Tuesday Tangents

(Socks, shoes, shorts, tank, bra)
Eight miles with friends on dirt…

And then, a mile with the girls, Brooke paced me for my 4 x 30-second strides. I had to work hard to keep up with her on those.

Taking Beck to the pool is my most challenging workout of the day.
Beck’s nap time allowed me to start this one.

 Let’s jump into some tangents:

*Full-circle moment… I went with my aunt to do my first official race and then my niece came and did her first official race with me. Passing the love for racing from one generation to the next.

*I am so grateful my sister has a pickleball court. The courts in our area are usually full, but we can use my sister’s court whenever. Andrew and I are working hard towards some pickleball goals.

*Some days, he works from home, which is the best because of the breaks!

*I love this pasta primavera recipe (photo before we topped it with parmesan and used tortellini instead of penne). So so good.

*The neighbor boy was gone for over a week on a trip out of the country, and he FaceTimed Skye when he was on his way back. So she was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

*Sundance in the spring is just as pretty as in winter.

*We rode the lift and were going to hike around, but they had us ride back because a storm was coming in…

*Beck is truly living his best summer life.

*When you see dogs all over the place at the race and decide to pretend you are one too:

*Watched this last night… speechless.

Have any tangents to share today?!

Pasta is something everyone loves in ur house, so I would love any good pasta dish recipes you have?

What was the last thing you watched?  

Who else has work-from-home days?

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Ah! I loved that book!! The cinnamon roll talk got to be a bit match by a point though. Which life did you want to be the real life?
You know my pasta answer already! (FYI dinner party was great. I even received raves reviews on the butter.)
I started Shiny Happy People but naturally fell asleep on the second episode.


So far I am really loving the book too! I haven’t gotten to the cinnamon roll talk yet! Oh I bet you did. I really need to start doing this for my run club. Happy Tuesday, Molly!


This is my very favorite pasta recipe, especially in the summer with fresh zucchini and basil. We’ve eaten it plain, with grilled or rotisserie chicken, but my favorite is with crumbled Italian sausage. Pro tip: it mixes up a whole lot better with pasta shapes instead of spaghetti. https://smittenkitchen.com/2021/06/zucchini-butter-spaghetti/


That’s my husband’s favorite too! I’ve never thought of adding meat we will have to try it.


I will be making that! Thanks Tracy for the tips too!


We also love pasta in our house (well I do and the rest do because it’s what I cook 90% of the time). The girl behind this website has some amazing, family-friendly, super-easy-to-make pasta dishes that we love in our house: https://www.saltandlavender.com/

I work full-time and work from home about half the time. As a mother of two, it’s a lifesaver, especially now that my boys are too old for daycare but not really old enough to be home by themselves all day. However, working from home has its drawbacks. I have to work and the boys are left to entertain themselves (aka, get in fights, ask for 1,000 snacks and tell me how bored they are all day). Thankfully I have a laptop and hot spot so can work from about anywhere, including the pool.

Happy Tuesday all! We live on dirt roads and got 4″ of rain in one hour last night so it was a treadmill day for me. Took the opportunity to do 800 repeats.

I am in the middle of the Duggar family documentary – Shiny Happy People – on Amazon Prime. Interesting to watch the show as an adult when you grew up watching the family as a child.


Just went through her pasta recipes and wow… those look incredible. I can’t wait. I am SO glad you are able to work from home (or the pool) half of the time… and hopefully as they get older the fighting will slow down ha. Ummm that is an insane amount of rain. Way to rock that workout, those are tough. Yep, seeing the behind the scenes is shocking. Happy Tuesday, KJ!


Oooo… That book is on my list! You’ll have to let me know how it is.
One of these days we will get out to Sundance! It is so pretty.
Heading to the gym, then I work at our pool this afternoon. I’m hoping for sun today. It has been so gloomy for the last almost 2 weeks.
We love pasta too, so I am definitely following along for recipe suggestions.
Have a great day Janae


So far I am really enjoying it! We will meet you for nachos at Sundance:). Hope your gym workout is a great one and that you get some sun today. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Tuesday tangent – today is the 79th anniversary of D-Day. We were on those beaches in Normandy last week and I’m still feeling the emotions. So thankful for every service member, past and present.

We love pasta at our house, too! My favorite summer recipe is this one: https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2010/07/friday-foodie_23.html (go ahead and make the lemonade pie, too!)

Les has worked from home since 2010 – he says he doesn’t think he could ever go back to commuting full time!


Wow, I can’t imagine. That must have been a very memorable experience for you and Les. Thank you for sharing.

I will be making your pasta once my sister’s tomatoes come in:). And the pie… I can make now:). Oh I bet he loves being able to work from home so he can fit in his passions too!


I watched all of Shiny Happy People on Friday. I used to love the 19 kids and counting and Counting On. I love following the older girls on their own YouTube channels now. I can’t believe all that was happening behind the scenes of the show. It goes to show that reality tv is not true reality. I also can’t believe the girls weren’t being paid once it was Counting On. I’m glad some are speaking about their upbringing now.


Seriously heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine. It really is the tricky part of reality tv and social media… we only see part of the story! Hope you are having a beautiful day, and if you find any other good documentaries, share them with me!


Hi Janae! I see your hydrangea is still going strong! That’s awesome!!
I work from home! It’s great for the flexibility but I do miss spontaneously seeing people at work.
Have a wonderful day!


Thank you, I am really so proud haha. Oh I bet you do miss that but I’m glad you are able to have the flexibility that comes with working from home. Thanks Amy, you too!


I watched Shiny Happy People on Friday too. I just CANNOT with it.

Pasta is the rare thing everyone eats in my house – but my little boys always demand meatballs! So we are pretty basic over here!

My tangent for today…I’ve been so behind on catching up on your blog because I BROKE MY FOOT. 2 weeks ago. I tripped in a parking ramp after work. Haha – just shows me I should only be working from home. I was supposed to run Grandma’s Marathon half next weekend…but that went out the window. :( It’s been so sad emotionally. But trying to keep my chin up – and work on some upper body strength instead.

Have a great day! :)


Kristen. I am SO so sorry. This is horrible. Keep feeling what you need to feel and dive into those other passions. Please keep me updated on your recovery.


This is a new-to-me pasta recipe. AMAZING. https://www.fannetasticfood.com/peanut-butter-noodles/

You might think it seems weird with just regular spaghetti or linguine, but trust the process! It’s great and easy.


That sounds like a recipe that my family will absolutely love. THANK YOU!


I loved the book you are reading. Love all TJR books!

How did you like the book you just read (The Way I Used to Be)? I finished it this morning. Wow. What a book! Very impactful and well written. I felt so much for the main character. I wished I could give her a big hug & help her!


Tracy! I’ve been looking for someone to chat with about it. I want to cry just thinking about the book. I’m really happy about the decision she made with Josh and to focus on taking care of herself. Such a heartbreaking story that I worry happens way more than we think.


Oh wow, lucky you guys with the court! Can you ask your sister how she laid out the court? what net she used etc? I am about to start doing one and overwhelmed by conflicting advice. Thanks! xxxx

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