The things we do for running…. I actually got up earlier than I thought I was going to (and what I posted on yesterday’s post) because we decided last second to meet at 5.  I was asleep by 9:20 on Friday night and slept straight until my alarm at 4:10 so I actually felt pretty … Continue Reading

6.2 miles at 8:28 average and 22 today! SPORTS DAY at school! She is a big fan of baths lately. Chocolate/banana pancakes and eggs for my lunch. Later on we all went over to my parents’ house… To take Cafe Rio to my parents and my brother (the one that had back surgery) that is … Continue Reading

Teething is still going strong over here but we did get some big smiles from her throughout the day too! My Thursday run was 9 miles @ 8:34 average pace.  I was tired (that is to be expected during peak/teething baby week) and took a few breaks to just stand there for a minute.  Today … Continue Reading

Hello! Crazy sock day over here.  I remembered the morning of so Brooke wore her Rudolph socks (from when she was 3) and Knox wore my Rabbit socks. Skye likes to check out my stats when I get home from morning runs.  6 miles @ 8:49 average.  I was talking to somebody the other day … Continue Reading

Peak week big workout √ I tried out the Allie Kieffer POWER BUN for my run and it is now something that I will be doing on race day.  It felt so so good to have every piece of hair out of the way.  I think it made me feel faster too;)  She has a … Continue Reading

Skye’s 9 month update is HERE!! ——————————————————————————————– I did not put on make-up for my 6:something run… my eyelashes are as fake as can be (I’m not sure I even have real eyelashes anymore…) and my eyeliner was probably from 3 days previous.  I wash my makeup off each night except I try not to … Continue Reading

In case you missed out last week, the top 3 most viewed posts were: *Don’t forget this, my new running lessons… and this makes me really excited. *Monday Matters + The First Day Ever + No Joke! *Friday Favorites!!! ————————————————————————————————— Skye tried yanking out Brooke’s bow as Andrew was snapping the picture above… Brooke has … Continue Reading