Halloween is out at our house now and hopefully the new neighbors don’t think we are too crazy (Andrew put them all over our yard and a lot of really creepy ones;). I’m training my brother for another half-marathon and he rocked his long run yesterday in the POURING rain.  I think he told me … Continue Reading

It’s so crazy to me that just last week it was the marathon! Skye was very excited about the morning snuggles;) Walking buddies. Cousins came over. Lunch date. Later on we had the family over to celebrate Knox’s bday (Knox asked us to wait to have his family party for our new house). Hamburger bar! … Continue Reading

A few more house things… Remember how we just finished our bathrooms… that wasn’t for us to sell, that was for us to enjoy.  Andrew kept telling me that he wanted to finish off the bathrooms and I kept saying, let’s do it after the holidays because I’m tired haha.  He won;) and did them … Continue Reading

Life is kind of crazy sometimes. Andrew and I really weren’t planning on moving at any time soon (we had just FINALLY finished remodeling the house and were ready to just enjoy it ha).  A million things popped up and it all just fell into place—>  like the fact our house sold without even going … Continue Reading

Another run-free morning that included sleeping in and getting some things done around the house before the kids woke up (quite the different story compared to the previous few months)! We saw Knox at school which was the best.  They think they are pretty big deals just roaming the halls together.  It was crazy sock … Continue Reading

I read each and every comment (a few times) from you guys and I can’t thank you enough.  The amount of goosebumps I had from what you said was a new world record.  Thank you. Well, how am I feeling after my marathon?  Physically= absolutely terrible and mentally = beyond happy and I can’t stop … Continue Reading

I wanted this so bad, I could taste it. Two days after my first marathon in 2010 I went into our local running shoe store and I confidently told the employees working there that I was going to get a sub 3 marathon. As you know, there have been many failures, lessons, injuries and growing … Continue Reading