Silentish Saturday!

Didn’t run and went to Farmstead…

A croissant cinnamon roll🤍

And some hiking around.

Maybe he is getting too into geocaching.

A rock staircase.

Living here:

I told myself to branch out to another author but didn’t…

105* yesterday.

Pizza with cousins.


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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I have been looking for a sun hat and I love yours! Can you share where you found it? Thank you! Enjoy your trip.


Hey Liz! Thank you so so much! Here is the link, I hope you love it as much as I do. Have a beautiful weekend:


That pool looks amazing. I love the multipurpose Crocs that Skye is wearing.
No run today. Rest day! I’m about to finish my current Kate Quinn book, The Diamond Eye. And then I get to move on to all the house chores before relaxing (hopefully) for the rest of the day.
Have fun!!


Hahaha crocs do it all! I’ve blogged about the guy near me that runs like 1:05 half marathons in crocs, right? Happy rest day and you’ll have to rate that book for me when you finish. Good luck on the chores and thanks, Molly!


Looks like everyone is having a great trip and now I need to go buy some donuts!

3 things:
Early bike ride
Errands (adding donuts to my list)
Planning to get in our pool for the first time this year!


Looks like you all are having tons of fun!
We’re picking up a coffee table from a neighbor who’s moving, and taking it over to our son’s new place. Then we’ll probably take them out to dinner. Parenting adult kids can be really fun.
But 1st we’ll start off with a good long walk for breakfast with the doggo. Summer mornings are the best.
Have a great weekend Janae 😊


Hmm..I have been relegated to rest lol. Which is about killing me lol. I slept for 2 days post concussion and am only allowed to partake in light activities. So today went to the beach and watched River tear around. But starting to feel like a human again.

Happy Satirday Janae!


Love Geocaching! Andrew should get a travel bug and then take and leave it in Croatia! Then you could watch it travel around the world! :)

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