(Bra, tank, shorts, shoes)

Recently, I ran 10 miles @ 7:58 average with my good friend, Kassi. She is my friend who held the AMERICAN RECORD in the Steeplechase at one point. I wish I got a better picture together, but this video screenshot will do.

Recently, I drove by The Chocolate, and that inner voice told me to pull over and go inside. I am happy that I listened.

Recently, this after-school scene melted my heart.

Recently, I started listening to this book but had to stop a few chapters in because the content was too heavy for me.

Recently, I started this book. I was a little worried about starting it because the last book I read from Kristin Hannah had me forgetting to meet my basic needs (sleep mostly), so I’ve given myself time limits with this one.

Recently, I asked Skye if eye-rolling has become part of her Kindergarten curriculum because it is happening more than ever lately.

Recently, Andrew has been using the Peloton again for part of his training. He finds it so much easier to train during his new job… The night shift for all those years before this job made it hard for him to work out as much as he wanted to. Have I told you that his happiness has increased by 50% with this new job?! I am so grateful.

Recently, I listened to this episode, which brought back all of the memories from my high school teaching days. My most random experience as a teacher was when I was sitting at my desk, and one of my students had their dad come in to talk to me. The dad assigned me to text or call my student every night to tell her to get in bed and sleep and then do the same in the morning to remind her that it was time to get up and come to school. He also thought it would be a good idea for everyone involved if I came to dinner on Sunday nights to help her with her homework.

I thought they were pranking me at first, but they were serious.

Recently, we watched baby chicks crack their shells.

 Recently, I’ve been using these daily. I’m all about lazy recovery.

Give me a ‘recently’ or two, please!

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So glad Andrew’s job allows him more flexibility and is better for his overall well being! Oh, I loved The Four Winds by Kristen Hannah, though it is a hard read in the sense that you just want this poor family to catch a break at some point because so much tough stuff happens to them. But it’s a great historical novel. I just finished The Great Alone by her and LOVED it. My two recentlys- Recently, I’ve also been using my Peloton more. Alternating running a few mornings a week with 3 mornings on the bike. I’m so glad my energy is back and I am able to be more active again. And I forgot how much I love my Peloton and all the classes. Recently I’ve been going to bed at 9:00- beginning of the school year tired is no joke! I usually wake up at 4:30 to squeeze a workout in, so I guess my body is telling me to get more rest. Also, as crazy as your story about that former parent is, I believe it lol! I once had a parent ask me if I would spend my entire Christmas break staying with their family because they found that their child’s behavior outside of school was worse and they felt that she needed “structure from a teacher” during school breaks. :) Happy Wednesday Janae!


These types of books really help me to put my problems into perspective. YAY for more Pelotoning, I need to get back on too. I love that thing. Hallelujah for your energy increase, that must feel so good. I will never complain again about my 5:30 alarm when I think about your 4:30 one. You are amazing, Emily. OH MY GOODNESS


Hahaha like how much do they think teachers are paid?!?! Christmas break. I’m dying. Thanks for sharing and I hope you never get asked that again!


I recently read The Four Winds and it won’t help with your lack of sleeping. It’s a heavy, heavy read and will make you feel all the mom feels.

I recently began doing speed work on a track again because our small-town high school built a new football field and track and I’m in love (as much as a distance runner can love speed workouts). But the workouts are slightly more enjoyable when the track is in amazing shape.


Well, I guess I am going to have to give up my time limit goal… Here’s to the lack of sleep. Oh I am SO happy that you have that new track. It makes the biggest difference and those track workouts help us so much. Let me know what your next one is, wish I could join you! Thanks KJ!


Recently, I had 28 kids show up to my 3rd-8th grade run club!! And I was the only coach! 🤣 It was chaos but so much fun. I made my fast girls lead the A group and the boys weren’t quite sure what to do with that. 😆
Recently, my boyfriend ended a 17 game losing streak as the new head coach of the hs football team. I’m so proud of him (and his son who is also on the team and had a stand out game!).


28 KIDS! Mollie, this makes me so happy. I’m sure you rocked it solo. Oh that is so exciting for your boyfriend and his son. I might need more details on your relationship at some point (noisy me hahaha). Hope you are having the most beautiful day!


Recently, we’ve gotten new neighbors and LOVE them. So fun having people to hang with just across the street :)


Nothing on the planet like having good neighbors. Oh I am SO happy for you. Ours are leaving in two years and I cry just thinking about it. Have the most beautiful day, Courtney!


And I had to stop Four Winds a few chapters in because it was too heavy for me! You have been warned :) but it is a really good book. Ok-I have to know what your reaction to the dad was. Recently, I’ve had to put marathon training on hold while I recover from Covid. I have a lingering cough that I just can’t shake :( hope you have a great day Janae!


Oh no… another book I might have to stop. Hahaha I just sat there with a blank look on my face waiting for him say just kidding;). When he didn’t I explained that I had 3 jobs at that time and it wouldn’t really be possible. He wasn’t very happy about that. Covid… Oh I am so sorry Renee, I hope you are feeling like yourself and cough free asap. I still don’t have much of a sense of smell after covid 2 years ago?!?


The Four Winds is so good, but sad. I also read it in smaller chunks, most of the time, until the end.
Recently our puppy has been waking up every hour-hour and a half, so I feel like we have a newborn again. She must be growing.
I love those sweet after school moments. I recently found a picture of my boys when they were 3rd grade and kindergarten. My oldest son was teaching his little brother how to tie his shoes. OMG, melted my heart.
And yay for Andrew being happier with his new job and “normal” work hours.
Recently, our younger son has been thinking of changing colleges, so we may be back to both boys home again. Ha ha. Empty nesters back to a full house.
Have a good day Janae.


Kristen Hannah historical fiction is unmatched! I loved The Four Winds. I didn’t like The Great Alone as much as you did…I think it was too sad or dark for me. But you MUST read The Nightingale by her next. OMG. I loved that book SO much. It’s pretty heavy (like her others), so maybe read a fluffy palette cleanser in between. :)

Recently I’ve been in nesting mode and feeling all the emotions because I’m having my first baby in a few weeks!!!! Ahhhh!


As far as the eye rolling — I think my son got 100% more attitude since starting school last year, but that’s all a part of growing up. Most of the time, he’s the sweet little boy I know him as.

Recently I purchased a heated lash curler and it has made my mascara look so much better. It’s the little things, right? I have very straight lashes and a regularly curler typically does nothing. The heated one actually works!

Recently we went to New Hampshire, where my dad grew up and where we used to vacation every summer when I was a kid. It was so neat to now bring my kids there! We went to an amusement park, hung out with family, and had an absolute blast. It was a very nice “goodbye” to summer.

Have a great day, Janae and family!


Recently added The Four Winds to my reading list, excited to hear what you think about it! I’ve been reading Maybe In Another Life and it’s definitely sucked me in so far!

Recently prepping for a backpacking trip in the Sierras and so excited for some time in the mountains!

Hope you’re having a great day!


Ok, so are you still calling this person to wake up to go to her job?
I hope you have “turn down” service on your resume.
Also in this vein of crazy teacher stories, it makes me think of Armchair Anonymous. There needs to be a teachers episode and runners episode. You can be a guest on both episodes.
Four Winds took me foreverrrr to get through. That allowed me to understand the magnitude of the duration of the Great Depression/Dust Bowl.


I can’t believe that parent was serious!!!! No way they would let that fly at their job!
Recently… my first baby started his senior year of high school! :(


Janae! The audacity of some parents, oh my goodness. I teach high school too, and the parent who sticks out is the one I called during my lunch because their child wasn’t turning in any work. He talked at me for an entire 30-40 minutes. I could barely get a word in and then he ended the conversation by saying, “I’ll let you get back to your carrots and Diet Coke since all women are on a diet these days.” I probably had steam coming out of my ears. Whew!

Yay for Andrew’s better job schedule. My husband and I got married when we were super young and super broke so we were both working multiple jobs and it has really made me appreciate having great schedules now!

Kristen Hannah is the best!! And I absolutely love that book, it might be one of my favorites.


While I agree and understand why you stopped reading All Good People Here it really is a good book with an ending I did not see coming. If you can muster the energy try it again.

Recently I have enjoying all the kids’ activities – football, baseball, softball, tumbling – I don’t even mind not being home though suppers are a bit of a struggle some nights so I’m looking for quick recipes.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


being a race director is crazy…never do it……60 days left to race day, so organizing, recruiting, found sponsors, order the bling for the swag bags..but no swag bags, while training teaching zoom clinics and organizing our run club..oh yeah, and put night…..on line seems to be a nice diversion….


I bet Andrew is thriving not being on night shift. I worked it for years and it takes a toll.


Recently, I started The Great Alone because you recommended it but it felt sooooo slow. Does it get better?! Maybe I’m just not as into the romanticism of 1970’s Alaskan bush, haha. I really wanted it to be better!

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