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Lavell Edwards Memorial 5K Recap + Our Day!

This race was a different level of pain. I’m not sure if it started hurting so bad after the first twenty steps into the race because that is just the name of the game when you are wanting to really push yourself in the 5k or if it was an off day for me?  Either … Continue Reading

Indy Mini Race Recap!!!

Race recaps are my favorite posts to write because it means I get to relive the entire experience again when I write them and the Indy Mini was definitely one of my favorite race experiences. Thanks Lindsey for having us and thanks Tina for running with me!  The night before the race Tina asked if … Continue Reading


Marathon #11. These marathons just keep getting better and better for me… It will be interesting to see how much I love them when I am 70 (but of course there will be many terrible races thrown in there along the way too, because that is how running goes and it’s the terrible races that … Continue Reading

Buffalo Antelope Island 50 Miler Race Recap!!

Good morning!  FYI There are three times as many pictures and words on this recap compared to my normal race recaps because I was running for three times as long so that is probably why;) Wow.  Saturday was unlike any race experience I have ever had.  I felt more emotions than I thought possible (probably … Continue Reading

St. George Marathon Race Recap–> 2:59:14

I wanted this so bad, I could taste it. Two days after my first marathon in 2010 I went into our local running shoe store and I confidently told the employees working there that I was going to get a sub 3 marathon. As you know, there have been many failures, lessons, injuries and growing … Continue Reading

Timp Half Race Recap! Sub 90–> First time in 2.3 years!

Last week’s top 3 most viewed posts were: *Race Recap… My Newest Running Talent or Maybe a PR *Friday Favorites, Vernal Day #2 & Mission Accomplished. *Cross Your Fingers for Me + MY NEW FAVORITE RUNNING ADVICE. ——————————————————————————– Well, I haven’t done this since May of 2016—>  Sub 90 for the half-marathon and for the … Continue Reading

Race Recap… My Newest Running Talent or Maybe a PR

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty bummed that the course was short yesterday but after a bit of feeling bummed I decided to look at it like I hit a new pr (for 2.86 miles;) instead.  Or maybe I need to write a book on how to really run the tangents well during … Continue Reading