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Continuing to blend + our latest family photos + an awesome gift idea (with a discount code)!

Happy Thursday!!! Today’s sponsored post is from Pinhole Press.  I’ve got a great discount for you (these are perfect for Christmas gifts)!  I’ve also got our family pictures to share with you which I’m really excited about! ——————————————————————————– I think one of the things that runs through my brain (and Andrew’s too) approximately 15 hours each … Continue Reading

The BEST Cowboy Caviar recipe, Sunday happenings and my training last week!!!

I hope your weekend was a great one.  Utah decided to join the spring bandwagon again and so we spent a lot of time outside the past two days. We started off the morning getting out of our comfort zone and making waffles instead of our normal pancakes. We did a whole lot of randomness … Continue Reading

You will be able to see me, NATIONAL RUNNING SAFETY MONTH and my romantic walks.

First, let’s address that a few people are questioning the fact that I have my Christmas tree up so early.  Don’t worry, I still have 4 pumpkins and a pumpkin scented candle up in my house to cancel out the fact that I have my Christmas tree up about a month too early.   It … Continue Reading

Healthy Lasagna and Motivation

Look at us go.  Not eating out on a non-school night and making something healthy(ish).  My sister apologizes for the half-smile, she says she was hangry. Sister’s Health(ish) Lasagna (added bonus is that it is ridiculously easy and vegetarian): 1 box whole wheat noodles 1 jar of Chunky Garden Combination Ragu Sauce 16 ounces of … Continue Reading

Charlie and Banana Crunch Muffins

Remember my best running/popscicle sharing/cuddle buddy from over the summer? CHARLIE…….. My Mother-In-Law sent me some pictures of Charlie today and it made me really miss him. Yeah, I don’t even know what is going on below….. Update in trying to convince Billy that I need a dog: I am one step closer.  I am … Continue Reading

An Amazing Recipe and an Important Marathon Question

How did I forget to show you some of the ways that I refueled after my Wonder Woman Century Ride because clearly that is the best part of endurance sports:) Please excuse the food that spilled on my camera lens that created a big blur where my ear was supposed to be. After the ride … Continue Reading

S’mores Bars (AKA How to Win Friends and Influence People).

You know that if the ingredients include butter, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers you are going to have a good night. I have a brother that may be even more obsessed than I am with dessert.  I know, that sounds crazy but it is true.  He emailed my mom a ‘must try’ recipe and she … Continue Reading