(tank, shorts, shoes)

Ten miles at an 8:20 pace, and as much as I love seeing the green everywhere, I’m ready for it to all die a bit so my allergies will tame. My allergy medications are helping, but after how I feel right now, I’m feeling really motivated to get the allergy shots for next June.

Let’s pop right into the tangents:

*If there is a train, we will ride it for Beck.

*Our mall got rid of Pretzel Bites but we found another one that still has them… Beck literally kissed them when he saw them.

*Sometimes, Andrew will have time to meet us to eat a meal when he is working, and we jump right in the car and go to whatever hospital he is in.

*When they give out free vitamin B12 shots at the expo…

*Knox got a perm to look like his favorite Youtuber, Ryan Trahan. I posted about it on IG and Ryan replied… it made Knox’s life.

*This was my first time seeing someone wear a cowboy hat for an entire marathon, and she was FAST. I was so impressed.

*This volunteer was out cheering in a gorilla suit and it was around 80° at this point.

*Remember back in my single days when I hung out with Megan every day of my life?! We aren’t neighbors anymore, so I don’t see her nearly enough, but thankfully, I got to see her at the race.

*My kid’s favorite part of races are the dogs everywhere.

*Curly has found the best cookie recipe on the planet. She changed my mind and has taught me that semisweet > milk chocolate in cookies. I never thought I would see the day when my strong feelings on this matter would change.

Cookies–> semisweet or milk chocolate?

Tell me a tangent or two!

Have you ever seen someone race in something that surprised you?

Best free thing you have gotten at a race expo?

-Now the B12 shot… I used to pay $40 before races to get one a few years ago.

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I love a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is my current favorite that I have to share (!): https://71toes.com/the-best-salted-chocolate-chip-cookies/

Have a great day!!


You had me with salted… yep, I will try them and have a taste test with Curly and her cookies. Thanks, Alyssa! I hope you do too!


Good morning!
I love those adidas shorts. Could you run with your phone in the side pocket? Hope you have an awesome day :)


1000% yes! I do every time I wear them! Even for my race I did:). Thanks Holly, you too!


I saw some gentleman do a 2:45 marathon in jean shorts, no shirt, hair to his shoulders , not in a pony.
I kind of wanted to meet him for coffee after, something about him was super intriguing.

tangent: 4 days of school left.


No. Way. I need to know his story too. I cannot imagine wearing my hair down. FOUR MORE DAYS. You are so dang close. You’ve got this, Erica!


Ooo… I love a good chocolate chip cookie recipe! And I haven’t made any in so long.
Knox looks great! And how fun that his favorite YouTuber commented.
We’re still waiting for our oldest son’s car! It has been so frustrating, but also reminding me to keep patient, some things are just out of our control.
My email is acting weird, and I am no longer getting your blog in my in box. I need to fix that…. I missed your race recap yesterday. Need to catch up on that, but I am sure it was a fabulous race.
Have a great day Janae


Seriously made his year that he commented back to Knox! Still waiting… boo! It has been forever! Oh no… that must be my bad. I’ll email my guy right now to get that fixed. Thanks Wendy, you are seriously the best!


I have no idea who Ryan Trahan is, but Knox looks like a teenager with his new do! Very cool that Ryan responded.

I’ve always used semisweet for baking. I use 70% dark chocolate when I make French hot chocolate. I guess it just depends on what else is going in the recipe.

Les started his allergy shots last week. His worst times are usually Spring and Fall, so I’m hopeful by the time Fall gets here his body will be ready.

There are firefighters on Oahu that always run the Honolulu marathon in full gear. They’re impressive!


Hahah I didn’t either until the kids showed me! I guess he started with running vlogs first so it’s meant to be that we love him now ha. Oh I hope the shots help him out. Allergies are truly the worst. I cannot even imagine running a mile in firefighter gear. That is incredible. Hope your day is a beatufiul one, Kathy!


This recipe looks remarkably similar to the one on the back of the bag of chocolate chips and I’m reminded about the Friends episode with Phoebe’s grandmother’s famous secret cookie recipe from “Nestlay Touloooose.” I can’t remember if that episode is kid-friendly (that show has not aged well) but maybe someday you can watch it with Brooke. :) LOL


STOP IT. Hahaha I will be watching it with Curly and Brooke. I can hear Phoebe’s voice right now pronouncing Toulooooose. Hahaha thank you for this reminder.


Okkkk I was wondering if boys have been perming their hair or a sudden uptick in curly genetics.
How many gels do you think that cowboy hat can hold??
Thanks for a chocolate chip cookie question! I like a mix of semi sweet and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate chips I use are a bit larger than semi sweet so it lends a bit more of a crunch. I like that variety in a single cookie.


The salon told me that the only people they give to perms these days are teen boys! Such a good point, at least 6! Well, now I need to have your cookies to decide which are truly the best. Have a beautiful day, Molly!


I am also intellectually team milk chocolate chips, and I don’t think semi-sweet exists in the Uk (someone correct me if I’m wrong!), but every time I follow a dark chocolate recipe, it always pleasantly surprises me in a *this is fancy* kind of way.

I’m so intrigued about the B12 shot – what is it for? And can you have it without a medical deficiency?!


This is fancy… hahah I have had the same thought in that exact situation! Yes, you can have it without a deficiency. They say it can boost your energy… not sure if it really does for me or if the placebo effect kicks in but I guess either way it’s a win?


Now I am hungry for chocolate chip cookies and pretzel bites – and my daughter has also been asking for soft pretzels! They’re pretty tasty.
I like Knox’s new hairstyle!
I get excited for all of the littlest things that are free, so it doesn’t even have to be great! I haven’t seen these free B-12 shots -that’s a pretty amazing free item! Also, congrats on a great race!
Once in a while I’ll buy dark chocolate, but semi-sweet is classic for chocolate chip cookies, in my opinion. My husband likes milk chocolate for most things, and I just think it’s SO sweet.


Right? I was pretty surprised when I saw the b12 was free! Thank you so much, Katie! I hope you get some perfect cookies soon!


Semi sweet for me. My sisters favorite cookies are chocolate chip cookies without the chips. My mom always has to save some of the dough to her chocolate chip cookies to make my sister chip less cookies.


Knox looks so cute!!

Team Semi sweet and my recent favorite recipe is from Kroll’s Corner, they’re a Levain copycat that are delish!

I’m with you on the allergies, I feel like mine are always worse after a big snow year

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