Six miles @ 8:29 average pace in some heat (when I say heat I mean 60 degrees but coming off of Utah winter… that feels really hot. Acclimating to summer running is going to be rough).  Just as I was walking out the door in the morning to get my run in, I heard the Skyester wake up so my running plans got moved around a bit and I went out later.

PS It is supposed to get up to 90 degrees on Saturday in Las Vegas so I’m very happy that the race starts at 6!

I listened to this podcast with Allie Kieffer and it was exactly what I needed to listen to.  She said something like this,  “It’s pretty simple, you eat mostly whole foods and vegetables, you exercise… it’s just being a healthy person and then you will find a weight you fit into.  We overthink how to be a healthy person.”  I think our bodies tend to have a spot that they like to be at (which may change due to time of life/hormones/etc) and as long as we are eating pretty well, exercising and sleeping, our bodies find that ‘weight you fit into.’  I love everything she has to say about body image.

IMG 7177

This week I’ll be hitting around 34 miles total (including the race) and the past few weeks I’ve been at around 46 miles.  I am taking Thursday off and running 4 miles on Friday which is the day before the race.  I usually take the day before the race off but my coach has me running that day so let’s see how that feels for race day.

IMG 7183

Race week = no strength training which is nice because then I don’t feel guilty skipping it when I don’t feel like doing it;)  I did get some stretching in with Skye though.

IMG 7195

After school Brooke soaked in her time with just the two of us.  Knox left with his mom and Skye was napping.  It was her idea to give me a hand massage.  I’ve done one thing right with parenting;)

IMG 7228

She is my pancake buddy and will gladly join me for KodiakCakes at any time.

IMG 7233

Gymnastics.  Skye also worked on her strength while we were there.

IMG 7235

And then we went on a few errands including finding a new couch for the area by our kitchen.  We finally found one! It is leather which I am excited about because I love the feel of leather and how easy it is with kids.  I’ll show you what it looks like when it gets here next week (they didn’t have the exact one in the store).

IMG 7240

Brooke kept Skye happy while we were there.  Andrew and I are convinced that Brooke is her favorite, Skye goes starry eyed when Brooke starts talking to her.

IMG 7246

So does Beretta…

IMG 7249

I really like it when Brooke sets the table…

IMG 7252

Chocolate milk with dinner for Brooke’s recovery after gymnastics;)

IMG 7253

PS we have an anniversary in TWO days.  It will be our 2 year anniversary since our first date.  In two years we met, got engaged, got married, blended a family and have a baby that is now almost 5 months old.  We moved fast ha!  Our first date was to Outback and I knew that night that there was going to be some type of future with us.  We are going to try to get out for a mini date to celebrate but it won’t be to Outback because I am still scarred from eating there one time while pregnant and feeling super sick afterwards ha so we will have to do something different.

A random flashback picture from right before we got married:

IMG 0703


I am a little dramatic (I’m sure you have noticed) about many things but especially about some parts of running.  There are definitely times during runs or a race where I might be a tad over the top about whatever I am feeling so I thought I would share my top 10 dramatic reactions to running.  I would love to hear what things you might be dramatic about when it comes to running too…

IMG 0129

1.  When my technology doesn’t work… In normal life it doesn’t really bother me if my phone is dead or if my headphones don’t work but put me on a run and if my headphones are not working or if my phone runs out of batteries then I am not happy.

2.  If I don’t have the exact nutrition that I like to have before a run, it seems like a MAJOR problem to me even though it really isn’t that big of a deal.  There are plenty of other things I can grab but I just love my routine before I run.

3.  Having to stop and then start again during a tempo/progression/faster run… whether it is because of the need to tie my shoes, wait to cross the road or because I dropped something, starting again is SO hard to do (it feels better to just keep going without stopping for me) so I feel in the moment that it is the worst!

4.  When something starts to hurt a little bit.  The big injuries deserve a few days of feeling dramatic I think but sometimes I’ll have a little hot spot and then my brain goes into automatic NOOOOOOOO mode.  I overthink it and worry that it is going to turn into a big injury but then I take a day or two off along with some stretching and it disappears—>  I definitely do not need to make such a big deal about it.

5.  Hills.  I swear while I am running them they are equivalent to Everest and then I drive the hill later on during the day and somehow they seem to have shrunk from a mountain to a 2% incline.

6.  Andrew agrees with this one because it really is the worst (#runnersproblems) but when you do not push start on your watch or pause it properly or stop it at the end of an interval etc… I DO NOT LIKE THAT.  I want to know exactly how far I’ve gone or what pace I hit for the speed work—> so when I push the lap button on accident or forget to stop it on time, I get a little bit dramatic about it.

Also, another Garmin problem is below that causes all patience to leave my body especially if it happens before a race:

Screen Shot 2018 04 22 at 5 05 05 PM

7.  I am a little dramatic over my running idols.  Sarah Sellers replied to my comment on Instagram and Andrew laughed at me for how star-struck I was over the whole situation.  I just really look up to these people and want them to consider me to be their best friend too;)

IMG 7135

8.  My running clothing favorites.  Two weeks ago I couldn’t find my favorite pair of black Oiselle shorts that just feel so good while I’m running and I was so upset about it because I was worried that I lost them.  When Andrew found them behind the washing machine I told him that I had never loved him more than I did at that moment.  It has taken me years to figure out what things feel best when I run so losing them is very dramatic for me.

9.  To go along with the above topic, when you are wearing something that does not feel comfortable during the run.  Whether it is chafing me or moving around during the miles.. I’m NOT happy about it.  I don’t think my brain can possibly think about anything else but how annoying the fabric is or how it feels.  Just a little bit dramatic.

9.  That I’m going to feel like this forever!  It’s crazy how during an interval or workout or race I can be so dramatic and think that I’m going to feel like this (aka my legs are going to fall off) forever!  This one I have learned to talk myself out of and to relax and remember that it will pass and that running fast for a few more minutes isn’t actually going to kill me.

10.  Pretty much any emotion that I feel during the run is dramatized to the extreme.  I.E. I feel so grateful I want to cry, I feel so tired I want to lay down on some random person’s front porch and ask for some water, I feel so proud of myself for hitting a pace that I feel like I deserve a medal, these endorphins make me feel like I’m on top of the world, that frustration over a workout gets me all worked up etc etc.  Sometimes the run just makes any emotion feel bigger than I normally would feel.


Ever dramatic about anything with your running?  Can you relate with any of the things I am dramatic about with my running so I don’t feel like a total weirdo?

What is one piece of your running clothing/gear that you would be super upset about if you lost it?

Do you usually run the day before a race?

Ever eaten at a restaurant and gotten sick and never wanted to eat there again?

-I still cant eat at Papa Murphy’s and that incident happened 20 years ago.

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