8 miles for me in some light rain at an 8:32 average pace.

IMG 6861

Classmate’s birthdays are her favorite.

IMG 6882

Catching up on life together.

IMG 6886

Lunch included hot chocolate because I could not warm up after that run.

IMG 6892

I should have been productive during Skye’s nap but this sounded like a better idea…

IMG 6894

Went over to my parents’ house.

IMG 6899

IMG 6907

Turns out that nobody likes the center piece at my parents’ house.

IMG 6903

Knox is catching up to Brooke in height.

IMG 6920

Went to Mer’s house.  Skye was quite interested in Mr. Blue.

IMG 6928

Dropped off some water for my long run today!

IMG 6929

Pancakes for dinner… we got these little boxes from a race!

IMG 6931

The best.

IMG 6935

Stretching out my hamstrings because they are so tight.

IMG 6937

Michael Jackson dance party.

IMG 6943

Ready for my last ‘long’ run before the race.

IMG 6936

Race day is in one week… already looking forward to hanging out on a bus at 4 in the morning;)

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What are three things that you are doing today?

I had six miles on the schedule yesterday.  I did them at an 8:49 average—>  Every single mile was between 8:48-8:50.  My body found that pace for my run and stuck to it.  Easy runs used to be really hard for me to stick to (because I thought going fast every day was the key … Continue Reading

Well, these smiles were sure nice to come home to after a hard workout… Bananas are a must before my run.  They taste delicious and my stomach is very happy with them during the run so I start each morning with these.  Last week I realized I didn’t have a banana since we hadn’t gone … Continue Reading

Good morning!  It feels so good to be home again.  It is so nice to not worry about our hotel neighbors hating us each time Skye cries during the night… We need to do an airbnb next time. My Tuesday started off with a 6 mile easy run around my area.  It was SNOWING (luckily, … Continue Reading

Oh. My. Goodness.  That was the best Boston that I’ve ever watched. For the first time in 33 years, an American woman crossed the Boston Marathon finish line first! Desi and I are pretty much best friends so that was fun for me to see;) We were still in California on Monday and the girls … Continue Reading

**The marathon just ended and I am so beyond happy about Des winning!  What an incredible day! Anyone else have goosebumps and tears watching that finish? If you missed out on last week’s posts—>  The top 3 viewed posts were: *How to Make Your FAST Stuff Feel Easier + The Best Cookie Recipe + Worrying … Continue Reading

Two important things from yesterday: *Skye had her first trip to the beach. *I am now completely positive that I need to run the Big Sur Marathon. I think the amazing views during this marathon would make you just forget all of the hills over those 26.2 miles right?  Who has done Big Sur?  I … Continue Reading