Hey everyone!!!

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I wanted to drop in and write a guest post, I will warn you I wrote some of this post at 1 am and I felt like I was really funny, so if I wasn’t….. Just help a brother out and pretend I am.

A few people have been asking about school and how everything is going.  I am in my last semester of school.  I will graduate with a Bachelors in Nursing in the beginning of March.  I am so stoked.  I can’t believe that I am almost done.  I am excited to start a new career but also nervous about what to choose, what to specialize in.  I am leaning towards acute care, ER and ICU but I am happy to work anywhere at this point so I will keep you all updated on that when the time comes!

I started to write this post a few days after Janae’s marathon and I wanted to share with you a few thoughts that I came up with:

1.  During Janae’s marathon training=   Friday night, and by night I mean 7:30 pm= me partying with myself on the couch watching reruns of the office.  Saturday morning= falling asleep on my bike while doing long runs in the dark in the hour that no one should be awake.

2.  The tickle in my throat is rewarded with me sleeping on the couch for 5 nights…  TRUE STORY (This was mostly my idea).

3.  No kissing (when I had the tickle in my throat)…  I mean I’m a walking disease so I can’t pass that on.

4.  Carb loading doesn’t go so well for the person that doesn’t run 50+ miles a week…  I’m still working that off

5.  That Kieffer power bun, effectively shaves off 3 minutes.  Two words : Aerodynamics….  yeah its only one word… just wanted to see if you caught that.

6.  I think Skye realized that during marathon training dad is in charge and she wanted to hang out with me during my late nights.  The second the marathon was over and Janae was taking over at night… she sleeps through the night.   I’m starting to think all my girls are against me in life.   I’m in trouble when the kids are teenagers.

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7.  I think Janae’s mom said multiple prayers in the car when I was driving us from point to point during the marathon.  At one point I asked her if she was okay and she was like, “I trust your driving….” as she grabbed the “oh sh*# handles of our SUV bracing for impact.

8.  When we are stressed and getting ready for an important event… I think we become scatter brained.  I went to Target 4 times the day before the race.

9.  Being in the car during the marathon with kids with little sleep might be worse than running 26.2 miles… Don’t worry I really love them.

10.  Jared Ward has one killer mustache…. #mancrush  Hungry Runner Girl Readers… should I grow the stache???

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11.  Weather reports determined our happiness or sadness for the entire family the week leading up to the race.

12.  Don’t let Brooke have two honey stinger waffles before an Olympic key-note speaker at the expo.  She was literally running on the walls running her own marathon.

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13.  Again, don’t question the Keiffer Bun.  It is magical.

14.  I’m scared of my wife’s determined look, it pierced my soul.

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15.  I think Janae bought 9 outfits for the marathon.  I learned to not question it, just smile and nod and everything will be okay.

16.  I think people forget my name so at times I just go by “Hungry Runner Girl Husband”

17.  I HATE Snow Canyon State Park on St. George Marathon Day.  I thought I was prepared and even brought my bike to make it so I didn’t miss Janae like I did the year before and you guessed it…. I missed her by a minute.  I could vent for a VERY LONG time about this but St. George thought it would be good if they were to actually charge to spectate this year.  You were supposed to buy a ticket ahead of time, which I did, but it seemed like the rest of the world didn’t and we had to wait in line for each person to pay.  SOOOOOO infuriating… anyways… end of rant.

18.  I’m a nerd when it comes to spectating.  I google mapped everything out and estimated the times and wrote them down.  I did this multiple times to make sure I had everything covered.

19. I love meeting the readers of the blog… it’s fun to hear their stories… don’t be shy come say hi!!!

20.  It was literally pure bliss to watch Janae reach her goal of sub 3 hour marathon.  I was SOOOOO happy and I am so proud of her.  She worked so hard for this.

21.  Janae must be not used to the amount of caffeine that she took for the race or is so high on life for accomplishing her goals that she was still up at 1am the DAY OF THE RACE.  I don’t know what planet she is from today because the Janae I know goes to sleep at 9pm at night.

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All joking aside, it was an amazing experience to see Janae get her sub-3 marathon.  So much work and sacrifice went into this.  Before the marathon I geeked out and made sure I knew exactly where I needed to be at the right time and how long it took me using the streets that weren’t closed.  I was able to run with her for a few minutes at various points of the race and I was at the finish, it was emotional for us all.  She has been at this and never gave up and I’m so happy we were all able to share this experience together.  Also thank you for EVERYONE who reached out on social media, in person or in whatever way you did.  Janae read each comment and it meant the world to her and our little family.  You all are the best.


Anyone else in school right now?  What are you studying?

Nurses reading…  what do you specialize in?

Should I grow a mustache or not?

Would you rather run an Ironman or a marathon two days in a row?

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