12 miles completed.

We are able to get to the trails about one time a week… Ultra trail runners out there, do you think that is enough for our 50 mile training?  I sure hope so!  Throughout the week we get a lot of hills on the streets (you can’t avoid them) so I am hoping that is helping with our endurance for the trails too.

IMG 1251

I have him hooked on some of the Nanohydr8 too.

We put Skye down for a nap at my mom’s house in the crib and then we headed out for our long run.

IMG 1219

We were running up in the clouds yesterday.  The first two miles are purely up and then you have more gradual ups and downs from there.  I feel like with all of this hill training my hamstrings are always tired.  I think this means my glutes are being lazy and need to be doing more work.  I’m going to start doing squats and lunges again before I leave for my runs.  I need my glutes to be activated and doing some of the work so my quads and hamstrings aren’t doing everything.

IMG 1220

Name the candy!

They were a little frozen which made them even more delicious.  12 miles @ 8:34 average with one of the downhill miles at the end at 6:34.  I was going straight down the hill and breathing super heavy and feeling very labored… two months ago I was running the last 10k of my marathon at around this pace.  That’s how the running game goes.  I took time after the marathon off to recover and switched focus to hills/endurance/trails and definitely lost a lot of my speed but that’s okay.  I can’t have both right now and my running heart is wanting more of the endurance side of things.

IMG 1232

I am LOVING using a hydration vest.  Mine just feels like I am wearing an extra jacket, it fits like a glove and I can store so much in there.  I love being able to drink so easily the entire time too. The thing I need to work on is keeping good form when I am tired while wearing this.  Having more weight than I’m used to in the front (from the water) is forcing me to roll my shoulders forward.  I need to get used to having the weight there and wearing this while focusing on keeping good form too.

IMG 1217

PS this podcast that just came out with Des Linden is awesome.  I loved hearing about how she wants to switch to the trails soon.  Maybe I’ll just sign up for all of the races she is doing so I can run with her for the first 30 seconds of the race.

I remembered to bring clothes to change into right after the run and it felt so good.  It started snowing towards the end and it felt heavenly to take off my wet clothes.

IMG 1265

My favorite thing to cheers with—>  Hot chocolate.  I always finish mine before Andrew can even start drinking his because it is too hot.  Years of drinking hot chocolate straight from the machine has built up my pain tolerance.

IMG 1275

Another highlight from the day was going to look at Christmas lights.  Brooke just gets better and better at posing for pictures.

IMG 1278

IMG 1282

Leftovers… the gift that just keeps on giving.  I have had lasagna for the majority of my meals since Sunday and that is living my best life.

IMG 1286

Just a few random things to talk about….

Has anyone else had this song in their head for the last two weeks?  I cannot get it out.  Speaking of hippos, has Andrew ever told you about the time where he was camping in Africa and he woke up to a HIPPO 5 feet away from his tent?  He is very lucky nothing bad happened.

IMG 1284

A quick rewind to Monday night—>  Brooke and I went on a date to go see The Nutcracker.  I’ve waited for this day my entire life;)

LRG DSC09054

As we were driving to dinner together Brooke said, “Remember when you didn’t have a husband and we would go on dates every night?  But back then we would just go for froyo for all of our dates.”  <— her memory is incredible.  If you were a reader a few years ago then you probably remember us going to froyo every night together too.

We went to Guru’s for dinner.  Brooke loves the kid’s tacos there and I love their salads and we are both obsessed with their sweet potato fries.  Brooke was talking a million words per minute and I just sat there thinking about how cool it is to be in this stage with her where we can have real conversations about things.  I love getting a peak into her life at school too.

IMG 1148

A new yearly tradition.  Brooke said that Skye can join us for this when she is 5.5.

LRG DSC09070

Until then she will get to party at home with Andrew.

IMG 1164

I’ll leave you with this video that Andrew just sent to me to go along with our ‘Listen Andrew vs Solve Andrew’ conversation yesterday.

Oh and PS don’t try to wrap presents with a one year old.  It took approximately 8 times longer than it should have.

IMG 1130


Candy experts out there… what candy did we have on our run?  Bonus points for the flavor.

Are you working on speed, recovery, endurance, just enjoying the holidays or other right now?

-Endurance with a little bit of speed thrown in to get in some intensity.

Favorite tradition that you have this month?

What song gets stuck in your head often?

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