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How the heck am I going to live w/out running + Coke during a RACE + our Sunday happenings!

Sunday selfie after church this week because before church there were some tears (from me and Brooke… being 5 is rough and so is being pregnant;) Church snack… fruit in any variation is a favorite of mine right now! After church Brooke told us that she is positive that she is taller than Beretta… ALMOST;) … Continue Reading

Sentence per picture + hello from sissy + how in the world do they do that?

5.5 miles to finish up the week with 41 miles and the last two of the miles with Andrew, Beretta and Brooke. I don’t know how much longer this is going to last but pregnant running is feeling better and better each week…I’m a huge fan of running in the third trimester compared to the … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday…. how far you’ve come + stomach stains!

33 degrees for my run.  I saw my neighbor while I was out running and he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt… I asked him if he was crazy but he said it felt nice out?!?! Running statue. Knox joined me on his bike again for the last 1.7 miles of my run!  At 35.5 … Continue Reading

It doesn’t get better than this + Friday Faves + Accomplishments!

Our best attempt for a picture before school. Oh and the kids wanted a picture with their pumpkins too. I swear each day of pregnancy is making it harder and harder to get out of bed for me (or maybe it is because it is so dark outside in the mornings now).  I got in … Continue Reading

A hot date, my fave video (please watch!!) and some random thoughts about blogging!

NEW HRG BABY post—>  31 week update + 26 reasons why marathons are just like pregnancy! —————————————————– My Wednesday morning treadmill runs are something that I look forward to a lot… I watch This Is Us.  I actually just started last week splitting up the episode so I have half to run to on Wednesday … Continue Reading

31 weeks + 26 reasons why pregnancy is JUST like the marathon:)

31 weeks is HERE!!!! Let’s talk about some updates: *THANK YOU for all of your recommendations the other day about my leg cramps… a bunch of you recommended eating more bananas to help avoid the leg cramps at night and since I had them on hand, I started with that right away.  Haven’t waken up … Continue Reading

Just isn’t going to happen, 10 thoughts during my run + What sets YOU apart?

A little over 5 miles for my Tuesday morning.  It was 34 degrees this morning, it’s starting to hurt outside;) I thought I would share with you 10 of my thoughts during my run yesterday because I’m very sure you are interested in that. 1.  I really need to learn to pick up my knees … Continue Reading