My new game plan & road-trip.

(My all-time favorite running shorts are on sale again… run to get them before they aren’t on sale anymore. 5 inches is truly the best length and the pockets are perfection. I size down one size in these!)

I didn’t have my fake eyelashes on during my run yesterday, which made me realize how much they have been protecting my eyes from getting sweat in them normally;). Thank you, prolash, for saving my eyes from that burning sensation most days.

I have been talked into a new game plan. As you know, I love a good 60-mile week of running even when I’m not marathon training. My friends have talked me into dropping my weekly mileage for a few weeks as we get ready for a 5k next month and join them in short/intense speed. The drop will also be helpful as we go into marathon training again in the next 6ish weeks to feel fresh and excited to build again. I’m going to trust them. Time to drop. More is not always more and I’m going to retrain my brain to think this way.

Also, did I tell you I am going to run the St. George Marathon (I mean, you probably guessed)?! My St. George brother is going to be there doing his first-ever marathon, my niece will be there running, and all of my friends so I couldn’t possibly say no.

Okay, here’s yesterday’s workout. I definitely still felt some of that 10k in my legs, but I was very happy with my splits. We did 8 x 400m at a 79 average. Our recoveries were 90 seconds for the first 4 and 2 minutes for the last 4 (I was hoping we would speed up for those, but I just held my pace). My friend in the picture above finished with a 70-second 400m. Goals.

With each 400, the sun became stronger and stronger. It’s that time of year when you really need to remember how much the heat affects your running. It takes about two weeks to acclimatize, and even then, it will still most likely affect your paces, so go easy on yourself. All of this work now will really pay off on race day this fall.

Something that only runners understand–> walking across the parking lot without your shoes on to save each and every step of super shoes for when you want to run fast.

A few hours later and we were off on a road trip.

We get two one week uninterrupted weeks with knox each summer so we’re spending some time in St George!

Why not throw ourselves into a place that is double as hot?

Today is supposed to be a high of 107*!

Knox will never be too old for Andrew to toss him into the pool.

What are your tips for running in the heat?

How early do you have to start in the summer to avoid dying?

Who else is signed up for a fall marathon?

Any blended families reading… How do summers work for you?

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Tips for running in the heat:don’t ; ) .
I strongly prefer to run super early in the summer to avoid warm weather running. Otherwise I just completely avoid it. I want running to be an enjoyable hobby of mine and if it’s too hot/ too cold, I give myself grace and opt out.


Honestly, this is a fabulous tip! We don’t have to make ourselves miserable!


Yay for St George!! Are you also doing CIM or some other later Marathon?
I’m all signed up for Indy Monumental Marathon in November!! I am trying to focus on the day to day process rather than the end goal. It keeps me calm. Calmer**
Tangent: I started my work day with going to an honor walk. I can never keep a dry eye. Naturally I thought of Andrew’s job-what a saint!!
Also, I shouldn’t look at your favorite shorts. Your favorite winter boots just showed up at my house this week. They are perfect! They are now hibernating until fall!
Oh and Aaron and I have been together for 16+ years. Old!


Signed up for CIM too 🫣! I have a problem…
16 years. Wow. That is so great, you two are the perfect duo.
What a great way to start the day. I was thinking about his job on my run and how grateful I am that he can take time off to take trips easily which is amazing but it comes with the cost of how hard it is mentally to see what he does each shift😭!
Ohhhh those boots are a dream! Enjoy🤍


Living in AZ definitely presents some heat challenges. I always bring a cooling towel and plan my runs for trails with shade. Hopefully pays off for my second 50-mile race in October.


Your 2nd 50 miler! Libbie, you are amazing. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!


No falll marathon.
But I had my first concussion yesterday lol. Went over the handlebars. Lucky I had my helmet. One CT scan later I was releasesd.

Have a great day Janae


Kristine! That is so so scary! I’m glad you are okay!!!!!

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