I got my vest to zip up (kind of;).  I am a huge fan of running vest running weather and I was able to take mine out (I love how it keeps your core warm and your arms are able to still move freely).  30 degrees for my run yesterday morning but the sun was out so it felt a lot warmer.

R Kay recommended the podcast CTolleRun in the comments on Friday so I listened to that yesterday and it was really great and beyond motivating (I listened to the one with Stephanie Bruce)! If you love running podcasts… you need to try this one out!

IMG 9315

Finished the week with a 5 mile run and a total of 40.25 miles for the week!

IMG 9333

I came home and ‘tried’ my best to stretch, the kids are always more flexible than I am but especially now.  Someday I’ll be able to tough my toes again.

IMG 9355

Thanks Knox for the selfie at Target.  Free Halloween cookies for the win.

IMG 9375

Yesterday the kids came with me to pick out my Halloween costume for my 5k next weekend.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this 5k.  It has been almost 2 months since my last race (and I’m excited that it is a 5k and not a half marathon… and that since it is a Halloween race people don’t judge you as much for fueling with candy;).

IMG 9363

Came home and I relaxed on the couch while the kids did their Saturday chores.  Some days chores are easy for these kiddos and some days they are a fight, ya never know what you are going to get.

IMG 9381

After that we headed outside for a little walk and anytime the kids rode on the dirt they said they were just like Andrew because they were ‘mountain biking.’

IMG 9384

From there we spent some time over at Mer’s house visiting with her, my aunt and uncle that are in town visiting!

IMG 9390

Then it was 5 pm and I was more than ready for dinner.

IMG 9403

Our family has a strong love for Olive Garden.  The kids started cheering in the backseat when we told them we were going there.  Breadsticks, salad and fettuccine alfredo for me.

IMG 9406

And the delicious chocolates they give you when you leave;)

IMG 9408

So those chocolates tasted so good at the restaurant that we stopped at the store on the way home so I could have more.

IMG 9411

While nutrition hasn’t been super great this pregnancy (I am pretty sure I mainly eat carbs at this point)… I have been able to hydrate like a champ.  I go through a few hydroflasks a day (we have this 40 ounce one) and I’m so glad my body craves cold water because during that first trimester, I couldn’t stand the taste of water.

Totally normal to want to climb in bed at 7:24 pm right…

IMG 9415

I did do two more things before getting in bed!  I put this argan oil in to leave in overnight (and I washed it out this morning.. great for damaged hair/split ends). I started planning out our next week in my planner.

IMG 9413


A few running things to talk about:

*My sister-in-law sent me this video and it is great… it talks all about what it is going to take to break the 2 hour marathon and how our bodies have evolved to run these long distances!  PS this documentary about breaking 2 is really great too… I watched it on the treadmill one morning!

*The NYC Marathon in a few weeks will be Meb’s last professional race.  This will be his 26th marathon and I’m probably going to cry (because everything makes me cry right now) when I see him cross the finish line (I’ll be watching at home).  PS in 2002 when Meb ran NYC for the first time he finished and said he never wanted to do a marathon again!

Screen Shot 2017 10 21 at 7 43 11 PM

*Shalane Flanagan will by running the New York City Marathon this year too!  She said, ‘My back is 100 percent.  I actually think the injury this past winter was a giant blessing for me.  I’ve had uninterrupted training throughout my career, and that was my first major injury.  While at the time it was really heartbreaking to have to miss the Boston Marathon this spring, I believe my body really needed that rest.  I think there was a point of overtraining over the last few years and not really identifying it.”  (source)

Also, 130 miles PER WEEK for this marathon… that is A LOT of miles!

Screen Shot 2017 10 21 at 8 12 17 PM

*I really enjoyed this article, ‘8 reasons mommy needs to run.’  I completely agree on this woman’s reasons for needing her runs!

*I’ve mentioned to you before but one of the biggest challenges for me with pregnant running is my form.  Running tall is especially hard for me by the end of my runs so I tried this trick yesterday and it really helped.  I also love to raise my arms up tall above my head while I’m running (cars passing by always think I’m really normal;) to straighten out my body and that helps too.



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What was your mileage this last week?  Best run?  Hardest run?

What products do you use in your hair besides shampoo/conditioner?  Do you ever leave anything in overnight?

What has been the best part of your weekend so far?

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