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Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon Recap!

SO happy to see Andrew and the kids and to be a few steps away from the end! (Top, bra, shorts, shoes, glasses, jacket) On Saturday, I could tell in the first mile that I was feeling off.  I kept telling myself that each race is a roller coaster of feelings and that things would … Continue Reading

Vigor Half-Marathon Race Recap!

(Shoes, bra, tank, shorts, arm sleeves and gloves that I used for the first 6 miles) I just HAVE to start this post by saying that this course included 3,000 ft of DOWN.  There were some flats and a few of the tiniest ups. It doesn’t get more downhill than this but I am beyond happy with how … Continue Reading

Boston Marathon Recap!

(Shoes, bra, shorts, tank, socks, koala clip for my phone ((HRG10 for 10% off)) That went better than expected.  When Lauren and I kept looking at our watches throughout the miles we were shocked by how good we were feeling for the paces we were going.  So let’s just dive right into things… I carb loaded more for this … Continue Reading

Antelope Island 25k (a PR + a long run for Boston)!

(shoes, tank (I took off my long sleeve because I was so hot a few miles in) handheld bottle & shorts) Well, Friday’s experience helped to prepare me for Heartbreak Hill next month. I’ve done this race course previously, but my brain does a fabulous job erasing any memory of hard things… like these hills. I was … Continue Reading

St. George 1/2 Marathon Recap!

The St. George Marathon has been happening since 1977, but this was the first year they included a half-marathon option.  Since the first time I did this marathon in 2014, this race has been my favorite race, and the half is pretty incredible too. Welcome to my 5,000th picture on my blog where you see … Continue Reading

10K Recap + Be STUBBORN!

It feels so weird to be writing a race recap again, but I’m hoping that this happens a lot more often now:).  I felt so much gratitude on Saturday to be doing what I love so much and to be surrounded by the running community again.  I think this is a big part of why … Continue Reading

CIM Recap!

Please note this was written on our late flight back last night and there are probably more grammatical errors than normal;) Okay, let’s get started.  I want to be as real as possible because I’m sure this is something a lot of us go through.  I felt a million different things yesterday!  I was sad … Continue Reading