I don’t realize until…

(bra, shorts)

It was another spin and strength day on Saturday. Our spin bike has a new home and is in a much better spot than the laundry room. The only problem is that Andrew has to be careful when he comes out of the saddle because the ceiling is a little low, but other than that, this corner is perfect.

I need to hang some motivational pictures or quotes on these walls now.

I’m going for a run today, and I can’t wait. I was not eager to run for most of the last two weeks, and I’m happy I didn’t force it. I found my Garmin charger in my Boston luggage that I still haven’t unpacked.

I am so excited now for some running and more balanced meals again… I think this week we can start eating at home.

We had soccer games for most of Saturday.
And we also got to see my nephew compete in a track meet.
He. Is. So. Fast. I predict he will be running for BYU in a few years.
Brooke and Knox are catching up to my mom…

Eating out with a two-year-old:

Sunday morning, I started with this. Ross is my go-to on the Peloton app for yoga.
We were able to see Andrew during his break at work on Sunday, which made everyone’s day. Andrew is so happy already in his new job as an Organ Donor Coordinator. This was absolutely the right move for him.

Every spring, I am reminded that the winter is tough on my brain because I’m suddenly born again in the sunshine. Andrew and I will be moving to St. George eventually!

Happy May! Who has a race, anniversary, or birthday this month?

Unpack right away or wait a bit of time?

What was the last athletic event you went to?

Do you notice a mood shift from winter to spring?

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The first warm day we had in Kentucky (which was a random day in February) I felt like a totally different person! It’s amazing what the sun can do for us. I ran the Derby Mini this weekend and got my PR!!! Officially it was 2:01 which was 15 minutes better than my half in December but the course was long and my Nike Run Club app said I hit 13.1 at 1:58 so I am VERY happy with this. But I am oh so sore….Hope you have a great week!!!


Sarah! Huge congrats on your PR! Amazing improvement in just months. I love that sore feeling after an amazing race, you pushed your body so hard. Keep enjoying the warm days, we are alive again. PS I love Kentucky!


I am running a half marathon at the end of the month. My approach is to see what my body can do, no hard set goals. I tend to do better when I’m not hyper focused on a pace or time.
It will be so nice to have your kitchen back! Will the kids be disappointed with less eating out though? ha.
I need to do yoga and pilates on peloton. Thanks for the reminder!


Molly… I think I am going to take that approach on my next few races too. Report back to me on your half and let me know how that goes. Good luck, you are going to do amazing. Bahahah even the big kids told me they are craving a home cooked meal and sick of eating out. I hope you have pie leftovers so you get more today, it looked amazing!


Glad you got a break from running! Sunshine is the beat. Well..it is Js birthday on the 10th. I do have a race on the 13th and we are getting married on the 27th. So this is a busy month lol!

We had a fun weekend where we biked and I ran long while Jason biked beside me! 16 miles in some local trails while River romped. We have a tired pooch.

Mmm BMO marathon is next weekend and I might go cheer as the race passes super close to where ww live.

Have an amazing day Janae and enjoy your first run back!


WEDDING MONTH! Kristine, I am so excited for you guys and I can’t wait to see pictures. Such a busy month! Sounds like the perfect weekend run. I would love to run that marathon someday. Thank you, it felt so good to be out again.


Half marathon this month! Very excited.

Unpack right away. I don’t feel settled after a trip until I unpack and wash everything.

I definitely notice a shift!! The sunshine does wonders for my mood.


So excited for your half this month! I’m with you normally but I just have zero motivation to unpack this time ha. Hallelujah for happier brains again, the sun does so much for us. Have the best day, Mariah!


Oh how the sunshine can totally change my mood! The 1st week of sun after all of our rain this winter made me feel like a brand new person.
Saturdays filled with sporting events have always been some of my favorites as the boys were growing up. Busy, but so fun.
Last sporting event for me was NCAA women’s water polo. The championship game was so good! It took 2 overtime periods to get a winner.
Have a great 1st run back! Can’t wait to hear all about it.


YESSSSSS brand new person with a little sunshine in our lives! I bet that was a blast watching that game, such a tough sport… they are so fit! Thanks Wendy, it was hard but so so good!


I mistook you for one of the kids in that group track photo.
Yes to the mood with the winter. We had one of those teaser summer weeks, weather wise, recently, and my whole house was like “phew, there you are.”


I mean, I was tempted to jump in:). Hahah I relate so much to that… I’m nervous this is all a tease for us too and I’ll disappear again. Happy Monday, Erica!





My body for some reason has been acting up whenever the seasons change…I love spring and fall…but spring brings seasonal allergies and destroys my sleep, and running is okay, just breathing at times becomes a challenge…..
I’m rethinking my year all over again…..I had planned all this is January, but life and family and aging parents has had me think of changing things……a lot. do I have the time to train for anything longer than a half marathon….I’m going to spend this week thinking about that….


Seasonal allergies are so tough, I’m sorry you deal with that. Keep us updated with what half marathons you do this year. You have a lot on your plate right now!


Hi Janae! So many birthdays for my family and friends in May! I gotta unpack right away and do laundry too.
I’m really enjoying the longer days! I just wish we didn’t go straight from winter to summer.
Happy Monday!


You have such a fun month up ahead. That’s how we are feeling… we missed spring ha. Thanks Amy, you too!


Ahhh, yes the sunshine makes me feel ALIVE!

Birthdays, yes . Me, and most importantly my oldest daughter – we have the same birthday -the 19th. Makes it so much fun to celebrate, we are all (including my son, the youngest 20) are going to drive down to Santa Barbara to visit our other daughter at college there for the weekend. Can’t wait.

Unpacking, wellll I do it right away OR wait 3,4 days lol.

Your nephew looks so strong, wow how cool to watch. Did that motivate you for your run today? I hope your run was great!


HAPPIEST birthday month to you and your daughter… that is so cool that you have the same birthday! Have the best time all together:). I swear my nephew grew up overnight… so so strong now!


Our 32 anniversary is on May 25th. My parents were married for 40 years when my mom passed away and Les’ parents were married for 63 years when his mom passed away. They set a high bar that we’re shooting for!

If we get in late at night I will wait to unpack until the next day, but I never go more than that. Cannot handle the clutter!

Most years we get enough sunshine in January and February that I don’t notice a change, but this year I was craving sunshine!


32 years! Wow, I’m so happy for you and Les. You both come from incredible parents. You guys have a fun month with Europe coming up!


The last athletic event was a HS track meet on Saturday. Our team had 70+ PR’s which was super exciting! I am an asst coach and take the distance group which is so much fun. Our kids did great despite the day of sun and warm (it’s been cool and rainy for WEEKS)

I am the worst unpacker of all time. I always grab the things that need washing though so at least I have that on my side!

Hope you have your kitchen back soon!!


70+ PR’s… that is INCREDIBLE!! You guys are doing something right. Congrats to you and your team! Thanks, Kelly!


I signed up for 2 marathons yesterday! Revel Big Bear and Revel Mt. Charleston. I also bought a new pair of Brooks Hyperion.

Unless I get home at midnight or later, I almost always unpack immediately.

I went to my youngest son’s track meet last week.

I love the sun so so much!


Unpack right away!!! Do you know who Mark Rober is? He has a very cool YouTube channel – my kids LOVE him- and he did a bed bug episode. I died. My husband travels a ton and I’m here offering to get his bags now just so I can throw everything in the dryer ha!

Actually, maybe don’t watch it. It’s ruining my life haha!!! But his videos are awesome to watch with our kids.

I love the beginner yoga classes. I did a hip one the other day and it was sooooo good. I love peloton for that. I’d never find those myself. Have you tried the split strength programs yet? I just finished Adrian’s today. Whew!!


You can bargain with them. Aerocity is a location.


The body is firm and healthy.

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