First time EVER + Thoughts?

(Top ((love it in these colors too)) brashorts, glasses)

I had some firsts yesterday…

We did our MTC miles with a twist. I’ve probably done this segment 160 (135 of them recorded on Strava, ha) times, but my coach changed it up on me, and I’m not sure I can do it any other way from here on out because I enjoyed it so much.

This mile drops 150ft, and we use it to help our leg turnover get faster and get our body accustomed to running faster paces. My workout was 14 miles total with 5 x MTC miles, with the first .75 of the mile done more conservatively and the last .25 down much faster.

It was so much fun. It helped me to pace the miles much better, split them up, and focus on fixing my form for the last quarter mile in order to speed up.  If you are ever bored with mile repeats, try this method out of taking the first 3/4ths conservatively and then pushing the pace for the last 1/4th.

For the first time ever, I didn’t finish the MTC (named MTC because of the building we run around) mile and start coughing like crazy. I have never experienced being able to breathe so easily at the end of this hard effort. Between remembering to use my inhalers before the workout and the super humid (for Utah) air, my breathing was amazing. I like being able to breathe.

I loved this top, but it didn’t last long because of how hot it was… It will be a great September top when the temps drop slightly.

My hair is pin-straight, but the humidity brought it a few waves.

I did the first three in the Adizero Adios Pro 3 (they REALLY need to restock these) and the last two intervals in the Nike Vaporfly 3, and when comparing them so close together… I actually liked the Adizero better.

I had a Maurten caffeine gel before with graham crackers, a normal Maurten at miles 5 and 10, and liquid IV after each interval for how much we were sweating…

This class from Matt Wilpers after was so good if you have the Peloton app.

And this was the highlight of everything.

Twelve days away felt like forever.

Beck was so happy to have his brother back.

We had a windy and rainy soccer game.

And I ate the best ice cream of my life at Crispy Cone. The base was a churro with cookie butter inside 🤤.

Two more things today…

*Did you see this?!? GOALS!

*What are your thoughts about the 12:10 (men) and 12:20 (women) pm starts for the Olympic Trials marathon? Why can’t they start at 6 am? 🥵


Do you have curly, straight, or in-between hair?

Do you think they should change the start time of the marathon?

Any new firsts in your training or running?

What is your next speed workout?

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Afternoon starts in Florida?! While I understand the trials are in February that still feels too late. While I get it’s probably better in terms of getting people to watch the race, they could start it at like 8 am and be fine with it. They better hope it’s a chilly day…

I have curly hair! A few years ago I started to take care of it better and I love it but growing up I hated it ha. Now I find it so fun


We will all get up at whatever time needed to watch ha. I’m with you, I really hope it will be a chilly day for them. I WANT CURLY HAIR. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Maureen!


They should definitely change the start time!! That’s dangerous to start so late when it could be hot. Poor runners.

My speed workout was yesterday, we did a ladder- 400, 500, 600 and back down. It was a good one! I was glad to end going down in distance rather than up haha.


Listening to Jared Ward the other day describe the trials in LA with hot temps makes me really worried about them doing this again. I hope the temps drop a bit for them that day. I’m with you… I could never end a speed workout going up in distance. Great workout, that is a hard one. Have a great day, Mariah!


New podcast to listen to: Relay! This week’s episode was with Lindsey Hein, Kara Goucher and Peter Bromka. Peter was actually the first person to race in super shoes!! And apparently, he and Kara used to kind feud with each other on Twitter about super shoes and they dive into that.

Way to hit that fast pace! I’m excited to see how your training goes!
That trials start time seems sketchy. I saw Sara Hall list off the cons to this start time. But-I suppose they now know that they will need to heat train.


I have wavey hair but in the humidity it turns curly and with some product to tame it I love it.

I just don’t understand that afternoon start time, it seems cruel!!

And I guess a first is that I signed up for my first marathon (eeeeek!) – Big Bear in November. I might have been influenced by a certain running blogger😉. I’ve been on a cycling vacation in France the last 2 weeks, so hopefully the cycling fitness will translate to running as I’ll start training next week.


So much fodder!
I think that’s an awesome start time. I’ll have time to make popcorn for all my besties (Emily, Sara, Keira, des, Aliphine etc) as we watch it together poolside.
Your inhaler is truly magical. 4:57 pace for a geriatric with thunder thighs?? I need to try it.
12 days separated sounds rough. Nothing like 2 years though.


I mean, the start time allows for better TV programming, so that’s a big motivator. Plus, there is a need to replicate somewhat of a summer temperature to get an idea of who handles the heat best at the Games. The organizers have also stated the start times will be moved to earlier if the temperatures are too high, but realistically mid winter Florida isn’t going to be any crazier than summer in Paris, probably better actually. I don’t know, I raced my first marathon this past April with a starting temp of like 68, 95% humidity, and 30 mph wind gusts, but if you run a smart race, you can persevere in bad conditions. And I’m not a heat runner, nor am I a pro with all of the means to train and prepare for heat despite preparing in winter, I certainly can’t afford to go to things like altitude training camps, and I don’t want to be calloused, but I think the organizers are being thrown under the bus a bit.
I think it’s probably a shock to everyone, but I am excited to see a great race with some of my favorite athletes contending for their spot to the Olympics.
No comments on the course, I know nothing about that.


Oh wow that ice cream looks amazing!

I did some speed yesterday and the only time that I could make it work was at 4pm and it was HOT! Definitely not my favorite – I can’t imagine a noon start! Hope you have a great day!


My hair is slightly curly – except the little hairs around the base of my head, they’re super curly.

That is way too late for a marathon start time! It doesn’t matter that’s it’s February – it’s Orlando! Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are not something to mess with.

Since Les won’t be running the Grand Canyon, I’m forcing him to focus on endurance/distance and not speed. His cyclist’s heart and lungs want to push, but now that he’s in double digits I force him to slow down to avoid injury. So far he’s listening to me and it’s working!


Hi Janae! That seems super late for a start time, I wonder if it’s that important that they air it live. I wonder if Florida and France have similar weather? How’d they choose Florida?
Yay for Knox coming home, the reunions are always so sweet!
I haven’t been doing any speed but I’ve been doing a lot of hill work! Hill work is speed in disguise.
My hair is really straight and doesn’t hold a curl easily.
Have a wonderful day!


Yay for Knox being home again! Such a sweet reunion.
I too, think the start time for the trials is too late. But maybe the “powers that be” know something we don’t? I have heard several runners voice their concerns about it. Hopefully it won’t be too horribly hot and humid.
Awesome job on your speed work! One of these days I will get back into speed again, ha.
Hope your Thursday is awesome.


Ok, you are convincing me that I need to try the Adidas shoes. I need to check if Runner’s Corner has them for me to test out! Also, so insane about the marathon start time – I feel like that’s irresponsible!

Wavy hair over here (my Mom’s hair was EXTREMELY curly and I’m always bummed I didn’t get it) but if I try and do anything with it in humidity it does the exact opposite of what I want it to! Haha.


I’m completely baffled by the start time. From a logistical standpoint, it’s a nightmare having to have roads closed in the middle of the day and trying to manage that situation. I’d love to hear their reasoning because I don’t get it at all. I think 8 am makes sense from a tv viewing perspective as well as a better time for runners but… who knows? I’m sure it has something to do with $$$ because that is what often guides so many decisions… not logic.


Curly! I didn’t love it when I was younger but now I’m so happy I have curly hair.

I think they should change the start time. It makes no sense at all and it seems really , medically irresponsible.


I now have a new goal…not to run a marathon at 92, but to try Crispy Cone! Thanks for the inspiration. 😁

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