8 miles in my running emoji shirt at an 8:30 average pace.  I did some strength training the day before so I was feeling every single squat during my run.   I have a hard workout (for me at this point) tomorrow so I’m hoping I won’t be sore anymore by then and if I … Continue Reading

Skye and I had our first run together.  Skye’s pediatrician said she was ready to go running with me so I took the first opportunity I could even though Andrew was home, ha.  I was just really excited to see how she would do. 5 Facts from our 4 miles: 1.  She fell asleep 1.5 … Continue Reading

Crazy facial expressions are our specialty. Andrew had a shift at the hospital so that meant another treadmill run for me.  I started at 5:28 in the morning so I could try to get it done before the girls woke up.  Getting on and off of the treadmill to get them situated is not easy … Continue Reading

I have a new Skye update for you and you can find it HERE! How is she six months old already? ————————————————————————————- I had the crew with me for 1.81 miles of my run yesterday morning. Andrew had to leave early for a shift at the hospital (he is in the NICU for this rotation) so … Continue Reading

If you missed out last week, the top three posts over here were: *One of the best days of my life. *What you don’t know about your body + an awesome deal. *Our Last Day, A FIRST, Missing & Your Accomplishments ———————————————————————————————- Good morning! Our Sunday started out the way it normally does… Kodiak Cakes … Continue Reading

I don’t know if I have lost my marbles but I swear I saw a guy eating an ice cream cone on his porch at 6:15 in the morning yesterday.  It looked like he was in workout clothes and then he must have finished his workout and just grabbed a scoop of chocolate chip cookie … Continue Reading

6 miles @ 8:31 pace and I made it to the Mississippi river again. At 6 a.m. it was 72 degrees and crazy humid.  I’ve always been in awe of all of you that run in heat/humidity often but now after experiencing it, I need your autograph.  You are hardcore. I love how running makes … Continue Reading