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My FAVORITE Salad Recipes… all in one post.

I don’t know if you have noticed yet but I really love salads.  I love a big ol’ salad because I can get in a bunch of nutrients, protein and fats all in on one plate.  I keep my salads pretty simple and I just truly love the taste of them.  I never get sick … Continue Reading

The most amazing caramel sticky rolls recipe for you to make!

The most pinned item on my entire blog is my brother’s S’mores Bar Recipe.  He is quite the chef and baker. This last summer when I went out to Kentucky he made me his famous caramel sticky rolls and I died and went to heaven. These would be perfect to make on Christmas morning, Thanksgiving … Continue Reading

Apple Fritter Cake

Just the normal Sunday activities of getting Brooke all dressed and ready first thing in the morning and me staying in my pajamas until 4 minutes before church starts.  Not a lot better than lazy Sunday mornings.  PS I only wash my hair on days that I know I can just let it air dry. … Continue Reading

Healthy Nachos.

Somebody said the word ‘nacho’ about two weeks ago in front of me and ever since then I have not been able to get the idea of the beautiful creation of nachos out of my mind. I sliced up two sweet potatoes and put some olive oil and garlic salt on them and baked them … Continue Reading

Cinnamon roll recipe!

I’m not really much of a cook (the fact that I eat out 90% of my meals may have already told you that) but I do adore making breads and desserts. I have tried many cinnamon roll recipes in my 27 years of life but this is the true winner. This recipe you can make … Continue Reading

Mom’s Taco Soup Recipe!

Lots of family in town yesterday so we went on a mid-day walk. My brother-in-law held Brooke so that I could walk the dog (I like to walk Maggie because she literally pulls me up the hills… now to just train her to do that during a marathon). Brooke is just one of the gang. … Continue Reading

Perspire to Inspire…interview with Bart Yasso and lots of pizza.

Brooke picked up the bill for Yogurtland yesterday.  She is already so generous.  I threatened this cute friend of mine that she still has to hang out with me all of the time when she has her second baby in just 4 weeks and is crazy busy with two kids.  I kind of like babies … Continue Reading