Thumbs up, yogurtland giveaway winner and my favorite dessert recipe.

The winner of the Yogurtland Giftcard and two tickets to go see Breaking Dawn THIS Thursday is……. Email me and I will get you your movie tickets and gift card wahooooo!!! ————————————————————— You know you are a naturally cheesy person when all of your race photo’s from NYC include a thumbs up. I am pretty … Continue Reading

Yogurtland redeemed itself.

I spent yesterday afternoon shopping for Billy’s B-day presents….it is his BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Please plan on celebrating by singing Happy Birthday to him with your family and friends followed by eating a cupcake or ice cream sundae in his honor.  He will greatly appreciate it. Shopping works up an appetitie (I didn’t even buy myself … Continue Reading

Your mind is the best salesman + OUR DAY

Four miles in 34 degrees with a 9:21 average pace! I listened to a new podcast that I’m loving (Bold New Mom… I am really enjoying it, it does include some religious talk in there too just FYI) and the podcast episode I listened to was was all about anxiety.  I mentioned before here that … Continue Reading

I’m not the exception + guest post from Andrew + things that make me laugh!

Brooke gets ready in the morning… I get ready in the afternoon:) Some times when I make a Mickey Mouse pancake they resemble Mickey and some days they don’t.  Luckily Brooke is always very complimentary of them;)  She had pancakes and I had cereal. The first half of my run yesterday was on the treadmill … Continue Reading

We won’t quit and my current playlist!!!

We picked up the girls from school yesterday and went straight to our favorite celebration together. FREE FROYO day at Yogurtland.  I used to eat froyo like it was the base of my food pyramid but now we don’t go very often at all… which made the event even more special.  Brooke was just a … Continue Reading

Do not forget, Launch 4 Review, fasting and Last Week’s Training.

Just the weekly Sunday family picture. I don’t talk a lot about church on the blog but something that we do the first Sunday of each month (or I do it on a different Sunday or day of the month… not a day I workout though) is fast.  We (if you choose… and if you … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday!!!

Just some things from the last few days (and I’ll post about Disney on Monday…. turns out Disneyland with kids makes us exhausted). They have studied every inch of their Disneyland maps. Hotels are heaven to them. Their favorite part of the hotel was the phones. I’m okay seeing palm trees and zero snow. Andrew. … Continue Reading