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The best spring/summer recipe, Do I have an INJURY or it is just DISCOMFORT???

Super fun that we are back to glove weather here in Utah for my morning runs.  At least I can still wear shorts… if we go back to running tights because of snow, I’m really going to throw a fit or something. The kids had a great morning together playing and hanging out with Beretta … Continue Reading

Our top Hawaii FACTS and FAVORITES (I have a million pictures).

PS something weird is going on with my pictures not showing up… will you let me know if you can see them all or not in the comments? Today is our last full day in Hawaii so we are going to soak it up with the beach and a run before going back to our … Continue Reading

The track to celebrate, our squad and bi-monthly….

Brooke and I decided that we would celebrate Global Running Day the best way possible—>  A trip to the track (and I predict years down the road we will celebrate with a trail run in the mountains). Her forward lean while she runs is spot on:) Brooke is the one that reminded me we needed … Continue Reading

My New Favorite Song and The Usual Randomness

I know that the first thing you wanted to see this morning was a picture that I took of myself with my eskimo hood on.  You can pay me in Milky Ways later.  Speaking of Milky Ways, I have a bag of them coming for me today after my students bribed me a bag of … Continue Reading

Playlist, Clementines and Kisses

I was questioning why in the world I chose to teach a 6 a.m. class as I drove across the street to BYU (literally across the street but remember it was 9 degrees) this morning.   As soon as we got moving and we were all sweating and yelling I was so thankful for this … Continue Reading

New Playlist!

I had my favorite little gym buddy with me today.  Not going to lie but my favorite thing to do with people is exercise (after going out to eat that is).  I have formed so many great bonds through exercise with people and some of my best conversations with Billy or my sis have been … Continue Reading