It never gets easy but I have ideas on how to make it easier…

I hope you are able to start your today off with a sweat!  I have so many pieces to share with you in this post that will make your summer running feel better than ever.  This post is sponsored by adidas!

Adizero Boston 12 Running Shoes, Run Pocket Bra, Own The Run Tee, and Adizero Lite Short Leggings.

I remember the first time I heard someone say, “Running never gets easy; you just get faster.”   I hate to say it because I didn’t want them to be right, but they were right.  It never gets easier no matter how many years I have done this (coming up on me and my sister’s 3-mile loop 3-decade anniversary).  It is work, and it always will be, no matter how long we do the sport or what pace we are running.  

While the lungs burning and legs wanting to fall off part never gets easier (you just get faster and gain endurance), I do have some ways to make the whole training thing EASIER:

*Run slow enough on your easy days.  I can feel it big time when I have not been taking my easy days easy enough.  Training smart makes a world of difference.  Our body and mind break down quickly when we try to run fast or in the grey zone too often.  

*Eat enough before a run.  In my calorie-obsessed days, I did not eat enough before a run (or during the day).  Running is hard enough on its own, so why in the world would I ever try it without proper fueling?   We don’t expect our cars to go without gasoline, so why would we expect our bodies to run under-fueled?  

*Run with another human or dog.  It’s wild what running side by side does for our perceived effort.  I worry I will never be able to do a workout alone after training with friends for so long because running with someone (even if they are ahead or behind) makes the whole thing feel so much easier.

*Don’t let hustle culture make you think you have to be busy all of the time.  If you are trying to run and every minute of your day is busy and moving, maybe it isn’t the right time for training.  If you can’t get enough sleep or downtime during your day, running will feel impossible.  You deserve rest.  And I understand there are times when enough rest isn’t an option, so maybe wait until it is to get in some good training.  Running will feel much easier if you can give your body the rest it needs.

*Wear gear that makes you feel confident, strong, comfortable, and eager to chase your dreams.  If a piece feels uncomfortable, it is all I can think about, making the run feel infinitely harder.  Finding pieces where you feel your best will make your run feel so much easier.  

adidas has taken over my running gear drawers because it feels so good on my skin.  You don’t even think about what you are wearing in these pieces because they move so well on the run, allowing you to then focus on your splits, your running partner’s juicy story, or what you are going to eat for breakfast;)

I am forever hooked.

Own The Run ShortsAdizero Boston 12 Running Shoes, and Run Pocket Bra.

Let’s start out by talking about the Adizero Running Crop Tank Top; it would make the perfect race-day top. The elastic at the bottom keeps it in place, and the crop is made for speed. It is the perfect length, and the yellow or black option is just so good.

Next up, these gorgeous shoes… This is my first time trying out the Adizero Boston 12s.  As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of the Adizero Adios Pro 3s, so I’ve always wondered about these.  

They make the perfect companion to the pros.  They are the ideal trainers for everyday runs and then to go and race in the Adizero Adios Pro 3s.  Like most adidas products, they are made with recycled materials (the upper is 50% recycled content).  They weigh just 8 ounces and have a drop of 6mm.  I see them as a jack of all trades; you could run easy in them, get in a nice tempo, or take them out for a long run.  They offer comfort but also the structure and responsiveness my foot needs to feel like I can get moving.

From a review of these shoes that I saw on the adidas website, “Even on a cloudy day. These have brought me joy and comfort.”  Haha, what else could we want out of a shoe?  

They sure look good with these running socks.

I have to share this bra with you one more time.  It allows you to wear whatever shorts you want, with or without pockets, because they give you all the pockets you will ever need.  I choose it first over any other bra because of the comfort and because I can put my phone, gels, and keys in there too.   It offers so much support and the perfect coverage, in my opinion, so you don’t feel like anything is going to fall out:) 

Stop your search for the perfect shorts because I found them for you—>  these adizero ones, the DailyRun 5-Inch and 7-Inch).  These ones are truly the only black spandex I reach for because they are that good.  I’m ready to donate every other pair of black spandex I own, but I won’t if my washing machine breaks and I don’t have a clean pair of adidas to wear.   

These are lightweight, high-waisted, and the perfect length.  They stay put no matter how many miles you run in them.  

The Own The Run Shorts come in so many cute colors and are a fantastic price for what you’re getting.  They are so light that you barely feel them on your body.  They have reflective details, and the thick waistband makes me feel comfortable in them.

Have you ever wanted to wear a running tee and feel like you aren’t wearing a running tee at the same time? The Own The Run Tee is the planet’s lightest and most breathable tee.  It doesn’t look see-through when you wear it, but you can see how breathable it is when you pull it away from your body.

Last but not least, the Superlite Trainer Hat.  This hat will save us and our faces this summer.  It fits perfectly, is lightweight, and has venting to keep your head nice and cool.

Have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading; it means the world to me.  I have a good feeling about all of our summer running this year.


What have you found to make running easier?

Tell me about what summer running is like in your area.

Have any summer races?

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Follow up from last week, I couldn’t get your blog to load on my phone or PC. It was a hardship!
I have been wanting to try those shoes and I need to check out that crop top! I bought that bra last year (ok, 2 bras) and love it.
Thanks for the recommendations!


Thank you thank you thank you for letting me know! Let me know if you can if that happens again. Yep, you need it and I am so happy you love the bra. Have the best day, Molly!


Thank you for the reminder on making training easier! As I pick up from where I left off, I will remind myself of these tips! Especially fuel and rest! Logged my first miles, completing a 5K after 6 weeks off yesterday as a gift for myself on Mother’s Day. A sign of resilience. Hope you had a good one!


You are so welcome! I am so so happy you are on the UP! Ummmm that is amazing. Perfect Mother’s Day gift and you are the definition of resilience. Thanks Shannon, you too!


Such good reminders on how to make training easier/better. Thank you for that
Ok so fun “fact” I forgot to share with you after my half marathon last week…. I always love to look at what shoes everyone is wearing, especially the people I think are probably fast/good runners. I mostly saw Nike and Adidas! Those were then followed up with Saucony and Hoka. Lots of “super shoe” looking shoes for sure.
I’m interested in trying some Adidas stuff. I really do need to clean out my running clothes drawer. There are things in there that I haven’t worn in years… Time for them to go. Summer here is hot, so I do my runs in short and sports bras, maybe a T-shirt in the early morning. I love the crop tank that you shared. Need to check that out.
Thanks Janae, have a great Monday.


Oh I am so happy you shared this with me! I love doing the same thing… I absolutely love seeing people in the adizeros! Let me know what you try, it is the best! Thank YOU Wendy, I hope you have a great day too.


These all look amazing. I want that bra!!!

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