I’ve got a new SKYE UPDATE for you over HERE! ————————————————————————– First, and most importantly… it is ANDREW’S BIRTHDAY so please wish him a happy birthday in the comments and I’ll read them to him while he is driving us to In-N-Out (his favorite) today to eat. HAPPY 30TH ANDREW.  You are my everything! I’ve … Continue Reading

THAT TIME CHANGE was rough (for everyone in our family;).  It’s crazy how one hour can just mix it all up so much.  I got out for the first half of my run, took Brooke to school and then finished up the second half of my run after that.  It’s crazy how on Saturday I … Continue Reading

Good morning!  It’s the start of another week (even though Andrew thinks Sunday is the start of the week).  If you missed out on last week’s most viewed posts, here they are! *That workout was hard but a confidence builder + the do-do rule + time to celebrate *Wise Advice for My Perfectionism Problem + … Continue Reading

Workouts are approximately 11 times more enjoyable when Josse is there compared to doing them on my own.  She ran 17 miles the day before (her marathon is coming up) so we didn’t stick together for the entire workout but most of it we did. March weather is pure heaven. We started off with a … Continue Reading

A good start to our Friday morning: Skye, Knox and I were the first people at Target to pick up a few things. Andrew at the hospital = Skye and Knox hung out at my mom’s house for my 45 minute easy run = 5.28 miles.  I didn’t take a picture during my run (for … Continue Reading

Thanks again mom for making it possible for me to run outside while Andrew had another shift at the hospital yesterday.  Also, I was happy we were both wearing pink and as you can tell by my face, I got HOT during my run. I set out a different direction than normal and made sure … Continue Reading

Let’s chat about Wednesday! Good morning from Skye. Her mohawk game is going strong. 5 miles on some dirt with some wind with some sore legs (especially my hamstrings) from my speed workout the day before. Back to using my Garmin for all of my running because it automatically loads my info up to my … Continue Reading