Friday Favorites!

(shoes, shorts, tank)

Another run with Brooke! She did two miles yesterday, and we are both taking today off.

This summer break is off to a perfect start. Not sure I’m going to let them ever go back…

And 6 miles with friends before my run with Brooke.
I am STILL sore from our trail adventure on Monday, so I need to get these legs refreshed by tomorrow.

Beck got a haircut and was suddenly very shy because of it.

We hit up the library.
And my mom’s house for Skye to have a sewing lesson.

I started listening to this book yesterday, and it is very interesting so far.


Let’s jump into some favorites!

*The Bogg beach bag! This thing is enormous. Massive. Exactly what we need for the next three months of pool days. I can easily fit all six towels (the Geometry ones are our favorite), Beck’s floaty, drinks, snacks, and sunscreen. I can’t worry about more than one bag and needed one that could fit it all.

They come in so many cute colors too.

I love the waterproof pouches it has connected to the side too. So if you have a lot of people to take to the pool, this is the bag for you. This bag is so durable; it will be the same bag I use with my grandbabies in a few decades, ha.

*Metal straws for my Stanley water bottles. They come with plastic ones, but those are so much harder to clean and keep clean, so I switched to these, and they are fabulous.

*My #1 trail shorts. These things have so many pockets and places to put things. Almost too many pockets, ha. Outdoor Voices always runs a little small on shorts for me, so maybe size up, but if you love the trails, these shorts are for you.

Have anything fun you are looking forward to this weekend?

Best running shorts (roads or trails), in your opinion?!

Can you sew?

Who has a podcast recommendation for me?!

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The Bogg bag was life changing for me at the pool last year! I can’t imagine doing without it.


I love to read this! Seriously don’t know how I have done so many summers without it. Hope your morning is off to a beautiful start, Jackie!


Recently when I had a workout on sore legs, I kept telling myself that my muscles are just very activated. It worked!
I am working this weekend. And when I’m not doing that I’ll be running and prepping my house to host run club on Monday. I also need to finalize the dinner menu. I must serve the most delicious food but also how to do it for 15 people…and have it ready to eat after we get back from the run. Logistics!!
Have a great race tomorrow! Wishing you only positive thoughts and negative splits!


Ummm that is brilliant. I will think the same thing tomorrow because I am still sore. I really need to be a part of your run club and I cannot wait to see what you make for everyone. Goals. Thank you, Molly!


Okay I am all about the podcasts while running! For serious ones, I really like Maintenance Phase (although it might triggering for some people), where basically they debunk myths about health and dieting, everything from WHY Choose 10,000 steps as the number for people to hit, to Goop, books like French Women Don’t Get Fat. The hosts are also just so likable and you can tell they are amazing friends. The one host, also used to Co-Host “You’re Wrong About” which goes through culture things/events and things we all think we know about (everything from Koko the Gorilla to Halloween-related Urban Legends and more serious stuff too) and kind of tells the real story or why we all started thinking a certain thing. The only thing I will say there is that after Michael Hobbs left, the show was not as good because the other host has a real political agenda and it kind of interferes with the fun of the show because she has to interject a lot of commentary. The early episodes are good though.

I also listen to a lot of podcasts recapping Reality Shows, so I’m not above junk food podcasts… Will You Accept This Rose (a bachelor recap one with comedians)

Also mean to tell you I listened to the Nobody Asked Us episode you mentioned and had a lot of thoughts (maybe we can grab that trail run or lunch when I’m in Utah this August and discuss), but I don’t know if I listen to another one because I didn’t find them to be good podcasters, ha! I love Des, but she kept pausing and I thought my iphone cut out! Ha!

Anyway, that was a lot on Podcasts- I feel a little like a suburban mom stereotype “Oh, you HAVE to check out this podcast!”

My new favorite running shorts are these from Amazon ( I used to love my Nathan belt but once you go running clothes with pockets you never go back.

This weekend, looking forward to two kids birthday parties, a long run, and my son’s final Tee-Ball game and party. And also hearing how your 10K goes. Good luck!


Oh no, the running shorts link isn’t working for me! You have a very busy weekend, good luck with everything. THANK YOU for the podcast recommendations. Keep following that stereotype because I love what you share. I definitely have to listen to Nobody Asked Us sped up to avoid those pauses haha. Happy weekend, Arianna!


yes!…I havean off road race at a location here called Whitemud Creek…it’s only around 8K, but lots of climbs, and I’ll finally get into my trail shoes.
I’ve tried to sew buttons, does that count?


The picture of Brooke by the river is awesome. The river is so full!
Ok, I need that pool bag. We’re not toting lots of kids and kid stuff anymore, but we still have a few towels, water bottles, books, snacks…. And I do love the cute colors.
I’m trying to convince my hubby and oldest son (younger one still has a week of school left) to go for a good hike today. I love getting everyone outside and moving. We’ll see if I can, ha.
I’m still hooked on true crime podcasts, but still listen to Ali’s and the most recent of Des and Kara’s where they talk to Trey Hardee (a decathlon athlete) was really good. It starts slow, but when they get into the “meat” of the topic (depression after a highly successful athletic career) is really good.
Have a good day off from running! I’m sending you all the good vibes for your 10K tomorrow!!!


You truly need this bag. I had no idea that I was going to love it as much as I do. I hope you were able to convince them! Oh that sounds very interesting, listening to that tomorrow. Thank you so much, Wendy!


I am loving Julia Louis-Dreyfus podcast called wiser than me. It is so fun listening to these amazing women. Can you let me know : how did you get those Adidas shoes to stop making your heels bleed? You seem to be wearing them more often. I’m glad you found a solution!

I am so excited because I am living on Cape Cod for the summer and two of my friends are coming to visit me! The three of us met through a running group and even though the weather looks a little iffy, we are hoping to get a run in together. If not, then lots of chatting.

Happy weekend, Janae!


That podcast sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing with me. Sooooo I think it was the combo of my socks and the shoes that caused that or maybe they just needed to be worn in a little? Because now I don’t feel it at all! Are you getting some? I didn’t know you were in Cape Cod now. So great that you are all getting together for a run. Enjoy, Amanda!


My favorite running shorts are the CRZ yoga shorts with pockets – my first ever shorts with pockets & I will never go back to carrying my phone!
My mom can sew, but sadly the most I ever picked up from her, was how to sew on a button. I am not nearly as crafty as her.
The “Rabbit Hole” podcast (put out by the New York Times) was VERY addictive.
This weekend…maybe another bike ride to my parents (via the park reserve), putting a little fence around my garden to keep out the bunny rabbits, & setting up the backyard pool (because it’s going to be 90..). Have so much fun at your race!


Yep, those shorts are absolutely amazing. Pockets are a need! I’m with you… I am not a crafty person even though I want to so bad. Rabbit Hole sounds like it is exactly what I need! That sounds like a perfect weekend, I want to come over to your pool. Thanks Katie!


Hi Janae! That bag is gigantic!! I am impressed. I don’t have favorite running shorts.. though there have been times I put on my husband’s basketball shorts to go trail running and pretended I was Courtney dauwalter ;). I usually just put everything in a hydration vest if I’m going on the trails.
I haven’t listened to a podcast for a long time! I used to love them but then some of my favorites got too many ads so I switched to audiobooks. And then recently I stopped listening to audiobooks because I wanted to be more present.
Happy Friday! Good luck tomorrow!!!


Right?! We can fit our whole house in there. I am going to try that out and picture being Courtney too:). Good for you to focus on being more present, I need to work on that too… I have something playing anytime I am alone! Happy weekend, Amy!


Please be careful with the metal straws. I loved them too and then heard about this story. Especially with the kiddos.


Oh my gosh! This is terrifying, I have never thought of this. Thank you for sharing with me!


I love the Janji trail 3.5″ shorts! Fabulous pocket real estate!

I can sew, I made my own Halloween costumes for several years! I currently use my sewing skills most often to repair holes in my dog’s favorite toy. It’s a stuffed toy version of a unicorn pool float and she loves it so much.

Podcasts – I’ve started listening to The Drop! It’s great! Non-running podcast – A Little Bit Culty!

Good luck this weekend! Last mile, fastest mile – you got this!


Adding to cart… those look so great! Good for you to be able to sew so well! Off to add The Drop to my list. Thank you so much and I’ll repeat that over and over to myself. Happy weekend, Rachel!

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