to run my miles rather than run out on the trails with her while we explore the world. Andrew was at the hospital yesterday getting in a shift so it was me on the treadmill for 5.5 miles before the kids needed … Continue Reading

In case you missed out last week… the top three posts were: *I should have done this sooner + I’ll give you some hints + YOU inspire me. *14 Stories from my iPhone + they’re back + don’t try this at home! *Since we last talked + what I miss + do you have a … Continue Reading

HELLO!! I missed you yesterday!  Friday consisted of a lot of family time (trying to soak up some quality time before a lot of changes come our way)…  We got home late (remember, we all have different perceptions on what late is;) and I went straight to bed!  I wanted to share our Friday night … Continue Reading

It’s Friday and I officially hit 38 weeks today.  I can’t believe we get to meet our little girl so soon!  Did this pregnancy feel like it went by fast to you or like it dragged on forever?!  I am really excited to talk to you today about something that isn’t ever talked about on … Continue Reading