(shorts, tank ((with a built-in awesome bra)), shoes)

I did a workout with friends on Saturday.

My breathing wasn’t great (I need all of the plants to die soon;) and I forgot to use my inhalers before the workout so I didn’t feel great but I got it done. We did a 7.5-mile warm-up up the canyon and 5 x 1 mile with .5-mile recoveries down in the canyon (I averaged a 6:01 for those). We were supposed to do floats (not a jog) in between miles, but I needed to stop and catch my breath after each one and run easy for .5 miles. Modifications are part of training!

15 miles total @ 7:38 average.

Afterwards, I did a Strength for Runners class on the Peloton app from 1/12/21 and it was awesome. No weights required and the hip circles burned and did exactly what I needed them to do for my glutes/hips. I’ll be sore for a few days from this.

Our afternoon consisted of snow cone selling. I spent $35 on materials and they made $29.

Grandma is always their favorite customer.

Our evening consisted of watching the firework show. It was Beck’s first year to really pay attention to them and he was in awe.

My sis made the night by bringing the glow sticks.

Of course, we were planning to sleep in the next morning but Brooke and I just wake up first thing in the morning no matter how late we stay up.

Andrew had to work for just two hours and then he brought home a burrito for me that they gave him. His new job has the best food benefits.

And then we spent the day at my in-law’s house. Four out of Andrew’s five siblings and their kids were there so it was a full house.

The s’mores were just what we needed.

Off for more celebrating!

Are you celebrating this week?

What was a highlight of your weekend?

Is anyone racing tomorrow?

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Hi Janae! I came home to California to see my parents! Time for some cooler weather running! Have an awesome celebration!


Amy, I am so happy that you are with your parents in California. Enjoy the cooler temps!


Love Sky’s ice cream cone + fruit shirt!
I have float pace. Good move on not doing it. heheh
I’m working tomorrow so no 4th of July racing for me. You know who is racing though? Tadej Pogacar!…and the rest of the TdF riders. hehe (clearly watching TdF was my weekend highlight!!)


It is currently her favorite shirt so she’ll be happy to hear you love it too. Hahah we’ve been watching too and hopefully you get to watch some tomorrow too! Happy Monday, Molly!


We had such a great time in Lake Arrowhead. Last night was their big fireworks show and it was amazing. The best part was sitting in my brother-in-law’s boat and watching the show on the lake. It was awesome.
We’re heading home today and will celebrate the 4th in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood always does the 4th in a big way.
Ha e a great Monday Janae 😊


Wendy, I am so glad you guys had such a great time at lake arrowhead! You watched them from the boat? That is amazing! Have the best time with your neighborhood. Thank you!


I’ve been reading your blog since right after Brooke was born but never commented, so I feel like I’ve watched your family and your own kids come and grow and thrive. I used to run 4-5 miles a day for several years, but always for exercise and fun. What has kept me reading is that I feel like your family is an extension of my own, even if my kids are all in their mid 30s now and have given me 3 wonderful grandsons. I love hearing about your lives and marvel at your remarkable running career.

What led me to comment today is that I read your recommendation about Scamanda a few hours ago and have already listened to 3 episodes! It’s so good, so compelling, and so shocking…all right up my alley. Thank you for sharing your other pursuits with your readers, as you’ve turned me onto other books and shows I ended up enjoying. Podcasts keep me going as I do daily walks or 4-5 miles, and I’ll be sorry when this one is over!


Been reading about your ‘fun’ with allergies and maybe this will help. My husband used to suffer from hay fever every spring and other plant based allergies throughout the year. We got him so local, raw, unpasteurized honey which he adds a tsp into his coffee every morning. This gives his body a small dose of the allergen without causing a reaction and he’s now built up a tolerance. He may get a sneezy day once in a while but no more red itchy eyes or just feeling like he’s been run over. Just make sure it’s local, raw and unpasteurized. You don’t have to add it to coffee, he just likes it that way. Good luck!!


Totally RANDOM: but do you have a link to the gold rings you are wearing in the pictures?

I always enjoy checking in with your blog and you radiate positivity! Just achieved my first BQ, and you have allowed me to dream big and dream even bigger things for myself —> also with early mornings and 3 kids in tow! Happy 4th to you!

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