Yesterday was our Thanksgiving (along with two more meals on Thursday—>  one at his parents’ house and one at my parents’ house) as a family!

Just pretending to be dogs as they go into church.

IMG 2130

After church the kids worked on a turkey craft and Andrew started cooking (he is a better cook than I am:)!


And then we had Thanksgiving dinner!


Fun fact:  The cornbread stuffing (you buy it already prepared at Costco) is REALLY good.  Try it.

We even got a little fancy with some sparkling cider;)


And then we played games!  Thanks for all of your recommendations in this post (we bought a bunch of them, THANKS)… last night we played Push A Monster and Suspend (our kids’ new favorite)!



We also had triple chocolate pie from Kneader’s for dessert.  We bought it Saturday night and after it was in our fridge for 4 hours, I couldn’t wait any longer and cut into it Saturday night:)  It was delicious both Saturday and Sunday!

IMG 2094



Okay, let’s talk about kitchen stuff now!  PS my sister’s kitchen remodel is much more exciting and you can see that here (I mean she made her own cabinets?!?) but we are really happy with how our kitchen has turned out.  We started the process about a month after we got married and just finished everything on Saturday!  We basically had a list of our priorities of what we wanted to change in the kitchen/main living area and saved up for each change and then did it once we had enough.

Here is a picture from forever ago.  Our first priority was that we wanted to paint the area (I LOVE a very simple/clean look and so does Andrew so that is what we stuck with) a grey color (we used Behr Ultra White Metal) and got new flooring.  For the flooring we did a bunch of research on what was really durable and a great value at the time and decided on laminate.   The house originally had linoleum and old (very lived on;) carpet.  We did laminate throughout the house except for the bedrooms (we did new carpet in the bedrooms) and bathrooms and we really love that.  We also chose a lighter color of laminate to avoid seeing the side effects of having little kids and a lab that loves to shed all of the time;)

IMG E2091

You can kind of see the flooring below:)  Next on our list was a new fridge, a chandelier over the kitchen table and recessed lighting.  Andrew, did the lighting himself (his brother is an electrician and came over and helped him:).   After those changes, we saved up for a little over a year to finish everything off.  PS the chandelier is from Home Depot and our table is from RC Willey.

LRG DSC00881

So here is what the kitchen looked like as of a few weeks ago:)  We really wanted to lighten it up and add some brightness!

IMG 6637

IMG 6639

We chose an Iceland Quartz (we got it for $11 a square foot for the 3 cm kind) and bought two slabs of it (we used it for our bathroom counters too.. at some point we are doing tile in the bathrooms so I’ll show you those when it happens).  Something else we really wanted was to make our island a bit bigger so that we could fit more stools there (we can now fit 5:)!

IMG 6640

We had a guy in my neighborhood come and do the quartz for us and he did a great job!

IMG 1482

I love on this side that there are no seams in the quartz… he used one slab for his whole part.  They also put in a single bowl under mount sink that we really love and added a new faucet from Home Depot.


My sister came over one day and brought all of their tools and taught Andrew how to do the backsplash.  It took about 7 hours for him to do the entire back splash, those cuts around all of the plugs and windowsill are tough!  He did an AMAZING job and loved learned how to do it.  We bought all of the tiles for $39 and the other materials cost about $40 to do this so we were really happy with how cheap it was to make such a big difference in our kitchen.

IMG 2076

We REALLY wanted to convert from an electric to a gas stove but found out it was going to cost about $600+ to make the change… not in our budget for this.  BUT Andrew found a stove at Lowes that had broken legs in the back so they gave it to him for 60% off and he was easily able to fix it.  We also got a Black Friday deal on the microwave so we were really excited to get good deals on new appliances (I don’t miss our old brokenish ones;)!

LRG DSC00894

Another detail that I love is that we added the same quartz to the windowsill because the old one didn’t really fit in with the rest of the kitchen.

LRG DSC00884

And now I’ll just show you pictures of what it all looks like now.  PS I will never be hired to be a photographer for realtors.  House photos are hard to show how good everything really looks!

LRG DSC00882

Now on the island we can fit two more stools comfortably on the side… we just need to get some:)

LRG DSC00880

Luckily we really love our cabinets so we are DONE now!  Just in time for the baby to come too:)

So one more time, here is the before:

IMG E2091

And now our after!  It feels a lot bigger to us now!

LRG DSC00890 2


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Holidays—>  Where do you usually go for the holidays?  If you are married how do you split up the time?  Also, if you have kids from a previous marriage, how do you do holidays?

-I don’t really know what we do as far as our families go but both of our kids are on the same schedule for Thanksgiving and Christmas which is really nice—>  each year we just switch off and this year we don’t have them for Thanksgiving but we do have them for Christmas.

Made any changes to where you live?  Do you enjoy house renovations/decorating etc?

What was the best part of your weekend!?!

Have a favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal… what is it?

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