This is Skye’s weekend party face.

I was going to hit up my treadmill for my 6 mile easy run since it was raining but couldn’t imagine not running outside (I’m in a no treadmill stage for some strange reason).  This is the same hat I wore for Boston when it was raining the entire 26.2 miles:

IMG 3953


IMG 3962

Excited to go out for lunch.

IMG 3972 2

I noticed during lunch that Megan eats her salad starting from one side and then eats to the other side.  I eat mine from the top down.  Who is normal in this situation?

IMG 3979

Because there were fresh snickerdoodles next door after lunch…

IMG 3981

Afternoon gaming.

IMG 3968

And then they played army in the backyard.

IMG 3991

Andrew finished his big papers so he celebrated by going on a run (hence sitting on the bathroom floor) and Skye needed a new outfit;)

IMG 3989

Preparing to be apart for the weekend.

IMG 3985

Some gymnastics practicing.

IMG 4001

A fancy dinner of leftovers mixed in a bowl + some of the kid’s mac & cheese (that stuff is good)!

IMG 4004

After dinner we dropped off the Brookester (her dad comes here some months and we go there some months)!

My crazy weekend night = half of this Costco bag of popcorn, lots of hydrating, stretching…

IMG 4009

and watching Jumanji with Andrew.  The beginning had me craving a run on the beach.

IMG 4008


IMG 4005


What are three things that you are doing today?

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1.  All five of us (well, 6 because Beretta was there too) were together again yesterday which felt so good because we have been missing Knox for five days.  Also, Skye is really improving in her selfie game each week. 2.  My Wednesday morning included a 5 mile easy run.  It was done in the … Continue Reading

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I think we have hit one of those sleep regression stages—>  this little girl has been wanting to hang out with me 3 times a night the last two nights (my brain hurts;). Off to school with the Brookester and then I went on a search for a track while Skye napped at home with … Continue Reading

These two were happy to see each other again! Let’s start off with the morning… A new running first for me: After 32 years of having this brother of mine, we had our first run ever together yesterday.  He is training for his first half marathon (Mt. Charleston, that’s why I am doing that one … Continue Reading

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