THE FIRE IS BACK + Insanity!

(shorts, tank)

I’m excited about training again. Yes, it may seem like I suddenly changed how I was feeling out of nowhere, and that’s because I did. This sudden change in feelings is because of my PT appointment yesterday. I feel that fire again!

At the Boston Marathon, I met this PT (Scott McKeel in Lehi). He is friends with my coach, and we ended up running the first few miles together of the marathon (he then went on to finish in 2:46). He is the PT for the pro running team in Utah, and I could have sat and listened to everything he had to say for 20 hours straight.

We did some exercises to see how my body fires and it showed why my hamstrings are always the first to go when training.. my body fired in this order–> hamstring, back, and then my glutes barely flickered last. Usually, the glutes should fire first. So the goal of PT for me will be first to get my glutes to fire and then strengthen everything. He also did some dry needling and Graston on my hamstring to help them to feel better now, but we are going to work on the big picture of everything over the next few months. I also need to work on my hip stability on both sides.

He told me the quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” and it hit me. Why go into training again doing the same thing (not getting this hamstring stuff figured out) and working myself into the ground instead of finding and fixing the problems and going from there? We also talked a lot about load vs. capacity and how important it is to remember the rest of life in combination with the load of training too… Something will give if I am trying to load too much too soon without giving my body time to adapt to the load of life and training slowly. He sent me this video which explains it well:

I will go back again next week! I have a week of isometric exercises, and then I will start eccentric exercises for four weeks. 

I’m excited to see what happens with my running this next year as I work on these things!

I was back in time for everyone to get to school (Beck wants to go so badly with them) and then jumped on the bike for a 30-minute class (I LOVE OLIVIA) and a bit of upper body strength. My PT said I was good to go biking this week and then start running again on Monday.

Sunny days are here for good (I mean, we did have snow flurries on Tuesday, so I guess I can’t get my hopes up too much.

We took a bike ride to a little neighborhood library.

I realized yesterday that Knox and I almost have the same size feet!

Brooke won her game!

Edna’s for book club! I didn’t read the book (ummm, Boston had me only reading about running), but I couldn’t miss out on time with this group.

The strava graph always makes me a little sad after a race…


Ever gone to physical therapy what was your experience?

Ever had dry needling or Graston done?

-I’ve now had dry needling on my foot for plantar fasciitis and hamstring and the foot hurt 60000 times more than the hamstring.

What’s your workout today?

What are you currently reading?

-Just finished Kara’s book.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

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Physical therapists are the best! Mine once tested my hip strength. He had me push my leg out while he pushed against my leg in the opposite direction. When he asked if I was trying to move my leg yet because my hips were so weak…yikes!
Today’s post reminds me to do all the other running stretches, strength, and mobility exercises.
And dry needling when the heel needle gets manipulated-WOW.
How’s the flood risk going in your area? Hoping for the best!


I’M WITH YOU! I had the same experience yesterday… I was like, yep this is as hard as I can press! Let’s motivate each other to keep up on these things. Our house is in the safe zone but just across the street isn’t so hopefully things don’t heat up too fast and things don’t melt too quickly here. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Molly!


I love that Load Vs Capacity and Injury video! Sharing with my gym group. Our folks tend to only want to increase load (weight on the barbell/higher skill gymnastic movements) without always considering our current capacity level. And especially how current conditions (sleep, being sick, poor nutrition, etc.) can affect your ability to handle the load – meaning you might need to temporarily step away or reduce loading….good stuff!!


PT is the best!! My low back takes the load because my core and glutes were weak! Whatever exercises they give you do them and do them forever even when PT is over!!! We have done some dry needling for glutes and low back it’s an interesting feeling 😂. Curious what he says about strength training for you! Peloton, burn boot camp, les mills? I’m trying to decide what is best for my running! Let me know what you find out!


Burn Bootcamp is THE BEST! I have gained so much muscle and cardio capacity (at the high-intensity stuff). My running feels so much better because my legs and core are much stronger.


Tiffany, I was thinking about joining Burn again when Beck is in school. It seriously makes us so fit. I’m so glad you are enjoying and and your running is feeling great. Have the best day!


How do you manage it with running? That’s what I’m having trouble with! I wish the protocol was the same each week or just about so I could plan running around it better! Tell me your tricks!


Hey Jenn! I seriously will need to keep up with these exercises, I’m ready to get this hamstring figured out. Dry needling in the glute… OUCH! I need to text him and see if I should stop with all lower body strength besides what he gives me. Great Q and I’ll let you know what he says. Have a great day!


So glad you are going to share the video with your gym group. I wish I would have understood it a bit more over the last month or two… the house remodel has caused so much stress and less sleep and that added too much to my load. Hope your day is a great one, Melissa!


Oh that video was good!
I’ve only gone to PT when I was injured. It would be so interesting to go when not injured to talk about all that.
Yay for sunshine!
We’re heading up to Santa Barbara today for the weekend. My hubby is refing a water polo tournament at UCSB, so I get to tag along for a nice little get away. Santa Barbara is such a great place.
Workout today will be a run/walk with the dog we’re watching, followed by strength for runners.
Have a great Thursday Janae.


Right?! My goal is to keep seeing him when my hamstring is better even so I can keep getting ideas on what I can do to get faster. I love Santa Barbara, I hope you have the absolute best time. I need to get back to strength for runners, thanks for the reminder. Have the best time, Wendy!


Hi Janae,

This is a long response…

Congrats on Boston. Sorry you had a tough day. Was it your hamstring or stomach?I think I missed that. Curious where your hamstring injury is. High hamstring or hamstring belly? I had high hamstring tendinopathy for many years, eventually had to get surgery. If you do have HHT high hamstring tendinopathy LMK I can share my secrets.
I have used PT through the years for many things ( HHT, sciatica, plantar, meniscus, now shoulder). If you can find a PT ( sounds like you have) that has a specialty in Running biomechanics all the better. I have had Graston, but my MD told me not to have it done on my HHT because it was too irritating to the tissue. I use a butter knife handle and lotion on my tissues like the Sidekick tool that many pros promote on IG.
Today’s workout is an ez 6, lift, core, hot yoga. Running the Reno 1/2 marathon Sunday, but I have had a nasty bout of bronchitis so just going to use it as a long run.
I just finished Outlive by Dr Peter Attia and now reading Estrogen Matters. I would recommend this book to all women pre-peri-post menopause-important health information. The book came recommended by Dr. Vonda Wright on the Gabby Reese podcast.

Excited you are running CIM. I’m signed up too (my 12th!) have a wonderful day!


I LOVE long responses! Thank you so much, it was sadly both ha. It felt like a nightmare. Mine is in the hamstring belly. SURGERY! Oh my goodness, Veronica. I am so sorry you went through all of that. Good call on the butter knife handle. Yes, I am so happy this PT specializes in running biomechanics. Off to order Estrogen Matters. That sounds so interesting. See you at CIM and keep me updated with all of your training and tips for the course. 12th… you are amazing.


Janae, I had a feeling it was Scott when you talked about him in your Boston post! I’ve been seeing him for my knee (and I saw him for something else a year ago). He is THE BEST!!


NO WAY! Seriously, he is the absolute best. I am so happy he is helping you. Hopefully, I see you there one day!


9 miles on the trail yesterday and my legs are toast today. I did an easy spin on the bike – sunshine and no wind, so I had to get out there! Today’s my birthday so we are driving to Mammoth for a long weekend. Hoping for some elevation training.

I’m reading everything I can about WWII these days – we leave for Europe in 20 days and I’m really looking forward to standing on the beaches of Normandy.


HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, KATHY! I will eat some cake to celebrate you. Have the best time in Mammoth and then Europe in 20 days, sounds incredible. I want to see all o Way to go on your trail run yesterday and bike ride today!


Hi Janae! I have had a lot of PT over the years. When you find a good PT it makes a huge difference! I’m glad you found one who is also a runner that also makes a huge difference in my experience!
I’m reading Platonic, a book about the science of friendship.
Have an awesome day!


Seriously, so excited to have found him! Ummmm off to order that, I am so interested in that topic. Happy Thursday, Amy!


I’ve been going to PT for a hip injury (from my desk job, not my running ironically), but as I’m ramping up from months I had to take off running due to that and right before that illness, what I call my “normal injuries” are coming back. Working with my PT cutrently to try to develop things for my toolkit to prevent this, just like you mentioned. I too don’t fire glutes quick enough and have hip stability weaknesses. So I’m looking forward to hearing what you do for yours. I agree – I feel like I need a few hours to talk with the PT, so the appt always goes way too quickly. Thanks for the video…so helpful. I think we as runners think we can come back quicker from forced redt times, bc we had a good base before. But the video shows our capacity drops just like everyone else when not running.


My husband is six months into a terrible plantar fasciitis situation. What do you think were the key things you did to cure yours? Thanks!



The only thing I see that you have not added to your regimen is lifting heavy. Unless you just have not posted about it…

There are some good workouts that cycle in barbell deadlifts, barbell squats, barbell landmine single leg deadlifts, etc.. in that Running Rewired book I have mentioned a few times.

You should ask your PT what he thinks about adding in some of that – once you get things sorted out.

Here is a video of tiny Jordan Hasay tossing around some heavy weights:

I was able to squeeze in a narrower squat rack and a pretty nice home gym setup into my small 2 car garage – and still fit both our vehicles.

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