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Let’s Talk About Healthy Minds, Bodies & Souls + The Most Amazing Giveaway (worth $1,799)!!!

Good morning everyone!  I hope you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.  Today we are talking about something that is a part of life for EVERY SINGLE ONE of us—>  SLEEP!  I want to share with you about how important sleep is for our health and wellness!  This post is … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!!!

This girl slept in until 8:40 this morning… she must be growing or something because she is sleeping a whole lot lately. Before Brooke woke up, I went on over to Josse’s house to get in a run and we color coordinated our shoes for the morning. Trying to fit in hours of things to … Continue Reading

10 Things I Didn’t Expect About This Last Year of Life + Hard is NOT Impossible.

A workout with my sister!!! It felt like ages since I last hung out with her because of her kitchen remodel (turns out that takes a little bit of time) but we finally got the chance to catch up with each other.  And the best way to catch up with your people… while working out. … Continue Reading

Tuesday Tangents!!!

*HAPPY TUESDAY!! Get ready for some Tangents that have zero correlation and are kind of all over the place! *Brooke now wears my headbands sometimes… “Find Your Happy Pace.”  —>  good advice. *There is a place in Utah County that has Graham Cracker sauce as an ice cream topping.  It is worth the drive (Rockwell … Continue Reading

The best spring/summer recipe, Do I have an INJURY or it is just DISCOMFORT???

Super fun that we are back to glove weather here in Utah for my morning runs.  At least I can still wear shorts… if we go back to running tights because of snow, I’m really going to throw a fit or something. The kids had a great morning together playing and hanging out with Beretta … Continue Reading

Drop & GO Running Workout for YOU + Reunion + Sunday Stuff!

Let’s chat about Sunday. The day started off with blueberry waffles in bed because why not? Knox has perfected what we call the ‘evil eye’:) Post church lunch of carrots, grapes, leftover spaghetti and meatballs and part of Andrew’s nachos too:)  Basically a 6 course meal. For dinner the amazing Candice invited us over for … Continue Reading

15 Things to Talk About + My 10 Favorite Running Songs Right Now.

1.  It was just Knox and me yesterday morning so my run was on the treadmill.  Eight miles and still rocking the tape to help me to stay away from the deck of the treadmill so I don’t sacrifice my form while I run.  Thanks to Knox for the picture.  One of my favorite tips … Continue Reading