Silentish Saturday!

When the park bench is buried.

9 miles @ 8:15 pace.

Endorphins from a run + a happy baby excited to see me when I finished = pure heaven.


The best steak gyro from Lola’s.

Spent the evening with Andrew’s aunt that lives here.

They even had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Felt so weird to not get things ready for a long run today.

The weather app is trying to freak me out for Boston…


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Janae stop looking at Boston weather!! It’ll change so much between now and race day.

3 things for today: a run/walk (I missed running after almost 2.5 years so easing back in), finish cleaning my living room furniture and then time for baking so things are ready for Easter. Making cinnamon rolls for breakfast and brownies to bring to my friends for dinner! Have a wonderful day and Easter xoxo


Don’t let that app stress you out (or a crazy watch race predictor for that matter… or anything/anyone!) You’ve trained hard and you’ll have a great race.

3 things:

Easter brunch prep: Think I mentioned my feast in a comment yesterday!

Little league baseball game watching with the family.

Taking my other son to a friend’s birthday party. I always get so much anxiety about talking to other parents at those things. I guess because of COVID we didn’t do any of that for so long, but I get shy in general!


Got my long-run done (great weather!)
Community Easter egg hunt for the kids
Dinner at a new small-town steak house with friends
BONUS: Baking bread and dinner rolls for Easter dinner


Oh that glorious sunshine! You guys look like you’re having a great time!
Yes, don’t stress about the weather. I know you want to be prepared and ready, but it is whatever it is. You’ve done all the hard work! You’re going to FLY in Boston.
I’m starting my day with pilates, then baking a lemon Bundt cake for tomorrow and getting things ready for Easter.
Have a wonderful day and beautiful Easter with your family 😊


Do not let the weather app freak you out; she’s a liar, honey! :) 3 things for me today: 1) Run the Crescent City 10K in New Orleans 2) Lunch with my best friend from junior high who lives here 3) phone conversation with another friend on the way home from Nola (I don’t know why getting older means I have to schedule time/talks with friends, lol. Also, I may have to stop at a Trader Joe’s in Baton Rouge on my way home since we don’t have one where I live. Sending you good vibes for Boston Janae! I know you will dominate! :) Happy Saturday!


We are away on the Sunshine Coast. I went to the hottub this morning. We are going to get coffee and breakfast later and hopefully get in a run. The weather is supposed to be very rainy and windy! But we have a room over looking the harbour so can’t complain.

Happy Saturday Janae! Can’t believe Boston is so close!!


Love the deer in the background of the picture!!


today’s a chill day…started with getting organized to talk to my learn to run/5K group…todays talk was biomechanics, footwear and getting ready for a run….in 1 hour!……of course my MacBook Zoom connection wasn’t the best, and tried using my AFTERSHOKZ..not sold on them …the audio wasn’t the greatest….now, just watched a doc on Jewish recipes, and am craving a Rueben, just received Des Linden’s memoir so some reading ahead….tomorrow, run, strength, and looking for easter eggs?


Three things scrimmage for my youngest spring elite basketball team, early Easter dinner with youngest and middle son and seeing new Air movie tonight. Nike is born in my home state so we are excited.


The high for Friday is in the 80s and Monday’s current forecast is calling for a high of 60. So definitely warmer than what you’ve been training for!


In that picture of Beck, did a deer literally just photo bomb you? How random !! And neat. haha.

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