Tis’ the Season to SPOIL them!

Today’s post is sponsored by adidas, and my goal is to help you find some amazing gifts for the fathers in your life!  Their gift guide is just what we all need.

I am positive that I have the most hardworking dad on the planet.  His smile is absolutely contagious, and I am so grateful to have him as my dad.  I will never forget this hug with my dad at the end of my first marathon.  It meant the world to me!  I’m not sure how much my dad loves being talked about on the internet, ha, so now let’s talk about Andrew…

This was the first picture I ever saw of Andrew. Our mutual friend who set us up sent me this picture before Andrew called, and it made me even more excited to hear from him! It was definitely love at first sight for me.

I loved seeing Andrew as a dad to Knox when we were dating.  Seeing his parenting style, how much Knox adored him, and how good he was with him was a definite plus for me.  I have Brooke most of the time because we moved to Utah from California, and so I really wanted to find a stepdad for her who would love her like he would his own daughter (PS Brooke’s dad is an incredible father to her; I just wanted to give her an amazing Utah Dad too:). 

I felt like I had hit the jackpot.  A guy that I was completely head over heels for and who was also an incredible dad who treated Brooke like gold, too…. I married him 72 days after our first date;).

I will forever be grateful to have a husband who loves spending as much time as possible with his kids.  Andrew pushes them to do hard things to build their confidence, makes them laugh harder than I thought possible, and nurtures them to ensure they feel how much he loves them.

So, now it is time to spoil him!

Father’s Day is in 11 days, and it’s my job to help you stay on top of things and get the gifts the dads in your lives would love in plenty of time for June 16th! The adidas Father’s Day gift guide is absolutely golden, and you can find something that any man in your life would love there. I had Andrew put together his ten picks that he wants for Father’s Day in this collage with links below to make it easy.

Whether the person you are shopping for loves to be active indoors or outdoors or if they are all about comfort and style, adidas has you covered.

Green shoes, Pants, Hat, Shoes, White tee, Purple tee, Hoodie, This top, Slides, Snap pants

I wear adidas shoes at least once a day, either for running or the rest of the day, so you cannot go wrong with getting a pair for the dad in your life!  These, these and these are Andrew’s top three currently.  Pro tip: Sneak into their closet if you aren’t sure about their sizes, and boom…

I personally love seeing Andrew in adidas gear like this top, this top, and this hoodie (all Andrew’s choices, too).

These shorts, these pants, and these pants will be here in a few more days for him to lounge in.  The colors and prices are all so good.

And, of course, you can never go wrong with a hat.  Andrew wears hats more than he doesn’t wear hats, so this one is his choice!

Now you have the perfect Father’s Day gifts from the adidas Father’s Day gift guide. You can’t go wrong with Adidas, I have fallen in love with every piece I’ve tried over the last few years!


Tell me about your dad or any other father figures in your life.  Do they live close by?

Who would you have at your next big race’s finish line if you could choose anyone?

Who has been reading since before Andrew came into our lives?

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Oh I love the “first picture!” It’s always wild to think back to the beginning days of a relationship. That is usually the quickest way for me to feel old-trying to do that math on how many years that my husband and I have been together.
Have fun prepping for Fathers Day! It’s well deserved for Andrew!


Bahaha that is a quick way to feel old. But wait, you have to let me know when you have a chance how long you guys have been together. I love your relationship. Thanks Molly, have a beautiful day!


That picture of Andrew and Knox!! Adorable
I remember when you met him. He lit up your whole world!
I lost my dad 5 years ago. He was so great! Always so supportive of everything we did as kids. Never missed games, competitions, events…. And I am sure there were plenty times he would have rather stayed home, but he was always there.
I’m also very blessed to have an amazing father-in-law. He loves me like his own daughter (but I have been around the family for 33 years, ha) and his support means so much.
And my husband…. What a great dad he has been and continues to be, for our boys. I love seeing him with the boys as they start their adult lives.
I am very blessed for sure!
And thank you for the gift guide! I need to get on that!
Have a great day Janae!


Oh Wendy. I am so so sorry you lost such an amazing man. He sounds like he was the best dad and I’m sure he is so proud of you. I love that your FIL is so amazing too and 33 years, that really is amazing. Your husband sounds like he is the best too. So many amazing men! Thank you sweet friend, I REALLY appreciate you!


I’ve been reading since your teaching days. :) You have a wonderful Dad and husband. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get on that Father’s Day thing.

*That blue tank you had on in your instagram stories, where is that from – so cute and I love the bright color. It’s 100 here today, the refreshing color got me. Plus the dang ice cream! lol


TEACHING DAYS! I sometimes forget that I was a teacher haha. Thanks for being my friend for so long! Isn’t that color the best?! I’m emailing you. Also, I need to ship you that ice cream. Have a beautiful day!


My dad was the best! He worked so hard for our family but still had time to be with us (https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2017/06/flip-your-change-dad.html.) He’s been gone for over 10 years and I still miss him so much. We still have Les’ dad and we’ll be heading to Tennessee to spend Father’s Day with him this year.

I think I started reading about a month before Brooke was born, so I’ve definitely been around longer than Andrew ;-)


Over 10 years. Oh, Kathy I am so so sorry. He sounds absolutely amazing. I’m grateful you will get to be with your FIL in Tennessee. Enjoy every second! We’ve been friends longer than I’ve known Andrew.. CRAZY! Have a beautiful day!


I’ve been reading since pre Brooke! I love that Brooke has two incredible dads. That’s special.

I have a picture of my dad standing in the pouring down rain with a sign that says “hurry, it’s raining” cheering me on at a marathon. The picture makes me laugh and feel so loved. Dads are amazing.


I’ve been reading since before you had Brooke and it’s so great to see you so happy and to have Andrew by your side! I also love the LOVE you have for your Dad ❤️
My husband is such a great Dad to our son and supports me so much in everything (even the crazy stuff, haha!) I do. I always struggle with something to get him for Father’s Day (he’s a cyclist like Andrew!) so thanks for some ideas!


What a great picture! Yes, I’ve been reading your blog before Andrew came in the picture. What a change in your life and your happiness and you!

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