Seville Thoughts, Andrew’s Nervous, Random Marriage Information

(Shorts, shirt, shoes).

Last track workout!  Well, half was on the track, half on the roads.   I did more track work for this marathon than my previous five marathons combined.

It felt weird to have pretty empty pockets.. just ONE gel.

IMG 2617

The workout was 6 x 1 mile with 2-minute easy recoveries.  The goal of each mile was for the first 1400m to be between a 6:20-6:30 pace and then to speed up for the last 200m.

The splits were–> 6:24, 6:14, 6:14, 6:17, 6:11, and 6:05.  They were all done in the dark, and I feel like I woke up during the last one.  A few of my friends are doing Mesa this weekend, so their workout was shorter, but luckily, I had some friends running all 6 with me, too—12 miles total @ 7:29 average.

The friend in the front is a trainer at BYU and just returned from Orlando. Hearing about the weekend from his perspective was so entertaining.

IMG 2622

I have been trying to find every race review on Seville to read through (oh, the butterflies kick in while reading) and saw it was in Runner’s World: 10 of the Fastest Marathons in the World.  This helps me feel a bit more at ease about this whole situation…

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 at 6 32 32 PM

According to this heat index, the average temps fall close to the perfect spot for performance… although I do run a bit hot usually, I’m sure it will be perfect.

Screen Shot 2024 02 05 at 6 21 09 PM

Here are a few more great things I’ve read about this race so far:

*It’s an 8:30 am start!  Not too early, not too late.  Plenty of time to get a good breakfast before the gun goes off.

*There is a green line I can follow for the shortest route (good thing because I stink at running the tangents).

*From what I have read, many runners are shooting for a sub-3 or faster.  I NEED HUMANS TO RUN WITH.

*Seville is 23 ft above sea level, and we are at 4,600 ft here, so I am praying I don’t even have to breathe and my body absorbs the oxygen through my pores.

*I read that the last 10k is through the city, and the crowds are fantastic, which is right when I need them most.  Andrew won’t be able to get to 17 different places to spectate like he typically attempts ha, but I’m sure I will see them often!

I think Andrew is a little nervous that I’ll just want to do international marathons after this one;)

And, of course, there are a few random things I need to tell you:

*My friends explained why some people didn’t predict Clayton Young to be in the top 3.  At Chicago 2022, he collapsed for a few minutes with 800m to go, so some thought his Chicago 2023 (2:08:00) was more of a fluke or a one-time race.

*These beauties sure gave me a good marathon training cycle.  I have three more miles of speed in them before they officially retire (they feel very flat).  I’ll wear my new pair for a few speed miles next Tuesday/Wednesday and then the race.

IMG 2624

*Beck asked to go to the mall for pretzel bites, and our schedules were clear, so we went only to come across his biggest nightmare.  They are gone forever…

IMG 2628

So, I made these no boil pretzel bites instead, and they were really good:

IMG 2639

*I added some things to my backpack and saw that Skye HAD ALREADY PUT A BIRTHDAY CARD in there for me.  I can’t.

IMG 2627

*They have started on the built-ins in our main living area and they should be done when we get home:)

IMG 2636

*Random marriage information.  I stress about every little thing in our lives except for traveling with kids.  The most stressful thing on the planet for Andrew is traveling with kids.  I wonder if it is because I was flying back and forth with Brooke all the time when she was little, and so it feels normal to me, or because I realize he will stress out enough for the both of us that I can stay calm.  Either way, wish us luck this weekend;)

What is your ideal race start time?

You and your partner… anything that you flip flop majorly on when it comes to stress?

Would you rather do speed work on flat or hilly areas?

How many miles do you put on your shoes and how do you track it?

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I can’t believe it’s February and your marathon is so close. Since you said you don’t stress when traveling with kids, could you do a post on tips? What you pack to bring on the airplane to entertain them and any other tips? I’m due with my first baby in May. I look forward to family trips in the future but I’m not a great packer myself lol.

Looking forward to following along with your international adventures.


FIRST, MAY! Oh, Alicia. I am just so thrilled for you. Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? How are you feeling? You are getting close!

I seriously cannot believe it is February, either. I’m just hoping the time we are there doesn’t go by quickly because it feels like the rest of life is. I will absolutely put together a post on tips, I’ll do it after the trip because who knows… I might be the worst ever because I’ve never actually flown with Beck, haha. Brooke has always been a little adult, so maybe that’s why I’m confident with it. We don’t do a lot of screens at home, so I think the fact they will have access to all of the screens as we travel will help us out;). Thank you and I hope you are having the best day!


I’m being surprised on the gender. Always wanted to be surprised especially for my first. I’ve been feeling really good other than getting sick last week. Happy to be feeling much better and like myself this week again. I feel like once I reached the half way point, time is going faster, but also trying to enjoy the little kicks and everything being a first pregnancy. I feel like pregnancy has taught me to be more in the present moment.


I think its a sign of a healthy marriage when you can take turns stressing about stuff :) My husband’s biggest stressor is packing for a trip, so I just kind of let him handle it. I stress out about everything else like a good mom. Good luck in the marathon!!!


Very very true and it’s so nice that the same things don’t stress each other out! Hahah motherhood. Good call on letting him take over for that. Our husbands (and you and I) sound very similar. Have a great day, Colleen!


My boyfriend and I were talking about having opposite stressors the other day! We might also be stressed about that thing, but realize the other person is more stressed and needs more support. A silly one is that I stress more about cooking and he stresses about baking.

I track mileage on my shoes through Garmin and typically aim for 400 miles- or whenever they seem done.


That is so interesting! I wonder if we do that too without even noticing (maybe Andrew stresses less about all of the other things just because he knows he needs to help me)! I can totally see that too, cooking stresses me out but I could bake all day long. Hope you have a beautiful day, Mariah!


I’m interested in hearing more about the Clayton theory. I was at the 800 meters to go spot at Chicago and didn’t notice any red flags when he went by me. No flukes for a good race. That’s just getting 100% from yourself and all the marathon stars aligning for you. Maybe both of us just knew what Clayton was about to throw down.
Oooo a Spanish birthday this year! This one will be tough to beat.
No controversial hot takes today? What a bummer. heheh


Your clips from Chicago were just incredible, I rewatched them like 10 times. I’m coming to cheer with you next time. We could feel it and he sure followed through. I seriously cannot wait to see what both of them do, this is just the beginning. Haha I definitely did not expect some of the private messages I got on the situation. I vow to never bring up a celebrity again on the internet. This is my job; I cannot be canceled! Andrew will just have to find a way to make each birthday better and better;). Hope your day is a great one, MOlly!


I don’t know what sadder- a permanently closed pretzel stand or Beck’s face in that picture. Poor guy! My husband and I flip flop about house renovations stress. Renovations of any kind are his thing (he can do plumbing, electrical wiring, painting, carpentry), and he often does them singlehandedly (though they take FOREVER because he’s a perfectionist). He gets so excited to renovate, and I get so stressed by the mess and the upheaval renovation brings. Wishing you THE BEST time in Seville! Happy Wednesday, Janae!


He truly was so devastated and made us walk to the toy store and then back again to really make sure it was closed. Ohhhhhh I bet that is hard! But can I come over and see your house, I bet it is amazing! Thank you, Emily and I hope your Wednesday is a great one too!


Dylan is usually the most calm guy and I tend to be more anxious, but when it comes to our kids, I’m all about letting them climb around, jump off high things, etc. He freaks about it and gets so nervous watching the babes eat when they cough/ choke. I’m definitely the risk taker, and it’s evident in these things! On the other hand, I will be stressed over how interactions went and get in my head about things and he has to remind me to let it go.

You guys are gonna do awesome with the travel– Brooke is a seasoned traveler and will help show the littles how it goes :)


COURTNEY. The interactions stress that you just described. I feel you deeply with that… so in my head! I think you are right, relying on Brooke to be their example haha. Thanks friend and have a beautiful day!


Oh my gosh I think my biggest trigger of anxiety is flying with my kids!! I have this very strange and irrational fear that they will get horrifically sick mid-flight. We’ve traveled via air quite a bit so I’ve had to just deal with this but I always prefer a road trip :-D

Becks sad little face at the closed pretzel shop hurts my heart!! Glad you were able to save the day and make some at home. Can’t wait for Seville for you!!!


I can’t believe your race is here already! I hope you have a fantastic time. And good luck to Andrew! I think running the marathon would be easier than keeping track of all the kids.

I’m pretty sure I stress about 95% of things and Les stresses about the other 5%. He never needs a chill pill ;)

I shoot for about 300 miles on my shoes and Strava sends me reminders when I hit 250.


I have a feeling you are just going to kill it at that elevation! Gah, so excited for you! And happy early birthday!!! Poor Beck, I can feel his sadness/disappointment. I’ve been there too when our favorite Mexican place closed down a few years ago. It’s traumatizing! I should track the miles on my shoes, though I don’t run nearly enough mileage for them to go flat quickly I think it would be helpful. I usually switch when I start to get a niggle in my feet/legs, so I should probably do it sooner, haha.


What is the source of stress for Andrew? Losing someone in an airport? The kids suddenly melting down? Carrying all the extra gear? I can understand on race day since it’s him and the kids solo . Are you taking a kid backpack for him to haul beck around the course? I’ve have been doing solo international flights with kids for years and it’s super stressful on one hand but also nice to all be in one space during the flight-you are absolutely right about the on board screens. I am an overthinker and worrier so I have everyone covered (even strangers, I worry about them, too).

I looked at the course months ago and I think Andrew may be at a few spots. That last 10k you described sounds awesome!!! I am so excited for you all. Taking kids on international trips is so awesome-they will love it. The jet lag sucks coming this way but Spain will keep you busy!!!

I’m going to make those pretzels! Thank you for sharing!!

I have a love hate relationship with hills!


I am sooo excited for you!! You are going to do amazing in Seville!

I love a 7 or 8 start time.

In general, I think I stress more about money and my husband stresses more about the kids.

Speed work on flat is awesome.

I’ve been tracking my mileage on shoes with my Garmin app. It depends on the shoes. Anywhere from 300-400 usually.

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