Random Thoughts + Done + Spring Breaking.

(pants, top, shoes, bra)

The last big workout is done! We did 7 x our mostly downhill mile repeats. We love doing these 10ish days before a marathon because it is a great opportunity to get the legs to turnover fast without putting too much of an aerobic effort in. I averaged a 5:37 for these (I started at 5:40 and went down to 5:35) and felt very in control of the pace.

15.28 miles @ 7:07 pace total. 2ish mile w/u, .7 mile recoveries after each repeat, 2ish mile c/d.

Nothing like sitting in actual sunlight after a workout. It was so healing. Our area is supposed to heat up drastically next week, so now we are worried about flooding because of how much snow is in our mountains. Really hoping it doesn’t warm up too much, too soon.

Here are a few random thoughts from the run:

*I notice my ankles have weakened since I haven’t been on the trails for so long. I feel them on tight turns or bumps. I need to work on ankle mobility and strength because I am not getting it anymore from the trails like I normally do.

*I don’t even flinch taking a Maurten gel anymore. My body is so used to taking several of them each week that it is just normal now. If you have a hard time with gels, the more you practice, the easier it will become.

*Perceived effort is such an interesting thing to me. 6 out of 7 of my MTC miles were with someone next to me, right in front of me, or right behind me. Those felt so controlled and easyish. For a few of them, we were talking the entire time. I did one alone (#6), and it felt much harder than the ones with people next to me. It’s crazy how much of a difference I feel alone vs. someone close. Thank goodness I’ll be near people for every step in Boston. I have a friend that will stay with me for the first 15 too, so I am excited about that.

*All of our hamstrings felt it during the workout because of how cold it was. 18°. I didn’t wear shorts which was shocking to my friends.

*A few of my friends keep their shoes so loose they can slip their feet in and out of them without retying them. They do tighten them when they do speed. I tie my shoes abnormally tight for each run.

My watch doesn’t believe in my 2:4X goal, but I don’t know if it will ever believe in me:)

I don’t have any Friday Favorites this week because I can’t even find anything in our house ha, but here is how our day in Midway looked:

Donuts at Judy’s —> best Apple fritter ever.

A stop at a year-round Christmas store.
My favorite grilled cheese from Heber Valley Milk & Artisan Cheese. We ate outside in the sun.
And we finished the day off in the hot tub. My hamstrings needed this.


Does your watch give you accurate race predictions?

Do you tie your shoes loose, medium, or tight?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

What’s for breakfast today?

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Janae I am so excited to hear about your Boston Marathon. Your work in all that cold and snow is going to pay off BIG!
Seeing the picture of snow and the hot tub makes me laugh! I so want a hot tub…just need to convince the hubby!
My watch is actually pretty close to what I think I can do for my races…but I hope it’s wrong as I so hope to BQ again!
I have a very particular tightness to my shoe laces. Not too tight but definitely not loose. On race day I think I tie and re-tie several times to get just the right amount of snugness.
This weekend my daughter is running her first half marathon. I am so proud of her. She doesn’t love running , but loves how it keeps her in shape.
No breakfast here, I am fasting for Good Friday. But dreaming of a big breakfast tomorrow after the half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!


Big favorite this week is Des’ book. I just got through her big surprise and private diagnosis pre Boston 2018. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read it yet. I was so stunned.
That’s so exciting that you have a Boston partner! It might be time to ditch that Garmin watch with its bad predictions! ha

Good luck with that snow turned rain! Hoping for the best out there!


My shoes have to be just right. Too loose and my ankles feel wonky and too tight, the top of my feet hurt. I lurv the Kinvara 14s as the laces have a little elastic in them so they stay tight and flex at the same time…


Ha your watch severely underestimates your abilities! Watch insight is so funny. Mine is especially bad after a lot of trail running since I’m much slower on the trails. I tie my shoes exactly as your friends – permanently nice and loose! It works best after they have been broken in a little bit so my feet don’t slip. It’s only for running though because I also inline skate in carbon fiber boots which are so tight my feet can’t move at all.
It’s a big Easter weekend here! Lots of church, some family gatherings, and hopefully the Easter bunny might visit. ;) I am making mini key lime pies for Sunday, which I am excited to eat!.
Enjoy your time at the cabin – looks like a super fun adventure!! I want to visit that year round Christmas store!


I did a 30 minute power walk with Becs yesterday on Peloton and she was talking all about the Boston Marathon and it made me think of you!! You could always do the class as a run Obvs and just listen to her but I was tearing up and I’ve never even done the race (except my goal is to run Boston before I’m 40- I’m 36 now!)

Just so excited for you to crush it this year!!! You’re amazing!!


I was thinking of doing Becs class as a run just to listen to her talk all about Boston. I have never run it, but I love listening to all things Boston Marathon! I qualified for it a few years ago, but couldn’t make that work with family and life, so I want to BQ again one day.
Have a good day!


My Suunto doesn’t give race predictions, but I haven’t done a race in quite a few years so that’s fine.

I definitely tie my shoes tightly. I have enough trouble with tripping over my own feet, don’t need to add loose shoes to the mix!

It’s Easter Sunday this weekend! Favorite Sunday of the year for so, so many reasons, but also just so grateful for what it truly represents.

Greek yogurt for breakfast today and everyday. And coffee, lots of coffee.


Ha! Your watch has no idea what you have already done and what you can do! Kinda rude, ha ha.
I have to have my shoes tied on the tighter side for sure! I feel unstable if they’re too loose.
That grilled cheese looks so yummy! That is definitely one of my favorite comfort foods. And ya… The sunshine! But yikes for the possibility of flooding. With all the snow you have, it’s not surprising that could happen with such a quick warm-up.
I’m so looking forward to beautiful weather and sunshine all weekend, plus being with family on Easter.
Great job on your last big workout!! It is getting so exciting!! Have a great Friday Janae 😊


Hi Janae! I keep my non running shoes slip in slip out but definitely not for my running or hiking shoes! Yay for that last workout in the bank! The Garmin can be so mea and wrong sometimes, I actually disabled the performance condition popup because it was just rude.
Have an awesome day!


Take that Garmin: Use that watch predictor like I do on Google maps when I am driving somewhere. like, oh yeah? That is how long you think it takes to get there? watch this.

Breakfast: same every single day. 2 eggs – medium (I like a “little” runny-ness) and 2 pieces of toast. every day.

Shoes: I like them relatively loosely tied until I start a workout, then I gotta tie those bad boys down. I do hate it when I forget after I am done and start driving home with tight shoes though – I feel like my circulation is going to be cut off!


I actually feel like my Garmin has been been a giant downer lately. Number one, I need to recalibrate it or something because it’s been off on my mileage pace and number 2 it sometimes randomly just beeps and tells me my performance is like -4 and it’s like “DUDE, thanks a LOT garmin!” But still the best GPS, so what can you do.

This weekend, Easter activities! We’re making a big brunch on Sunday with a tenderloin from Costco (and scalloped potatoes, hearts of palm salad, popovers, and a bunny cake from my mom). My husband is braving Costco for the supplies today (I know you’re a fan but I am not, especially on holiday weekend…). My in-laws are visiting/staying with us and my cousin is coming over with his daughters. So big family time, lots of food, and a long run before it all on Sat.

PS: LOVE LOVE Heber Valley Milk/cheese! My mom has a house in Utah, so we’re there like 4 times a year and last summer we did the dairy tour with the kids which was awesome. You’ve probably done it but it was so neat if you haven’t and the technology they use was really fascinating (I know that sounds weird, but it was!). Also, cheese and ice cream!


I can’t believe that Boston is already here! I look forward it o hearing how everyone does!!! I am curious. You mentioned exercises for your ankles, what do you do? This is one thing I feel like I need to do.

As for shoe laces, I’d say medium. I can’t do tight or my feet start hurting on a longer run and too lose and my feel will feel like they are slipping. That said, I never untie my shoes to take them off!!

I am on a nice little vacation to see my Godmother in San Miguel de Allende. It is fabulous. I will definitely get my steps in, but have not figured out where I can run….

I went in and looked at my Garmin race predictor. I’d say it is probably pretty accurate if I REALLY pushed myself on race day. I am slowly learning how to race, so that I don’t burn out to early or finish with to much steam!!


I bought hot cross buns for the office today since it’s Good Friday. They were a big hit!


Your watch!!! geez!!!

You might want to do some ankle strengthening exercises (after Boston!) and hit the trails! My ankles did not tolerate Hoka’s after a year or two of wearing them.

Those donuts look amazing and solid.

I bet you threw all your friends for a loop by wearing tights and long sleeves!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!! Hope the candy is top notch! (holiday candy is my favorite, especially Easter Candy!!) Speaking of that, I got a box of Sees Candy in the mail today from my brother and SIL. Scotch Mallow for the WIN! I came in from my bike ride and ate it before I even took off my helmet and shoes.


I’ve had a great week…so am planning on a longer than usual Sunday to finish the week off…but
spring allergies are hitting me hard…I wish we had few good hard rains….
shoes tight…I hate feeling them not secure, and speed laces…
oatmeal blue berries and brown sugar…and OJ!


I think your watch has a confidence problem, we may need to give it a pep talk :)

That grilled cheese and those donuts, wow wow wow. Enjoy your break and I’ll keep fingers crossed that the snow melt is ok!!

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