Friday Favorites +Tell Me What to Wear for Croatia.

(shorts(still on sale), bra, shoes)

We haven’t been on the trails together since before Andrew broke his ankle (as far as we can remember ha)!

We went and did Church Rocks together and nothing burns more than the beginning when you run through some sand. Okay, I stopped and walked.

5 miles, 500 ft up, 9:25 average and the prettiest views.

And then the rest of the day was spent at the pool, of course. You can get out and do things in the morning in St. George but then the rest of the day, you better be in the pool if you want to be outside until there is shade again.

Naps were very much needed.

We finished up with some time at the lake hanging out.

Now for some favorites:

*Jess told me that I needed to try a bit of true lime on top of watermelon and that it would change my life. It did, and it will change yours, too.

*I have used Stanleys for years, but I have been converted now over to the hydrojug. It is so much better in my opinion. It keeps my water so cold and it doesn’t leak in the slightest! The colors also sold me. I’ll be hitting my hydrating goals with this beauty (also, the straw is perfection).

*These power cups are my current favorites when I am really on the go. They are so good.

*I hadn’t been to Madewell in a century but popped in the other day, and they had so many great dresses. I need your help to decide if one of these will work for our Croatia trip (it’s supposed to be hot and we will be at the beaches a lot so I want some dresses that will work as coverups too that we could still go get food/sightseeing etc in and then blue/red floral for nicer nights out?). Red linen cross-back, black linen cross-back, blue floral, red floral, blue linen, white linen. THOUGHTS PLEASE! Or just tell me if I am way off the mark haha… I’m normally in running clothes ha.

*This swim cover-up wins all of the swim cover-ups IMO.


I would love to know what you are up to this weekend!

Oatmeal fan or not so much?

Current #1 fruit?

Have a water bottle that you really love?

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I love the blue dress for nights out and the red and white dress for coverups!
I’ve heard great things about the hydrojug. Obsessed with the color you got – such a great summer color combo


I am sure that you have read all about this, but beaches in Croatia are rocky, not sandy, so you have to pick your footwear carefully. You can’t really just stroll on the beach barefoot. I had Merrill water shoes, but rocks would get in them. I am not sure what I would recommend, but you can’t really walk on them in bare feet.


I’ve been putting Trader Joe’s Chile Lime seasoning on watermelon for years, SO good! And I eat oatmeal 5-6 morning a week, so yeah, I’m a fan lol


Red floral, blue floral and white, but truly all would look good on you. I’m in a pattern phase, there is more pop.

Strawberries but can’t wait for peach season


I love your new water bottle. I don’t know what it is about a Stanley, but I refuse to get one. Call it some form of rebellion from the masses or something, but I just can’t.
Hope, the 9 year old has one however, add it to the list of why I do not want one.


Croatia!! So exciting!! I love all those dresses so I am of no help!
The trails you were on look like the one I ran in a page AZ. I was not used to that terrain at all! I was not used to that kind of rock formation for running across. It’s wild to be out there in such different landscape and to be away from society. Other worldly!
Stay safe in the heat dome!


I love the red and black dresses, and the red floral one.
I’m also starting to shop for our Kauai trip. I can’t wait!
Keep enjoying St.George!


My daughter just got back from Croatia. She did not want to come home. I agree about the beaches not being sand, but rocky. I wore Chaco all over Greece….hiking and sightseeing. My daughter Tevas. We were both glad to have those for wearing. Make sure your shoes have gripping soles bc sidewalks and roads are slippery.
Enjoy your trip


Headed to a parade tonight! Dance recital on Sunday afternoon. And I had picked something to accomplish for Saturday too, but now cannot seem to remember what that was – hopefully I remember by tomorrow!
LOVE oatmeal, and eat it almost every day. Banana+oats+cinnamon+ground flaxseed. I go through so much Costco cinnamon.
Lately I’ve gotten out my super old Nalgene bottle that is cracked on one side, yet somehow does not leak? It’s holding up to it’s indestructable reputation. I have been looking at new stainless steel bottles, but I’ll have to checkout these hydrojugs too – never heard of them but they sure are colorful!!
Good luck picking some dresses – I think they all look cute & comfortable!


All of those dresses look so cute on you, the only bad thing about linen is that it wrinkles up so badly in suitcases! But they are super cute!


Im so excited for you! My dad is Croatian. He escaped former Yugoslavia when he was 13 and came to Canada as a refugee on his own. He has only been back once but my sister and I have also been a couple times. It is such a lovely country and it holds a special place in my heart since my dad holds it so dear to his heart. He still has a very heavy accent and is very proudly Croatian even though he had to leave it behind so young.

Go for the linen! I love linen as it is both casual and dressy and it just makes me feel breezy… you know?!

Have the best time!! I really look forward to seeing your photos!!


My youngest graduates tomorrow so we have that plus family dinner at hibachi to celebrate him. Then Sunday his girlfriend’s grad party. Favorite water is a reduce cup my son got for me Fruit I’m loving is anything in season.


Have to vote – I like the blue linen but the white linen would probably be perfect for both going out and being a coverup . Especially with the heat!


I love all the dresses! You could even wear some light colored linen pants. I am in Bali now and all I wear is sun dresses and lots of sunscreen. I have that same oatmeal at home and I love it! I’ve always been an oatmeal fan but sometimes making it from scratch feels too overwhelming.


Love them all but the bottom 3 are my faves. Or just take them all you are done packing! Croatia beaches are rocky so keep that in mind when packing.

My husband is going on a boat and bike trip at the end of the month in Croatia. They’ll be in Split. He’s excited for coastal mountain bike trails for a change!

Have so much fun and stay cool! It gets hot here in Europe in the summer but St George will prep you well!


You have awesome taste in clothes. I would say get all but the long sleeved blue and short sleeve red. The others look great on you. Have a great trip!


I LOVE the red and blue floral dresses. So cute and versatile. Also like the other dresses too but particularly the floral ones are just super nice!!!

Your trip to St George sounds like paradise!


Just got back from Croatia today- it’s HOT! ( and I’m in Texas!). I wore linen dresses with sneakers a bunch. It’s a beautiful country– the Euro is stronger than the dollar right now so that stinks! Water was warm enough to swim in Split and Dubrovnik. Have fun!!

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