Weekend happenings and Memorial Day sales!

(shoes, tank, bra , shorts)

I’ll keep today pretty short because I’m sure many of you are out enjoying a beautiful day but I do have some things to share and some of my favorite sales at the end too in case you are in the mood to shop.

Jo, Beth and I had the most beautiful Saturday run. I just need this season in Utah to last forever.

These beautiful flowers need to be at every water fountain stop.
We ran 7 miles up the canyon and then did a 6 mile tempo (6:12 average) on the way back. The first few miles were downhill and then flat for the final ones.

I kept getting lost in the scenery and forgetting that I needed to be tempoing in a few spots haha.

Back to the good old days of finishing laying in the grass dry heaving ha. That was hard, especially as we get adjusted to the sun again. 15 miles @ 7:18 average for the morning.

PS this bra is truly a dream, it fits everything in there without even noticing, I had my AirPods and gels in there, and it just makes life easy.

When you get gel on your hands during the run and finally get home to wash off the stickiness that drove you crazy for miles.

We went and saw the Mario Movie… they all give it a 10/10.

I ate the best tacos and tator tots at 180 Tacos.

Yoga with Ross to start my Sunday… it’s my tradition.

Followed by so much time outside and then my family came over.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos!

Let’s talk about some sales going on today!

*H&M is 20% off everything! I love these overalls, these bermuda shorts and ribbed t-shirts so much right now.

*Madewell is 30% off your purchase and 40% off sale! Things I’m wearing from there right now–> this dress, this blouse, these overalls, these sandals and these t-shirts.

*The best sheets are 25% off (only $25) and feel insanely luxurious.

*My favorite drinking glasses that come with glass straws are 20% off.

*Backcountry is having a sale for 20-50% off and my favorites are–> my running sunglasses, this bra (SO so good), these tevas, these shorts, this hoodie, these running shorts and these tops.

*My favorite trail shoes are now $59.

*Liquid IV. I have one a day, and the piña colada is my favorite. I cannot do summer running without this stuff. Code: HUNGRY-RUNNER-GIRL will get you 25% off and free shipping HERE!

What do you have going on today? I would love to hear!

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Happy memorial day! It is my first day back to work lol after 10 days off..

We had the best weekend ever but yesterday we were wiped. River was a perfect ring bearer aka did not lose the rings and came to us lol. She did run after the rabbits during our photography session though haha and ate some questionsble things while she ran free haha. There were a couple of tense moments haha but overall the day went really well. Our photographer who is a friend of mine from running stayed an extra hour! She showed us some of the images on her camera and I cannot wait to see the photos. One of my favorite parts was when our photographer pulled the 3 of us away for our photos just me J and River. Also the food was so good…it was our first real meal haha because we were running around all day.

Have a great day Janae and happy last day of school to your kiddos! Happy running :)


CONGRATULATIONS! Kristine, I am so happy for you. It looked and sounds like it was perfect. I cannot wait to see the photos too! River looked so dang cute too. Just so happy for you three!


It is 500 time in Indy, so the race was on schedule and then this morning I did a “fun” tri with my girls…first open water swim of the season and getting back into my wetsuit….that was the hardest part of the whole workout! I found the 10 pounds I gained over the winter when I put it on hahahaha!


I cannot even imagine an open water swim… you are incredible. Seriously so impressed by you, Katrina. Teach me how to do that. Hope you have a beautiful day!


Trust me it took me a minute to be able to not just tread water- swim anxiety is real in open water. Come back to Indiana to visit you can join us!!


That is my biggest fear. Seriously would be so fun to join you!


I did the Bolder Boulder this morning and now I’m having tacos and mojitos! Looking forward to a Liquid IV when I get home. :)


CONGRATULATIONS! Best way to celebrate, I want to come run that race someday!


Oh, I hope you do! It is SUCH a fun race! Please let me know if you ever do it!


Let’s not forget the REAL reason for Memorial Day. It isn’t sales. :)


today, a run…hot, lots of pollen in the air, it was tuff, and then a swim…
election day here, so avoiding news and anything to do with any of it…so lots of Netflix, Crave and Amazon Prime….Eco Challenge has me hooked again


Can you please share where that trail is? Looks gorgeous and need to find areas that aren’t snowy – we fly into Provo today – first time going to the Provo airport!
It’s already 75 and humid at our home in South Florida so we can’t wait to get to Utah!!


7 miles + a 6-mile tempo is impressive, no matter how scenic the distractions! Those downhill stretches and flat finales must have been a nice reward after the climb.

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