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Race Recaps

HALLOWEEN 5K… we had a really good time + HOW IN THE WORLD!?!

My 5th race of this pregnancy… done and done.  Also, the last race of this pregnancy done and done and I’m glad to end it on such a high note with The Haunted Half.  If you are wanting a FUN race where people are quite concerned about having an awesome costume, candy is passed out … Continue Reading

The Dam Train Race Recap!!! + Sunday Stuff

My first 12k, my first time racing against a train, my first time forgetting how hard/amazing/beautiful trail running is (okay, definitely not the first time I have forgotten;) because it has been way too long since I have last done it and my first time doing a race next to a reservoir for the entire … Continue Reading

Timp Half RACE RECAP + they are back!!!

My fourth half marathon (the Timp Half) of this pregnancy done and done!  I’m not sure if this is my last half-marathon of this pregnancy but I’m just going to play that by ear.  Saturday felt really good so we will see if that keeps going or if my body tells me to stop.  I … Continue Reading

AF Canyon Run Against Cancer RACE RECAP + NEW RUNNING SONGS!!

This race was by far the most well-organized 1/2 marathon I’ve done in Utah!  I felt like I was at one of the HUGE races I’ve run in the past with how smoothly it was organized but there were way less people.  It was perfect and Andrew agreed. The starting line was at Tibble Fork, … Continue Reading

St. George Marathon 2016 RECAP!!!

The St. George Marathon continues to be my favorite race ever.  It took me about 10 months to try out a marathon again after the last one, Tucson, and I’m happy to say I’m back!  Saturday reminded me that I am still a strong runner (even though I had forgotten this big time in terms … Continue Reading

Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon Race Recap w/Andrew!!!

We ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon yesterday!! We were up late Friday night booking our honeymoon stuff so by the time I got to my bed it was 12:22—>  the alarm clock going off at 3:30 a.m. was not my favorite feeling ever.  I think we all question what the heck we are doing … Continue Reading

Provo City Half Marathon Recap!!!

The alarm clock (I have a Justin Beiber song for my alarm clock, not normal for a 30 year old) went off at 4:15 on Saturday morning.  I did the normal discussion in my head, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS.. my bed is so comfortable and I’m so tired!” that happens each time I get … Continue Reading