Brownie Bites and Fanny Packs.

Who knows how I shared that 3 lb package of brownie bites, but I did. The bite’s covered in powdered sugar were the best….note to self, next time I am on my womanly hormonal time, make one batch of brownie bites with powdered sugar and eat by myself under the covers while watching any ABC … Continue Reading

My favorite protein packed snacks!

I know you think I lay around all day with a fanny pack full of skittles (which is partly true) that I snack on all day but……..I really love to snack on things that I know will leave me full for longer than 10 minutes.  I have also been doing more lifting than EVER before … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

(Hat, top, shorts, socks, shoes, bra, and I have to share Emilee’s top because it is perfect) My first run back!  I almost chickened out because it was raining and cold, but I am so thankful I went with Emilee.  I came home feeling like a new human. Running helps everything. The kids had parent-teacher … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

(Shirt, shorts, shoes) Another day, another run and this one was with the Going West podcast (true crime). I ran a lot on the grass while I was out because it felt so good on my foot. My running friend is also dealing with plantar, and she sent me this…. It turns out I’m the … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

Knox was the one in charge of the morning selfie. Beck was up four times throughout the night (I think he might be teething because he usually sleeps through the night!) which called for sleeping in and running later in the morning. Knox left for his two weeks away and then we left. I went … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites!

It’s race day tomorrow <— It feels like it has been a decade since I was last able to say that!  8 miles @ 8:52 average for my Thursday morning, and I’ll take today off. Some stretching happened too! Beretta was not happy about the idea of stopping our walk for a picture, and Skye … Continue Reading

Friday Favorites and Happy V-Day (YOU ARE NOT ALONE)!

I didn’t sleep in but the kids did and I did something even better than sleeping in, I READ IN THE MORNING.  It felt so so nice.  Andrew picked up donuts for us and I had a warm apple fritter that tasted like heaven and then we got the kids to school and Josse and … Continue Reading