My goal of this blog.

Today’s post is sponsored by fairlife, makers of Core Power®, and I have a discount code for you at the end of the post!


I’ll be completely honest; running 13ish years ago used to be all about the calorie burn for me.  It is what got me out the door and was a big part of my daily motivation to keep at it.

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My entire life has changed DRASTICALLY since those days, and while running is pretty much the one consistency since those days, the reason I run is so different.

This is truly one of the biggest reasons I still blog… I want to share with others that running is so much more than just ‘exercise.’   It is so much more than a calorie burn.  It does so much for us.

I want to show that it is…

-One of the best ways to build friendships or to make your current relationships stronger.  You run with someone, and the conversations get REAL.  There is nothing to distract you and your running partner. The connections that happen when you are doing something hard together are unreal.

-One of the best ways to solve your problems…. The more I sweat, the more clearly I can think.  How I react to a problem before and after a run is quite different.

-A way to prove to yourself that you can do hard things so that when the hard things in life pop up, you know you can handle them.

-The best way (in my opinion) to destress, relax (which will never make sense to me), and come home with more patience and a positive perspective.

-A way for us to set big goals and learn how to get back up and try again and again to get them.

-How I love to feel adventurous and alive.  It’s too easy to stay indoors all the time and feel boring the older I get… but running keeps me exploring and adventurous.  It keeps me feeling so young.

-It is something you get to do for YOU when the rest of your day is spent on others.  It’s my favorite selfish activity that benefits everyone in my life because if I take care of myself, I can care for others (and I’m a lot nicer when I do).

-The best way to see where you live or where you visit.

-How we can connect with nature and the world.  Something about feeling that dirt underneath each step on a trail run makes me feel one with the earth.

-An amazing way to track your progress, set goals, and go for them while having a community (online or at races or running groups) to do it with.

I could list another 100 things that running brings to us, but I hope to spread the word that running is more than something we should do…  It’s something we GET to do.

I have loved working together with Core Power because I have felt like it fits perfectly with my goals for this blog.  I want to help runners realize how important fueling ourselves is in training so that we get to experience all of the things running can do for us.  I want to share a product that is so beyond convenient and delicious that it makes it so we have zero excuses to wait to eat after a run.

We can grab this and drink it as we move forward with our day after a run.

I am confident that the changes I made in my fueling made the biggest difference for me when getting faster.  I have noticed the most significant difference in my recovery from the short runs up to the marathons and everything in between because of Core Power.  I always struggled to get enough protein for all of my running before I started drinking Core Power daily, and now I get in 26g or 42g of high-quality protein in one bottle within 30 minutes of finishing my runs.  They help me to recover and nourish post-workout so much.

I will be hooked for life on these.  They taste so good and don’t add any protein powders; all of the protein comes from liquid dairy milk ultra-filtered to concentrate the protein.  My current favorite is the Elite Strawberry.  It legit tastes like a strawberry milkshake.

I want to run until I am 90 years old, and I won’t be able to do that if I am not adequately fueling myself.  So, if I had to explain in just a few sentences why I am blogging all of these years later (almost 12 years now!), it’s because I want to share that running can do so many positive things for us outside of just burning calories.  And if we’re going to keep doing this forever, get closer to our goals, and avoid injuries, we must ensure we are fueling ourselves properly.


Use code 15HRGIRLCP to get 15% off Core Power HERE.  You can get as much as you want in one order, and this offer ends on 5/20!


Did anyone else start running for the calorie burn and find that you do it now for many different reasons?

What is something (or many things) that running does for you?

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Working out (whether hiking, running, strength training) for me is my me time. Sets the tone for the day and gives me energy!

Have you tried core power in a milkshake as the liquid? I ran out of milk once and did that instead. Also love using it in overnight oats to up the protein!


ME TIME! Yes and yes… I am so glad you get to start your day with it and set your day up right. No joke, Brooke and I were talking about trying that soon with the vanilla. I will have to try it in overnight oats, thanks for sharing. Have the best day, Maureen!


Great post, Janae. You summed it up perfectly when you said running makes you feel “adventurous and alive.” As an adult, with a job and kids, it’s hard to find activities that make you feel like that. Running does it for sure.


Right?! It’s like it reminds me to pay attention to my senses and feel things! So grateful we get to do this, have a wonderful day, Jenny!


Love all of this!! I’m printing it off to reread when I need a little extra motivation.


Oh I am SO glad. Thank you so much, Alyssa. Have a beautiful day!


Great post! Running makes me happy, makes me strong, taught me determination, has helped me make so many friends, helps me process emotions, and even when I don’t want to run, I feel better after. Also, running was what my boyfriend and I bonded over at first, our second date was a run!

Also what other sport do you want to hear every single detail?! I listened to Ali on the Run’s Eugene marathon recap, which was over 2 hours, and I was engrossed. Same with every single Nobody Asked Us podcast.


Goosebumps… I loved reading what running does for you. Your second date was a run?! Same as us… that is just the best. Hahaha I agree, I could listen/read/think about it all day. I cannot wait to hear her recap! Have the best day, Mariah!


Working out is absolutely therapy for me. The issues that I can work through in my mind while running/walking/weight training without distraction is invaluable. And the pride I feel after a great workout.. amazing.

I have been a huge Fairlife chocolate milk fan for a long time, but have branched out into the CorePower thanks to you, as I focus more and more on protein. Love it! Thanks, Janae!


T.H.E.R.A.P.Y. Yes and yes… thank you so much for sharing that with me, Wendy! Oh that’s what I love to hear! So glad you are loving it and I hope you have a beautiful day!


YES!!! I agree with all of these reasons so much. It’s my favorite way to explore when we’re on a trip, running always makes me feel so good, and being outside is the best mood lifter.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. All the good and bad. It really is helpful and inspirational.
We’re heading home from a truly wonderful graduation weekend. My heart is full of happiness, pride, and love..
I hope your Monday is off to a great start.


I was hoping you were having the best graduation weekend ever. You are an incredible mother and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your Mother’s Day than where you were! Congrats to you all! Thank you Wendy, I love our friendship!


I definitely started running for the calorie burn but now I just love it so much! I’m a lot closer to 90 than you are and I plan to keep at it, too. All your reasons are spot on. This also holds true for Les, if he spends too much time off the bike we both agree he needs to ride. We all need to move our bodies.


‘We both agree he needs to ride.’ Seriously, I swear exercise does so much for the relationships in our lives! I love your story, Kathy and you continually inspire me!


Hi Janae! You’re totally right- I started running when I was young because I saw it burned the most calories in this table we were given in health class. But now I do it because of the friends, for the goal setting, and for the endorphins.
Great post! Have an awesome day!


Thank goodness it gets us starting to run but I am so glad it changes into so much more. Thanks Amy, you too!


I’m reading a book right now by a runner who finds, as he gets older, he can’t run as fast (or improve his times anymore) and it’s so discouraging to him that he eventually stops running. I don’t want that to happen to me, so I think I need to embrace the points you’ve made of how running can still benefit us beyond the numbers!


Thank you for sharing this with me… I do not want that to happen to me either! We will focus on all of the other things it does for us over the years!


Love this! I recently heard the concept of passive rest (sleeping, napping) vs active rest (which is an activity that takes energy to perform, but leaves you feeling more energized than when you started it). This may be why running feels restful to you!
Loved all of your bullet points and just fyi your blog crushes all of it’s goals!! ;)


Thank you so much Alyssa. Active rest–> that is exactly what it is for me. Thank you so much and I hope you are having the most wonderful morning!

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