Tuesday Tangents!

(Top, shorts, shoes)

Good morning! Let’s start by talking about Saturday’s run.

This was the workout sandwiched with a w/u and c/d:

2 miles of – 800m @ 10k pace, 800 float (aka not easy but not too hard)
2 miles of – 400m @ 5k pace, 400 float
2 miles of – 200m @ mile pace, 200 float

Total of 15 miles @ 7:26 average.

The float pace quickly turned into a recovery jogging pace, but my coach said beforehand that was okay. My paces for the intervals weren’t that different because my legs are still in marathon mode, but I’m excited to find faster turnover with some work!

Overall, it was a tough workout for me. It included bathroom stops and frustration because it felt so hard when it was a much shorter workout than what I was doing a month or two ago. But I felt like a million bucks once I finished because that is what speed workouts do for me.

Monday’s run was a really good one:

Fresh flowers were EVERYWHERE! 8.68 miles @ 8:42 average and I finished with 4 x 30 second hill sprints. My legs burned so good.

Skye had her very last day of preschool! She has been at a nature school for the last year, and I cannot recommend the program enough. Every class day, they were out in nature (there isn’t even a building!) learning, and she thrived there. We learned how to appropriately dress her for the crazy winter we had, and this girl loved going to school where she is her happiest–> outside.

Let’s get into some tangents!

*Tis the season that I stop at gas stations for hydration until I remember to bring a water bottle on my runs… there isn’t any more snow on the grass for me to hydrate with during my runs.

*Highland Glen Park is stunning.
*Beck always gives me the biggest reaction to my new nails… “SOOOO CUTE!”
*I love them too.
*Andrew and I went for Italian at Mastra in American Fork, and the pesto lasagna had my heart.
*Just a fun spring/summer dress that I love.
*Curly is almost as tall as me now… HOW?!?
*On my run Saturday, Andrew was my personal DJ during the workout. He chose the tunes, and somehow he knew exactly what I needed. We each had a headphone in, and I want to do this more often. PS This new job of Andrew’s has turned him into a morning person… Both of us are having a hard time recognizing him. On his days off, he is up and going BEFORE me now.
*My neighbor just causally dropped this beauty off at our house the other night. My eyes filled with tears of joy.

Have any tangents to share today?

How are you hydrating during your hotter runs?

Random Q—> can you have music on or do you need silence when you are trying to read/work/focus on something?

-Silence for me and Andrew loves having music on in the background.

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When I read I need silence to focus but if I’m working then I have something on in the background!! Usually a podcast or music. If I have to focus, I will put on warm brown noise. Game changer!! It’s enough in the background to help me focus without being annoying.

Today’s tangent – I put an ice cream maker at Goodwill over the weekend for $10 and now all I can think about are the flavors that I want to make with it


Warm brown noise… I don’t even know what that is. Off to google it:). Umm can I come over for ice cream? That is so fun! Enjoy, Maureen!


How is your niece that tall? But like you’ve said before… How fun to share all the clothes!
If I really need to concentrate, I definitely need quiet. But otherwise I like soft music in the background.
Utah is stunning right now.
While we were flying back from Chicago yesterday, our nephew graduated from CSULB with his doctorate in physical therapy! What an amazing weekend for the family. Cannot wait for all the celebrations.
And ha ha ha… After a wonderful weekend away, I am definitely feeling motivated to get back to menu planning, healthy eating, and my regular running and workouts.
Have a great day!


WOW, your family had a very exciting weekend. That is so so fun. It always feels so good to be in our own beds again getting back to routines. I love it! Thanks Wendy, you too!


Love the idea of a nature school! My school’s PK3-PK4 program incorporate a lot of outdoor “classroom time” and focus heavily on learning in nature. It’s such a great way for kids to develop and learn and I wish more schools prioritized time in nature. Happy Tuesday, Janae!


I LOVE that they do that. So many of us learn better when we are outside. Brooke and Knox have been so jealous of her school this year. Thanks Emily, you too!


Your nails are amazing! I might have to do something similar.

I can walk properly again sort of after my 22 mile trail race Saturday. 30 degrees plus 5500 feet of climbing plus not enough hill training made for a long day but got it done lol. We had a fun mini weekend away and I may or may not have bought myself a new pair of goodr sunglasses 😎.

I just have a few more days of work and then on stay cation lol.

Can’t believe Skye is graduating her pre school. Your kiddos are growing up so fast!

Have a great day Janae


I loved the picture I saw, you are so incredibly strong. 5500 ft of climbing is just unreal to me. Congratulations and yay for some new sunglasses! Happy wedding month:). So happy for you guys! Thank you!


PLEASE give yourself some grace with those workouts. You ran a hard marathon less than a month ago! I get it, believe me, but try not to get down on yourself.
I have been following your blog for so long and can’t believe Curly is almost as tall as you! Where does the time go?
I love running with music, but save it for speed work. Otherwise, I run in silence or podcasts. If I’m doing something that requires me to think, I can’t have anything in the background.
Have a great day!


It’s SO true! I reminded myself to talk to myself the way I would talk to my running buddies about the situation! Seriously… these years are going too fast. Same same… if I need to think, I need silence. Thanks Stacey, you too!


Hi Janae! Sometimes when I want to focus on something I’ll put a song I like on repeat. But only a few songs work for this. Otherwise silence is good too.
A nature school- that’s awesome!! Congratulations to her for graduating!!
Have an awesome day!!


That is what Andrew does too… puts things on repeat and it really helps him to focus. I love it. Hope your day is off to a great start, Amy!


Hi Janae! I’ve been reading your blog for all the years now, and it has inspired me and my family to visit Utah! Everything looks so beautiful there and also seems so family friendly. We are planning to come sometime this summer or maybe Fall. Do you have any recommendations for cities to visit, or any other recommendations? We will be traveling with our four kids. 💕


Abbey! OH MY GOODNESS! I am so so happy you are coming here. Are you going to be more in northern or southern utah????


We haven’t planned a thing yet haha! We just know we want to go there. :)


This is so so exciting! I would definitely try to hit up Park City, St. George and any of the National Parks that you can (Bryce Canyon is my favorite!!). Here are a few posts with more details.. I hope you love it here so much and I want to hear all about it.




Ok, totally random, but I tried the Saucony endorphins yesterday and holy moly I loved them. I didn’t buy them because it’s not exactly the type of shoe I need right now, but I am still thinking about them and hope that one day soon I’ll have a better reason to get them. Not that we need a “better” reason to get running shoes, right? ;)


This makes me sooooo happy and I’m with you, we don’t need a reason ha:). Technically, buying running shoes saves us money in the long run because they make us run which is healthy and keeps us out of the doctor’s office (this is what I tell myself as I buy another pair of shoes I don’t need ha). Hope you are having a beautiful day, Tess!


I need silence when i need to concentrate. Otherwise I have the tv on or a podcast on at ALL times! I fall asleep with the tv on.


Oh Amanda, I’m the SAME. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t fall asleep with the TV on!


I got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction, which turned into an antibiotic shot and holy cow, it felt like a charlie horse in my booty! I do not recommend.

I really like my REI hydrapack. It comes in an xsmall so it fits really well. My husband got me an insulated bladder and straw so I’m excited to try that out!

I have a hard time listening to stuff while I’m trying to focus but I love listening to music and podcasts while I clean and do that type of work.


That’s cool about Skye’s preschool-my friend teaches at a nature pre k and kindergarten. And 2 of my siblings actually graduated high school from a nature high school. They had mobile buildings but every day they hiked and did as many classes outside as they could. Really helped them bc they both had issues on the spectrum & this kind of teaching really helped them focus.

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