Well, I might need a few days to recover after yesterday ha.  We celebrated the day like crazy and it was the best.  Andrew even arranged his shifts so that he could be with Brookers all day too + Knox came home so we got in a lot of quality time all together.

IMG 9676

Brooke would like to tell you thank you for all of your sweet comments for her yesterday.  Call me crazy, but I really do feel like we are all in a long term friendship together and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you guys.

Rewind to the very beginning of the day.  I had 10 miles to get done and I knew Brooke’s internal alarm clock was set for earlier than normal because she knew it was her bday and I wanted to be home when she woke up—>  so I started quite early.  I made it back in time partly due to the TWO DOGS that helped me pick up the pace big time as they chased me down a road.   A)  I do not know why I assumed I could outrun them… those things are fast.  B) I do not know why I was so freaked out by them.  They probably weighed between the two of them 9 lbs.  But they looked fierce and they were barking so yeah, I’m sure any cars going by had a nice laugh about some girl sprinting down the street away from two mini dogs.  The dogs didn’t even touch me but they sure made me speed up for that street.

I don’t have any speed workouts this week except for during my long run on Saturday and a few strides tomorrow.

I’m excited to retry my long run with Andrew on his bike this weekend.  He even has a fanny pack from mountain biking that he will wear to hold my water and gels and maybe even some damp towels, chocolate and slippers for me to put on directly once I finish the 18 miles;)

When I finished my run and felt energized still, I realized it is kind of weird to be doing a double digit run in the middle of the week.  Three months ago= 10 miles was my long run on the weekends and that took a lot of mental/physical prep to do.  This is probably in my top 4 favorite things about running… Seeing our bodies adapt to the work.

Rather than worry about what my training is going to include to get to my goal race (I know peak week is going to be unreal) I just remember that our bodies are fabulous at adapting.  If you are training for something huge to you, don’t worry about the weeks ahead or the race day distance/speed, trust the training and how good your body is at getting stronger/adapting to all of the work you do each day.

Take a day at a time and you will adapt.

IMG 9611

I’m currently reading this book (and I’ll talk more about it tomorrow) and this part made me think about running.  As runners, we have some pretty huge pots and we just keep growing to fit those pots!

Screen Shot 2018 08 15 at 10 08 20 AM

Brooke started out with her bday shirt from Target.  She told me that she didn’t feel six, she felt much more fiveish.

LRG DSC04929

I think Skye was just as excited to celebrate Brooke as all of us were.

LRG DSC04936

Andrew had her choose any cereal that she wanted for her bday… of course ha!


And then she galloped around for a while with her unicorn that makes horse noises while listening to the My Little Pony movie soundtrack (a sacrifice that Andrew made because I don’t think there are any other songs on the planet that he dislikes more than those,  ha:)


And then we continued to celebrate all day long.

LRG DSC04964

Knox came home and he was equally excited about presents (they love playing with each other’s toys).

LRG DSC04979

Spirit was the star of the show.

LRG DSC04983

For an early dinner we went to the restaurant Brooke requested for dinner… Pizza Factory.  Pizza, pasta, bread sticks and the salad bar.

IMG 9679

Still using cucumbers to make their tiny salad plates fit a bit more veggie goodness.  I had pasta and a bread twist with my meal.

IMG 9677

And then we went to a new indoor play place (Coconut Cove).  The kids both agreed it was their #1 choice of indoor play places.

IMG 9684

I had no desire to make another cake so Brooke asked for DQ and we watched Spirit while eating Blizzards.

IMG 9688

In other news, our house is overfilling with good fruit right now and that’s pretty much the best!

IMG 9645

I’ve got 8 miles on the schedule today and I’m going to be listening to this.  Jared Ward lives a few cities over and I am just hoping someday that I’ll ‘run’ into him somewhere and keep up with him for .2 seconds.

Screen Shot 2018 08 15 at 7 47 26 PM

And for a bit of random humor today, my brother sent this to me yesterday:

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How have you seen your body adapt to your training lately?  I want to hear!

Have you tried any new cereals/food products lately?  

Have you ever been chased by a dog while running?

What is your run/workout today?  What are you listening to today during your workout… podcast, music, book, friends, the sound of your feet hitting the pavement?

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