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Didn’t Cut It

How did I forget to not post this piece of heaven yesterday.  I think it was my best creation ever. My brother in law always has his fanny pack and bottle of hot sauce within arms reach. It is a fight every nilght to put Charlie to sleep.  He goes completely LIMP and it takes … Continue Reading

I want to be a dancer.

Please tell me I am not the only one that records So You Think You Can Dance, and rewatches your favorite dance a dozen times a day.  

I caught this picture of my MIL right as she saying, ‘THIS IS SO GOOD!’ I LOVE watching people laugh! Can’t wait to be out there running around with Charlie again! ——————————————————————————-

More donut talk.

Very tough decision…… My favorite donut today had to be my glazed butter cream donut….dense yet it still melted in my mouth. Isn’t that the cutest belly in the whole wide world? Who know’s what I am looking at…. I love that smile. ———————————————————————- HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY!!!

Pool, Jack in the Box and Car RIdes.

My FAVORITE chicken salad. LOVE that goggle face! She is yelling that I am her favorite aunt in the below picture! Late night food for four people.  Worth EVERY BITE!

Playing in the park.

This is my, I am really freaked out to do this, face. I almost broke my femur again. Yes, he is walking on his toes like that across the entire beam. I made them wash their hands 10 times before making the dough. Have an AMAZING FRIDAY!!!

I could really live off of Ice Cream.

Playing basketball with stuffed animals…why not?