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The best spring/summer recipe, Do I have an INJURY or it is just DISCOMFORT???

Super fun that we are back to glove weather here in Utah for my morning runs.  At least I can still wear shorts… if we go back to running tights because of snow, I’m really going to throw a fit or something. The kids had a great morning together playing and hanging out with Beretta … Continue Reading

It finally felt good again…..

Now that is a high quality picture for ya… try running and taking a picture of yourself at the same time.  Don’t worry, I only tripped once. You know how my ‘long’ run on Saturday felt like death?!?!  Well, today finally felt a little bit more normal and dare I say it almost felt good:) … Continue Reading

I don’t know what my deal was…..

But I could not stop drinking water during my workout this morning because I had an unquenchable thirst. -The gym was the same temperature as always. -I drank more than enough water yesterday (I peed twice during the night to prove it). -My workout was the same level of intensity as usual. -My hair was … Continue Reading

12 kind of a night…..

Remember how I said I was going to go get a hard-core lifting session in with the sis last night? We went and my arms are sore today.  We were about to jump on the elliptical after lifting but then we looked outside.  It was dusk and the perfect temperature so we decided to go … Continue Reading

Workout Battle Wounds

This morning was glorious.  I slept in. No gym for this woman.  I am going tonight with my sis to get some hard core lifting in and so Wednesday morning was meant for getting out of bed at 7:21 and making it to school at 7:45. I know some of you don’t believe me but … Continue Reading

Running every THREE days!

As I am working with mis sports medicine doctor (he is also BYU’s athletes doctor) we have come up with an awesome plan for me to get me ready to RUN the NY Marathon (slowly with lots of breaks) and avoid another injury while training. BIlly came with me just to make sure I didn’t … Continue Reading

Hood to Coast

Yes, the first joint purchase Billy and I ever made together was a tv the size of our wall.  We stil do not own a washer or dryer and yes, we still have to use towels to block the holes in our house that lead directly to the outside world to prevent critters from getting … Continue Reading