Weekending + give me anything but this.

(bra, shorts <— both on sale!)

I got another run with Andrew! We woke up early for this, but it still didn’t feel early enough during mile 3 of my tempo when the sun was eating me alive.

12 miles total for the day! I started with a 5-mile progression (starting at 8:20, working down to 7:25) and then a 3-mile tempo at an average of 6:11. I finished with a four-mile cooldown and made it back to the car just in time for more chapstick… St George makes my lips so dry, and I was getting to a scary point in terms of dry lips🤣. Give me side cramps or intense blisters during a run before giving me dry lips.

This bra is meant for summer running with the bungee strap in the back to shed layers.

Andrew left to go mountain biking and accidentally took the car key= I had the perfect excuse not to go to the gym to strength train, but I convinced myself to ride my bike to the gym. It was a short ride, but my legs were dead, and once again, I’m beyond impressed by triathletes.

Knox made it to the top of a hill on his bike without stopping. He has tried a few times without making it which made it even sweeter for him on Saturday.

Beck fell asleep in quite an uncomfortable position… the sun zaps us.

For dinner my cousins had us over for the best tacos of my life.

We had grand plans to go mountain biking on Sunday morning but sleeping in won and it was too hot for anything but a short walk.

I swear it was just a minute ago when Knox was Beck’s size and feeling so official holding Beretta’s leash on our walks.

We also got some more time with different cousins and the largest dog I’ve ever met. (PS for newish readers, Andrew and I both grew up in St. George and so that is why we have so much family there:)

We all jumped for joy when we saw that we could buy dippin dots at the gas station. Absolutely brilliant. I’m going to need a lot of these now… we got home to a broken air conditioner! Gotta love fun expenses that you didn’t plan on.

Fill in the blanks for me: Give me ________ during a run before giving me ________.

Any unexpected expenses lately for you?

Give me any highlights from your weekend.

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Highlights from my weekend at going to the symphony at a state park, so cool to listen to while outside! And going on a long run with my boyfriend Sunday morning. We were so tired Saturday and sometimes you need to listen to your body.


I bet that was an incredible experience! Good for you guys to listen to your bodies, it pays off in the end! Hope your day is a beautiful one, Mariah.


Glad you all are enjoying your time in St. George! How /why did your and Andrew’s families both move away?! Isn’t it amazing to think about all the little and big things that needed to happen to get you two together!! :)


Hey Meghan! Right?! My family moved up north once my siblings started going to college at BYU to be closer to everyone. Andrew’s family moved north later than we did but for work. I always wonder if we walked by each other in elementary school (same school, different grades)! I hope you have a beautiful day.


What a great getaway to your favorite place to see family! :) I’m sorry about your AC–that’s the pits! Tom and I went to visit family for Greek Orthodox Easter a month ago and had the same thing–our AC broke while we were gone (…and for the few days we were gone apparently our power bill got pretty high with our broken unit turned on…oof! Talk about a double-whammy of unexpected expenses).

LUCKILY our AC unit was a pretty small fee to fix–one component (luckily a pretty inexpensive one)–was broken, and within a few days of us getting home we had a guy in to diagnose and fix. We were bracing ourselves for a bigger financial disaster than the tiny one we endured (and the follow-up when we paid bills 10 days ago). As for other unexpected expenses–well, right before we went to FL I had to have one of my two sweet cats euthanized (it really was the most loving thing I could do for her when I realized how unwell she was and called vets frantically to get a same-day appointment). It was big sadness and an expense I wasn’t prepared for.

May was a rough month. Thankfully it’s June. And this past weekend I had friends over who I have made in the 8(!!!!) years we have now been in Atlanta and who I have come to adore so much. I met them all through the gym–we all teach at least 1 or 2 of the same Les Mills formats (and by now we all teach BODYPUMP…what an amazing program that is!!!), as well as 1 or 2 other formats that don’t overlap–and every few months, now that Tom and I have a house, I have them over just to fill my home with love and laughter. We had a salad bar and an ice cream sundae bar, and it was perfect.

It was the perfect way to spark my birthday week–my birthday is on Wednesday, so treats and small fun things every single day to keep a little bit of fun sprinkled in a week where I have so much work to do! :)

I hope today is a good one out there! :)


Thank you so much, Stephanie! Uggg I am sorry you came home to this problem! And your cat… oh Stephanie, totally the right thing but SO so hard. I swear you just moved there, time is flying. I am so happy that June is off to a much better start. Salad bar + ice cream bar = perfection. Happiest birthday MONTH! I will celebrate on Wednesday with cake and some shopping;). Thanks friend, you too!


I feel like my life lately is unexpected expenses…. The unexpected has become the expected…

I am preparing for my first ultramarathon (50k) at the end of the month to commemorate turning 50! I wish I had trails that I see you run. The trails in Costa Rica are very different.

That sports bra looks amazing. I just wonder if I would have the courage to actually take off my top…I always want to but would I if I could 🤷🏼‍♀️


Uggg I hope they become unexpected again. Kristin. That is the coolest way ever to celebrate your 50th birthday. I want to come run your trails! DO IT DO IT DO IT. Kristin, I used to be too afraid to run in a sports bra and then I just tried it one day and said who cares what other people. My stomach has never been happier now that it is free. It cools me down so much. DO IT! And let me know how it goes!


Broken air conditioner? Hope that gets fixed asap!
My bank account is still crying tears from our new roof two summers ago. The roofers discovered FIVE layers of roofing and no sub roofing. We paid out of pocket. You don’t want to know the price. Maybe just know the original price was so outlandish the company took pity on us and lowered the price for the sake of humanity.
My weekend was good. I did a lot of reading. I would recommend the diamond eye book. The authors note at the end made the book even better!
Clapping for you from Illinois for doing strength work! Hehe


Someone is coming over today, I’m reallllly hoping they can take care of it. Roofs. Are. So. Expensive. I cannot even imagine what you guys had to pay. Off to check out Diamond Eye, thank you. And I heard those claps in my head. I hope you have a beautiful day, Molly.


I am SOOO with you on the lip balm thing! I have three stashed literally everywhere as a precaution. Last Oct when I ran St. George I FORGOT to bring my lip balm to the start 😳 I left that and my extra bottle of nuun in the breakfast area of the hotel when I grabbed my bagel. I didn’t realize it until the hotel shuttle was well on its way and there was no turning back. I definitely panicked for a minute before I told myself to let it go. But an entire race without lip balm in southern UT was kinda brutal! I turned my brain off when I started running lol. And yes, the forgotten lop balm > the extra fuel.

Unexpected expenses are the worst! Mine was surgery this month – I’m healing up fine, but it was all definitely unexpected! I hope you get some relief from the heat 🥵

Have a great week, Janae!


Precaution haha… I love you! Oh my gosh, you forgot it at the start. You are a true survivor. I wish I could have given you some. SURGERY. Ummm are you okay?!?!


I am fine, thank you for asking ☺️ I had a mass on my uterus but it turned out to be benign 🙏 And my recovery is going extremely well. SO grateful!


I am SO grateful that you are okay!


Give me cramps before blisters while running. But I am with you on needing chapstick!
Highlight from the weekend was a long walk to breakfast on Saturday with my hubby and dog, and another long walk Sunday morning too (ending at a Starbucks). Then Sunday night was our monthly theater date night. We saw Funny Girl. Very fun, very good.
I got a little bit away from my regular workout/run schedule last week. But I am feeling motivated to get back on track.
Such a bummer to come home from being away to a problem! Hopefully it’s a quick and not too expensive fix.
Have a great day Janae.


I hope that cramps and blisters are nowhere near in your future. I love that you finished at Starbucks. Now I need Andrew to take me to see that, I hadn’t even heard about it until now. Thanks for sharing. He comes over today at 5, crossing every finger it is cheap and easy. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Happy summer days Janae! It was about 25 degrees Celsius here yesterday so quite warm. We went to the beach since I can’t run right now lol. I took the week off too as the recovery time will be appreciated. I have never been a lay back and chill kinda girl so this will be a test lol.

Oh the largest dog ever is so sweet!!

Have a great day Janae!


Look at you being chill and taking off the time! I bet the beach was amazing. Thank you, Kristine, you too!

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