Skye gifted us with some great stretches of sleep.  I was very grateful to her the entire day.

IMG 7427

Andrew has gotten really good at doing Brooke’s hair in the morning while I am feeding Skye.

IMG 7393

Once Brooke went to school, Candice and I went on a walk together.  The time went by SO fast.  We walked for a little over an hour together.  I love when you get to combine time talking with your people with moving!  I even came home with a few endorphins and so much excitement to run with Candice soon! PS my 6 week appointment is TODAY!

IMG 7408

It is cold here but seriously nothing compared to our normal Januaries… I am sorry to Texas for switching our weather with yours!

IMG 7397

Andrew and Knox set out for Andrew’s run yesterday morning too!

IMG 7457

When Brooke got home from school and Knox saw her shirt, he ran to his room to change into his shirt that is like hers:)

IMG 7472

Speaking of habits (from yesterday’s post)… this is just my habit lunch if we don’t have leftovers or eggs/bacon/pancakes (aka still my favorite).

Skye was kind of grossed out by my combination but she’ll grow to love it someday.  Also, 2 sweet potatoes > 1 sweet potato.

IMG 7459

She was more approving of my hot chocolate afterwards.  PS if Target is selling anything holiday themed, they can count on me to buy it.

IMG 7467

I am loving how alert and awake Skye is lately… She isn’t sleeping 99.9% of the day anymore.  It’s crazy how much you can love someone that you’ve only known for such a short time.

IMG 7488

Before dinner I ran up to Costco really quick to copy my friend’s new sweatshirt and put it on right away (I love Costco clothes).  I also somehow left with this brownie mix… these remind me of my mom.  She is always stocked with these in her pantry and has made them many times for me.

IMG 7501

You know you love a recipe when you make it two times in one week.  Yep, more chicken tortilla soup.  The kids aren’t big fans of this soup so they had quesadillas instead.   When we went around the table saying what we were thankful for, Knox said he was thankful for Target.  Me too.

IMG 7505

These two finished up the night with a movie night.

IMG 7509

Oh and I have had some people asking about Beretta!  She is doing great.   She runs with Andrew in the mornings, plays with the kids all day and doesn’t even really notice that Skye is here now!  I caught a picture of her licking Andrew ha!

IMG 7507


Just a random Runner’s PSA and if you don’t do this, feel free to skip it…  Comparing ourselves to our past selves.

The other night in the middle of the night I got up to get Skye to feed her and realized my quads were sore.  That day I had done A FEW squats (without weights or anything) after my walk and my legs quickly reminded me of those squats.  I then started thinking about where I was at fitness wise after having Brooke (that’s where I went wrong;) and I remembered that I ran a fast half marathon at just about THIS SAME POINT that I am at now postpartum.

Baby Brooke after my race:

Screen Shot 2018 01 17 at 2 58 14 PM

I couldn’t run that time or that distance right now if someone paid me 10 million dollars to do it.  My fitness is quite different this time postpartum and while I know I’ll come back strong, it is going to take a lot of time/patience/hard work to get there.  But for a minute in the middle of the night, I was feeling lame for being nowhere near where I once was with my fitness and sore after a few squats (even though I know I’m doing the exact right thing for me and my body right now)!  I’ve compared myself to my old running self plenty of times in the past to know that I have to stop that kind of thinking right away and love where I am at now with my running (or lack there of;).

Like my mom always says, “Don’t look back… you’re not going that way.”  Happiness/joy/fulfillment comes when we enjoy where we are at NOW.  We should look forward with optimism and embrace the season we are in RIGHT NOW.  I’ve realized that for me, comparing my running to what I used to do is nothing but a waste of time/thoughts/energy and it gets me nowhere that I want to be.

So instead, I’m just going to think about how ridiculously excited I am to get in a mile tomorrow!

Wherever you are with your fitness right now, join in with me and love it without looking back (unless you are looking back with positive thoughts to celebrate how far you have come!  Also, it’s great to look back and be proud of your accomplishments too… just not so much getting down on ourselves for not being where we used to be:)!


Oh and I have one more habit question from yesterday’s post… is making the bed a habit for you?  Do you do it each day?

My hands are SO DRY and I feel like I can’t find a lotion to help them… do you have any recommendations for a good hand lotion?  It’s driving me crazy.  

What was your dinner last night?

What foods remind you of your mom?

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