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Let’s Talk About Hair (guest post from my SISTER)!!!

Let’s talk about hair. I have had a few requests to do a hair post and both Janae and I had to laugh because by the end of this post you will probably regret having asked:)  For those of you that have great personal hygiene this post probably isn’t for you… this post is about … Continue Reading

My Gift Guide + pyramid workout + on the road!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We are on the road right now to celebrate Christmas with our kiddos… We are going to Disneyland on Friday (we don’t have the kids for Christmas so we are doing this to celebrate instead) and then visit Andrew’s grandparents on Saturday.  We’ll head home after that so it’s a nice, short … Continue Reading

A quick hello!

Just a quick hello from us this Tuesday afternoon.   The usual morning cuddling: Andrew and I hit up the treadmills at the gym so that we could run at the same time (indoors;).  I got in 8 miles @ an 8:06 pace and watched a few shows that I downloaded on Netflix (isn’t that … Continue Reading

School update, lower motivation and the triplets (Knox/Brooke/Beretta) headshots.

When Chipotle puts a cup of guacamole on top of your burrito bowl… you know it is going to be a good meal.   It has been AGES since the last time I have been to Chipotle and it tastes so so so good.  Brown rice, chicken, loads of salsa, lettuce and so much guacamole. … Continue Reading

Sentence per picture… always prepared, just like me and going in for the kiss.

Six eyes for a morning 7.25 mile running selfie. Jackets that act like a big turtleneck during your run and headbands that cover your ears perfectly make me very happy… can somebody teach me how to do a ponytail? I love coming home to one of her art projects that she made for me while … Continue Reading

THREE important running questions/topics and our weekend!

Brooke wanted a squishy face picture when I went to take our Sunday selfie.  I don’t think we could have gotten any closer. Not a bad way to get carried out to the car after church. She kills me. Don’t mind all of the stuff on our counter and my heels on the coffee table. … Continue Reading

Fifteen pictures to describe our day. +headwind vs tailwind

1.  Andrew and Brooke came out to find me while I was out for my run and took the picture below. Yesterday was one of those lucky runs where you have an annoying headwind on the way out and then when you turn around you feel like you fly all of the way home because … Continue Reading