I sure didn’t dress properly for the weather yesterday!

When I left my house to meet my friends it was 40 degrees and it was just sprinkling… I was even planning on wearing shorts but changed my mind last second to wearing some thin pants instead.

With each mile of our run it started raining harder and harder and then at about mile 4 it was a complete blizzard.  AKA we were soaking from the rain and then it got really cold from the snow/wind.  It was cold during the run but when I sat down in the car afterwards I started shivering like crazy and had to sit there with the heater on for a while before driving because I was so cold.

I am SO glad I wore a hat.   I would have called an Uber to pick me up if I hadn’t worn one and had those huge snowflakes hitting me in the eyes while running.

The water fountain that has the most refreshing water (I swear it is straight from the very top of the mountain) that never ever turns off… this fountain has saved me on hundreds of runs!

IMG 4988

I was planning to get in my tempo miles yesterday but that plan definitely did not happen:

IMG 4998

I ran with two of my friends and was reminded quickly how much I love running with them.  Josse is running pain-free again so I’m sure we will get together more now and my other friend just did a 2:47 marathon so hopefully I can join her on her easy easy easy days;)

10 miles @ 8:42 average and those tempo miles will happen today on the treadmill instead.

IMG 5014

I got home and took the hottest shower ever and then got back in bed with a hot chocolate for a few minutes.

We had a few appointments in the morning but canceled those because it kept snowing and snowing and there was no way I was going to drive in those conditions.

IMG 5016

When my sister and I were younger we would draw our dream houses and they included an underground tunnel from one house to the other.

Maybe our childhood dreams will come true:

IMG 5031

Because we were stuck inside for a lot of the day we got some things done including putting away the laundry… Skye was a great helper.

IMG 5019

We played a lot.

IMG 5029

We made some hamburgers (the picture was not pretty) for lunch along with some sides… And then once it stopped snowing and the roads were plowed we went to the gymnastics gym with my sister and her family.

IMG 5046

Brooke has nailed her vault sprint.

IMG 5061

We did our normal crockpot chicken for chicken salads and sweet potato fries from TJs.

IMG 5069

I wanted to include this question from a reader in it’s own post so we could talk a bit more about it in the comments!   *How do you help your kids, especially Brooke, develop a healthy relationship with food?

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 3891

This is a great question and I might think a bit differently on this subject than other people do and that is okay:)  I’ll share how we do it and what works for us.  For us, our pantry includes an entire shelf of candy/chips/treats/deliciousness.  It’s always there and always will be.  Our kids have fruits and vegetables with their meals and obviously they can’t just roam into the pantry and snack on treats all day but they don’t ask to do that because the treats are always there, they forget they exist most of the time.  Treats aren’t something that is forbidden or cut out from their lives. There is white bread and there is wheat bread.  There is broccoli and there are cheez-its.  Some days they snack on fruit snacks and pretzels and other days they snack on string cheese, chips/salsa and carrots.   Some days we go out for a donut, cookie, hot chocolate or ice cream and some days they ask for an apple with peanut butter after dinner.  Sometimes Andrew and I have dessert (I absolutely need to work on less sugar and eating out less;) once the kids are in bed.  We are just trying our best and like our balance talk yesterday… I’m nowhere near perfect:)  We eat dinner all together every night and I love that we are able to do that.
Calories, bad/good etc aren’t discussed in our house.  I hope they grow up seeing food as food… without all of the emotional ties or obsession with it.  We talk to them about food as fuel for our activities and the importance of taking care of ourselves.  We talk about exercise for our health (mental, physical and spiritual), not to burn off what we ate yesterday.  I think after having an eating disorder my brain is constantly trying to figure out ways to help them avoid this problem.  I’m probably over the top but I give quite the look of STOP WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN when someone brings up calories/diets/losing weight and things they hate about themselves and I change the subject right away to something else.  I know I can’t protect my children from everything but I feel like I have a big responsibility in so many areas to give them the best example.  I feel very lucky that Andrew is very careful and thoughtful about the things he says in relation to all of this.  He worked with eating disorder in-patient teen girls for 5 years and has a very good understanding about it all.
Something else that I really try to do is to NEVER say anything negative about my body.  Brooke is sometimes with me in the mornings when I’m getting ready and I love to talk about different parts of me that I love.  My legs that get me up the mountains or how much I love my arms and how they allow me to carry my babies and give the best hugs etc.  Then I ask her what she loves about what her body can do.  And when she is in the bathroom with me as I am getting ready, I smile when I look in the mirror (it sounds like such a simple thing that she probably wouldn’t notice, but I really think she does… doing this to help her actually helps me too).
As my kids gets older I’ll continue talking more and more about how our body’s are tools to allow us to create/serve/discover/progress/love rather than an ornament to be viewed.
IMG 4893
I would LOVE to hear about what things helped you growing up to develop a healthy food relationship (along with things that might have not helped you so I can try to avoid those with my kids).   If you have kids, how do you help them?  How do you help yourself at this point in your life?
How has your relationship with your body changed over the years?
Who else got dumped on by snow?  Did you stay in or go out in it?
Craziest weather that you have ever run/raced in?

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