Don’t ever end.

(Shorts, bra, tank, shoes)

Eight miles @ 8:34 pace.

Summer break makes it so much easier for everyone to run together at the same time, and I don’t want this ever to end.  

PS Isn’t summer running clothes laundry so much better than winter running clothes laundry?

Routes are always planned around our favorite drinking fountains this time of year…

Andrew has three more weeks of training before he is on his own, and his schedule will be muchhhhhhh better.   I can’t wait to see him more.

My mom took us to a glass bowing tour and demonstration.  The kids were in awe, and I’d never seen Beck sit so still.

We went to the Holdman Studios and Glass Art Institute in case any Utahns wanted to do the same.  The kids loved it. 

She took us for ice cream afterward.

And we finished off the afternoon with the Butterfly Biosphere. 

Knox was a bit afraid of the butterflies, so he was attached to me for most of the experience;)

We kept asking him if he wanted to leave, but he wanted to stay. He was laughing the whole time and said he secretly loved it.

Every two or three months, I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed… I enjoy taking a picture of them like this to show my kids when I get home.

And then we hung out on the porch with the neighbors while the kids played night games until 10:30 pm… Pretty sure I was asleep by 9 pm every night during marathon training; times have changed.

PS I would like to personally thank Claritin for allowing me to stay outside all night because my allergies are nuts right now.

Just finishing with a picture of Skye from her race, looking so determined.

Any insects or animals that freak you out?

How often do you do laundry?

Andrew wants to hear any funny things that have happened to you recently.

Anything running related that you think is either OVERRATED or UNDERRATED?  (I want to write a post about these and need your help)


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What a fun day with your mom!
I have childhood trauma from cats so they are a NO GO for me.
I read Kara Goucher’s book this week. I read it in less than 2 days. It was so amazing and sad. Her book and Des’ book did NOT disappoint. I couldn’t get into Lauren Fleshman’s book though. That was a DNF for me.


I hope you don’t come across a cat for a very long time. I’m with you on Kara’s and Des’ books… I just wish they were longer so I could have more:). Hope your day is a great one, Katrina!


I feel Knox on this one – I am terrified of butterflies! It all started when I ran out of a butterfly garden screaming and I have never been able to handle being around them since! They are like giant flying spiders.


I mean you have a point… you are going to make Knox feel a whole lot better. I hope you don’t see any butterflies for a while. Happy Thursday, Katrina!


cockroaches freak me out!!! lol
Laundry is done once a week, but that one day is probably like 6 loads of it. :(

I think rungum is overrated.. I’ve tried it but not consistently and did not find it to be helpful in energizing? And it was tough to chew!

I think mobility practice is underrated and we all need to do it more!


I am so with you on cockroaches and thankfully we don’t get many here. I bet you dread that laundry day! Oh I am SO with you on rungum! I think that every time I do mobility work… we all need to be doing it so much more. Happy Thursday, Jacquie!


Funny thing for Andrew: We got a drive through cheeseburger, and there was no burger.

Overrated; gels, don’t hate me. Favorite marathon I did with mini chuckles.


Bahaha noooo how dare they?! I hope you were close when you realized so you could get a new one. I could NEVER hate you… mini chuckles is a much better option!


What a fun day with your mom! Glass blowing is very cool. One of my friend’s daughter (just graduated from college with an art degree) took a couple of glass blowing/glass art classes for her major, and she did some amazing stuff.
I don’t really have any insects or things that freak me out. But way to go Knox for hanging in there with the butterflies.
I also plan running routes based on where water fountains are. That way you don’t have to always carry a water bottle with you.
Have a good day Janae


Oh that is so cool, Brooke wants to be able to take some glasses now too. Thank goodness for water fountains sprinkled all around town, they save runners. Thanks, Wendy and I hope your day is great too!


I am terrified of wasps and yellow jackets – just recently learning to accept honey bees (they are so important to our ecosystem but still kinda freak me out!)

Underrated – keeping easy days easy! My running friend and I were just talking about how a few years ago we use to dream of being able to be those girls talking on the run, little did we know, we could be! We just had to slow down!! Now we have both seen the benefits in race times, too!


Rachel, me and my kids all feel the same way about wasps and yellow jackets. They have been stung too many times by them. We are actually going to go see some honey bees and I’m guessing I’ll have my normal reaction of feeling itchy everywhere the second I see them. Your underrated made my day. It is amazing what taking our easy days easy does for us. We get the chatty days with our friends and the faster race times:). I love it.


today, unreal…it was a post run coffee with my crew yesterday evening, even as I ordered the almond latte I knew what that meant…but, it tasted so great….= no sleep, none… my Thursday is going to be maybe a write off..
and yes, summer laundry, I actually hang my stuff on a clothes line…I do, not my wife….she tells me we have a dryer for that….
but soooo tired after a fantastic wednesday night…


Ummm how do you function without sleep?! I would be dead! Glad last night was so fun!


Hi Janae! The glass is so pretty! Butterflies are so pretty too but I think I might freak out if there were a lot of them. I’m scared of spiders!
It’s berry season soon! Iove running by blackberry bushes and eating them. The wild ones taste better to me.
Happy Thursday!


It was bit scary because they are literally everywhere and when they would fly towards my head I definitely jumped! Ummm I want to find some blackberry bushes on a run, that sounds so fun. Thanks Amy, you too!


Snakes freak me out, I do not like them.

Underrated- running is an amazing way to get to know people!! So many people who are new to running want to run alone because they get intimidated, but running is the best way to make friends and have deep conversations. Also underrated is pre-hab- going to PT before getting injured is ideal.

Overrated- this might be controversial, but shoe tech. I get it for elites where every second counts! But for recreational runners, regular shoes will get you there too.


Ok, Knox, I totally feel you. Once when I was younger, my family left home for something and accidentally left all of the windows open (it was summer) for a very long time. We came home to moths EVERYWHERE in our house, and for weeks when we turned on our ceiling swamp cooler or turned on the lights in a room moths would flutter and fly everywhere! Ever since then, I’ve been terrified of moths and butterflys by association – they are daytime moths! But I do think they’re also beautiful and majestic, so I would probably be on the ground right next to Knox laughing. ;) I’m also afraid of bees because one time I found a bumble bee in my bed and no one believed me – but that’s a story for another time!


We were just talking about butterflies on our run this morning, wondering if it would be a big year for them. The last big snow year we had was 2017 and there were crazy butterflies all over that summer. It’s so fun to see them because usually they are pretty rare in our area. One benefit from all that shoveling, hah!

And I’m sorry your allergies are so bad still. I feel like usually it’s only 3-4 weeks in the spring that I’m bad, but this year it’s been months and any day I forget to take an anti-histamine, I am an itchy mess. I guess there are so many different plants blooming this year with all the water?


Big spiders inside the house are horrible to me. HORRIBLE! With my first born I acted like spiders were no big deal so he’d grow up to be my spider catcher. I literally freeze when I see a big one (not daddy long legs, those are fine) blech. I can’t even handle seeing spiders in a cage or on TV.

Getting ready to run or go for a ride is way easier when it’s not winter. I feel like I do a load of laundry a day-with my scrubs, running/cycling gear, plus kid clothes for sports and school……oof.

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