Skye heard me leaving for my run and had some FOMO so I took her along with me.

Peaceful morning on the trail with a lot of ‘Da-da-da-da’ coming from Skye.

IMG 6921

6.25 miles @ 9:06 average pace.

IMG 6911

She enjoyed some post-run endorphins also.

IMG 6944

Knox’s blanket… just crossing all of my fingers that it doesn’t rip anymore than it already has.

IMG 6948

Turns out that we have a cherry tree that I didn’t know about.

IMG 6955

We made it to the pool for a few hours.

IMG 6964

IMG 6994

Signs of a good day—> pruney hands.

IMG 6998

Had some melted Twix in my bag so we cut them up and turned them into cookies.

IMG 7002

This recipe (plus twix pieces) is my favorite.  PS I like to use my spatula to shape them more circular right when they come out of the oven.

IMG 7003

They approved.

IMG 7005

Studying those feet of hers.

IMG 7018

IMG 7026

IMG 7039

Sure gonna miss this girl.

IMG 7007

12 miles with a workout mixed in there coming my way today!


Tell me 3 things that you are doing today!  I love hearing about your Saturdays!

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Andrew, Brooke, Skye and I went out for about a mile after I got home from my run.  Brooke was determined to beat me and sure enough, she did. Brooke’s favorite type of running= fartleks.  She loves to sprint as fast as she can and then walk and then sprint again.  Whatever floats her boat, … Continue Reading

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