I posted a new Skye update!  You can find it HERE. ———————————————————————————————————— I had 10 miles to get in way too early for me to want to be on the roads alone so I went to the gym to hang out with other crazy people doing the same thing… I think my college self (that … Continue Reading

In case you missed out last week, the most viewed posts were: *WHY I RUN.  A GUEST POST FROM MY PILOT BROTHER!  (Turns out he needs to start a blog because his post had higher views than I have had in a long time ha) *Friday Favorites, Doubles & Found ‘Em! *How Does It Compare & … Continue Reading

I think ultra training has switched me into a one gear runner.  I feel like my body at this point can run for a long amount of time or complete a lot of miles each week but it is all at around one speed…  but I guess that is the goal for this race, right? … Continue Reading

Well, that run was fun and quite the confidence builder for me. The day started off getting Brooke and Knox to school and once they left, I started my run. I ran for a little over an hour and met Andrew at my mom’s house.  On my way there I climbed any hills that I … Continue Reading

10.1 miles yesterday and 18 miles later today with Andrew! It’s the double long run. I am extremely proud that the 10 miles yesterday were completed and my hair was washed all before the kids went to school. One thing that I really really love about my new Garmin 935 is the fact that I … Continue Reading

Good morning!  I hope you feel the same way after your run today that Skye does after she stands up all by herself = ridiculously proud. It felt so good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air… it’s my favorite way to wake up.   PS anyone else agree with the statistic that I … Continue Reading

-When I woke up yesterday my calves were so sore from my short speed workout that I did on Monday!  They wanted me to know that I need to ease back into speed if I’m going to do that kind of stuff again. -I received a few weird stares in the school parking lot when … Continue Reading