Tuesday tangents & I’m done with the numbers!

(shoes, tank, bra, shorts)

Buffalo Peak.  Ten-mile round trip, with 2,800 ft of climbing in the first 4 miles (which I hiked a lot of), and gorgeous views the entire way.

There is never water along this trail, but plenty of it yesterday.

We will be camping at this spot again this summer.

We tried to go for a picture that made us look casual at the top…

I can’t believe we live here.

I am still kicking the insides of my legs:(.

Surprisingly, there were no falls which is pretty remarkable on this trail because during those last few miles, your legs are dead, and it’s easy not to lift your feet off the ground and trip on a rock.

And then we went to the pool.  I love summer.

Let’s get going with some tangents!

*I have a 10k this weekend (probably not my best idea to do Buffalo Peak the week of a race… my legs are trashed), but I have a new action plan for races this year.  I’m kind of over coming up with time goals right now.  In my last handful of races, I’ve come up with exact numbers I want to race and put a lot of pressure on myself to do them, but I don’t feel like doing that right now.  I think there are times that it does help to come up with a number and shoot for that because it can help us to push ourselves, but then I think there are times that we just need to go out and run.  So I want to try racing according to feel and not exact pace goals.   So my goal for Saturday is to go out and do my best, and who knows what that time will be.  Welcome to another experiment I am running on myself.

This picture was from the first time I did the Utah Valley 10k, and I finished on the ground:)

Screen Shot 2023 05 27 at 8 39 14 PM

I’m pretty sure I say this to myself during every 10k:

IMG 7416

*Ummm, 262 miles in these?!  Maybe he needs a bigger shoe?

*Our running days together our over for a few weeks, but thankfully we can still meet at the park.

*My dad talking about the time he hiked to this point on Half Dome.

*I made these copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls, and they were amazing.  We ate them hot with butter the first night, and now we are using them for turkey sandwiches.

Have any tangents for us?

How do you feel about camping?

-I’m a one-night camping person… not sure I can do multiple nights happily;)

What is the best recipe you have tried recently?

Who else has hiked Half Dome?

-Andrew and I want to so bad.

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I LOVE camping! We go tenting every summer to the mountains in Alberta, usually Banff, but have tried a few other places. We go for a week, but i would gladly stay longer. I’m always homesick for camping after we get home.


We are dying to go to Banff! When we go, you will have to fill us in with all of the tips. I hope you have so many fun camping trips scheduled for this summer. Hope you are having a beautiful morning, Corry!


Is that first photo of you even real? So gorgeous there!
And I am with you on giving up on hard-set numbers! It’s nice to know what my training predicts a race time to be but all I can do is give my best effort on the day. I used your check in on Sunday during my race, “Am I currently giving my best effort in this moment?”
Camping is a no for me. I love my own bed too much. Put me in a nice cabin, please!
Good luck recovering this week before your race!


It truly looks like a fake backdrop, right?! Yesssssss that is what my goal is this weekend, to answer yes to doing my best in the moment. You had such an awesome race this last weekend. I truly love my own bed too… and cabin trips are truly #1. Thanks Molly, hope you are recovering well too!


1.) My husband has been begging me to go camping with him sine our first date almost 2 years ago. I can spend all day outside .. But I like to sleep indoors :) I promised I’d go this summer though so we’ll see if I change my mind about it!

2.) Have not hiked half dome BUT there’s a beautiful hike in Yosemite called Clouds Rest and it gives you STUNNING views of half dome and you don’t need a permit -https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/clouds-rest–6 .. It’s one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done!!

Have the best week, Janae!!


Almost two years since your first date:). You might end up loving it this summer… I can’t wait to hear all about it but I’m with you, I want to be outside all day but in my bed at night. Thank you so much for sharing that, we will have to do that. Thanks Arthi, you too! I am loving reading the pieces you are writing!


Thanks, Janae!! That means a lot to me :)


I love camping, but we rarely do it. I am fine for a few nights as long as there are showers.
I’ve been to Yosemite, but never hiked Half Dome. I would love to.
That mountain you ran is gorgeous! What an awesome workout.
After a wonderful weekend of family, way too much good food, I am ready to get back on a good healthy routine.
Have a good day Janae!


Showers are a need. It feels so good to get back to routine again after weekends like that. Enjoy and you’ll have to give us Yosemite tips when we go. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! I totally prefer one night for camping too! Also if we are going car camping (not backpacking) I bring a real pillow and that makes a big difference!
Those views are gorgeous! I still am so wary of trail running though unless it’s a path with no rocks or tree roots.
Running by feel is so smart! It’s too easy to get caught up with the numbers. Have an awesome week!


I am so with you, a real pillow is key to me enjoying my one night of camping haha. Thank you so much, Amy! You too!


We did half dome. It was pre-Hope so that shows how long ago, but we still talk about it………I guess shows how awesome it is.

Camping……….the location has to make it worth it for me.


Sooooooo should we go do a couples trip there?!? Happy Tuesday, Erica!


Go to Smitten kitchen and try the monkey bread Like cinnamon rolls but better !!! I made it in a square pan instead of the Bundt pan I froze it and microwave pieces whenever I get a craving Her fruit galette is wonderful too. Have a lovely day. Jenn


Just bookmarked the recipe… I’m legit drooling as I look at the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing, Jenn! Hope your morning is off to a wonderful start!


I don’t mind camping, but have a family of hate to camp, so maybe not…..
I like your thoughts on not planning or training for anything specific … I’ve been working at and volunteering at a lot of events and races over the last year, and so many of them look like fun….triathlons, runs that involve bubbles, ice cream, being covered with colored flour….and for important causes…there are so many runs that I’ve never done, because, well, they’re not marathons…like Bloomsday in Washington….so that may be this year


So so true! We forget all of the other amazing races offered when we just focus on the marathon, can’t wait to hear what you do!


I know I could look this up online, but how is the Utah Valley 10k in terms of downhill? Does it wreck your knees? I’m interested in maybe joining last minute!

Also, definitely not a camper but we’re going for a few DAYS later in the summer. Gulp! Making a list of all the books I need to take to keep myself occupied without cell service. Best recipe – I recently attempted macarons and although not 100% perfect, they were great!


Hey Tess! It’s basically flat it feels like besides .15 of downhill! Doooooooooo it! Would love to see you there! You are brave for doing a few days and you’ll have to let me know what books you read!


I am also a one night camping person… unless we’re talking glamping or something :)

Those rolls are on my list of things to try this week! I love everything by Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Her Crispy Shrimp Tacos are another thing on my meal plan list today. Those are so good and worth a try if you haven’t!


Alyssa, thank you for sharing! Making them tonight now. I can’t wait and let me know what you think of the rolls. She has the best recipes!


Longer camping is where it’s at for me bc you have to stay enough nights to make all the work worth it!!! We went camping with friends for 3 nights over the holiday weekend and I got in 2 7-mile runs with a friend on the trails in the national forest, then got to sit around and eat yummy food and talk to my best friends all day after that. Pretty great bc our family camping trips are usually 2 weeks long and 80+ miles of hiking per week, so a quick little trail run and then snacks all day felt dreamy.


I am also a food enthusiast.

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