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A picture every hour (why the hard makes the easy so great) and training last week (52 miles wahoo)!!

Happy President’s Day!  I hope that you are able to have a beautiful day and get in a good run!  I thought I would document our day yesterday in a picture (or two) per hour that we were awake:) The 7 o’clock hour (but this actually started in the 6 o’clock hour but below picture … Continue Reading

My legs are dead now, build up motivation and how to help plantar problems!

Saturday morning runs where the temperature is just perfect and you’ve got your running pal there to meet you for 12 miles = a good weekend morning.  Also, do you ever wake up on your own right before your alarm clock goes off?  That happened to me yesterday morning when the alarm went off even … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday + a major house fail.

5 miles w/ my running buddy to start the morning. Post-run nap (ps she ended up not loving the other dog bed that we had for her after a few days so we put it outside and she loves using it out there… back to the big soft pillow ones). Trying to put me in … Continue Reading

Time stands still while planking, 9 mile tempo and my spring FAVORITES.

I fell out of the habit of doing planks again for the last few weeks so I got to it again yesterday.  The kids did a fabulous job keeping me entertained for those LONG 90 seconds where it felt like time stood still:) After they completed their planks (aka laying on their stomachs) they wanted … Continue Reading

Switching your mindset from running purely for the CALORIE BURN to running for fun/stress relief/overall health focused?

The sunshine just brings out our best moods. For everyone involved. They even got some running in.  I took the kids on some errands while Andrew put together the trampoline for them so we could surprise them. They were very thrilled coming home to this (putting the net up today because it started getting too … Continue Reading

Working from home and some much needed sister time.

I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!  My day so far started off with an early 5 mile run outside with Josse followed by a lifting session with my sister at the gym. Our only one-on-one time together is at the gym so when our schedules work out and we can go … Continue Reading

Now that I am wise, that is MY kind of date and trying a new sport out again.

I’m just going to warn you that I have quite the headache as I’m writing this so if there are a bajillion grammar errors, please forgive me:) Spent the day with two of my three Valentines yesterday (we get Knox today and have him this weekend which we are all very excited about). Yesterday started … Continue Reading