More from Boston Part 1!

Thank you so much for your comments yesterday. I don’t know what I would do without this community. Thank you, thank you.

Let’s rewind to Friday morning. Brooke and Knox went to school and then were off to their other parents for the weekend. I would never have predicted how hard this situation is for Skye. She misses them so much when they leave.

And then we met Andrew’s dad at the airport, and he took Beck and Skye back to their house for the weekend, where they were spoiled with train rides, farm visits, the pet store, a candy store, and parks galore. They are the best.
The kids made cards for me, and Andrew surprised me with them on the airplane. They were just what I needed. I also came across this quote on the plane and read it ten times, reminding myself not to fear failure. To go big and after something I really wanted. Failing forward is the way to get to what we want!

We landed in Boston at around 4:30 and went to our hotel. We stayed at the Marriot Courtyard on Tremont, and it was perfect. The room was tiny but comfortable and close enough to everything we needed, especially Boston Commons. I slept so well there. I love staying close to Boston Commons because that is where the buses pick you up on race morning.

We grabbed some fajita bowls from El Jefe’s and then took an Uber to Fenway. What are the odds that the Angels were there for marathon weekend? Andrew was thrilled, and his spirits were high for the first half of the game that the Angels were winning, but then they broke his heart again. Andrew joked with me yesterday that we have issues because we love these things that break our heart over and over again–> The marathon and the Angels, ha.

Meb threw the first pitch, and I searched everywhere for the ‘fried dough’ that we had heard about but settled on soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles. The temperature was perfect, and I stayed out so late, which made me feel cool until I realized it was only 8:30 pm Utah time;)

We woke up Saturday morning, had a muffin, and headed to a Core Power shakeout run. It’s pretty crazy to me how strong the connections are that are made online. This weekend is one of my absolute favorites because of how many people I get to meet in person after chatting for so long and getting to know each other online.

We ran along the Charles River, and it was stunning. I love this path so much. It was my first time running in the Vaporfly 3s, and I couldn’t believe the spring in them. It got me so excited to race in them. It was warm during our shakeout run, which made me nervous (probably cool for most people but not for me, coming from 10°F training for the previous four months).

We hung out at the park afterward, chatting and drinking Core Power. I may have gotten emotional talking about how much Core Power has done for me.

Utah friends! These women mean a lot to me. They were so helpful after my divorce in a million ways, and I have to share something about my friend in the gray shirt that I told her on Saturday…

10+ years ago, a big group of us were out to dinner. I was still trying to figure out this eating/running thing and looked around the table and saw her plate. She has a 2:45 at CIM and is just an incredible runner. In front of her, at that table, was a large sandwich with french fries, and she ate it all. It was a DING DING DING moment for me. A woman that was so admirable in many ways was fueling her body and her training. She was not depriving herself. Her fueling herself properly was part of her key to success. Her example helped me so much. She was in the Elite coral on Monday and had an amazing experience.

After the shake-out run (3 miles @ 9:29 pace), we watched the pro men’s and women’s 1-mile race. Seeing them loop around the block three times for each race was inspiring.

Talk about motivating. Krissy Gear won in 4:40, and Hobbs Kessler won in 4:08.

We grabbed some bagels and ate those as we walked back to our hotel to get ready.

Next stop–> The expo! We bought some unicorns for the kids and a new sports bra for me.

We hung out at the Core Power booth, which was awesome. They put together an amazing display. Andrew and I were disappointed by the rest of the expo, though… usually, we stay for hours, but there wasn’t as much there this year. Did anyone else feel that way? It felt so much smaller than usual.

The shirt from our bags is my new favorite race shirt. It’s so sleek.

We went shopping for a few hours on Newbury (thank goodness we don’t have streets like this near where we live, we would be broke).

AND LEVAIN. I tried the coconut caramel cookie; it is a must if you are near this bakery. It was golden on the outside and doughy on the inside.

I think this was one of the biggest highlights of the weekend. We went to the live Ali on the Run Show and met Keira D’Amato before the show. She was something else. She is beyond hilarious, and so humble. I had goosebumps from so many of the things she told me. She is the ultimate mother-runner role model for me. I thought about her a lot during my race.
I told this to Ali after the show, but I have never met anyone so perfectly matched to do the job they do like Ali. The hour flew by. We were laughing for the first 20 minutes non-stop, moving around, playing a game for a bit, and then sitting there trying to fight back the tears from some of the things they shared.

We finished off the night by going to Toscano for dinner. Some new friends from the shakeout run told us to go there, and they were right. The bruschetta and pasta were everything I could have wanted for dinner.

And that is where I will pause because I feel like I am talking way too much:). I hope your day is off to a beautiful start!

PS It feels so good to be home again and be as lazy as possible.  I. Am. Tired. I took a 2 hour nap with Beck yesterday.


If someone comes to visit your area, where do you tell them to go for their run?

Expo talk–> Do you want to get out fast, or do you like seeing everything at the expo?

-I like taking every handout and stopping at every booth.

Crowds–> Don’t bother you or not your favorite?

-Andrew does not like being in crowded areas (except for baseball games:) but is such a good sport about marathon weekend! I don’t mind them, but I definitely need a break from them after some time.

What’s your run today?

-I’m taking a week off; I’ll live through your runs!

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I think I could read 30 posts from you on Boston! Just so immensely proud of you!!! Hopefully the floors are all done and you can just rest this week with Andrew and the kids. I hope to qualify for Boston one day and am totally living vicariously through you!!!


Thank you so much, Sarah! You will get there and I want to hear all about it from YOU! I hope your morning is off to a beautiful start!


I want an Ali on the Run episode with you and Keira!
Enjoy being home with your biggest fans!
I’m supposed to do a few mile repeats today but TBD with predicted storms.


Ooh, I agree! Another Janae episode of Ali on the Run would be awesome! And with Keira as well? Amazing! :)


THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN! I hope you are able to get in your mile repeats without a crazy storm! Happy Wednesday, Molly!


Looks like such a fun trip, but I know you are glad to be home! :) The Core Power shakeout must have been so fun; you’ve gathered together such a wonderful and supportive community here. Crowds in indoor spaces are definitely not my thing (my anxiety comes out big time) but I am able to deal with them when necessary. Race crowds don’t bother me because I’m outside and feel like I have more space (is that weird?). We have a park where I live that has some pretty trails, but it’s small, only a three mile loop. I wish we had some scenic trails close by. I’m much better at recommending restaurants where I live because there is so much good Cajun food to choose from. :) Today’s run will be a quick 3 miles; I did my strength training this morning before work. I am starting to understand how you’ve grown to love strength training, Janae. I think I’m getting over the “I hate this” phase and starting to see the results in my running, which is awesome! Happy Wednesday, Janae! :)


Emily, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Great point… there is such a big difference between crowds indoors and outdoors. That park sounds gorgeous and I want to come for a run and some cajun food. YAY for strength training love coming in…. I can’t wait to get back to it. Thanks friend, you too!


The expo was SO DISAPPOINTING. I think all of the major brands just did pop-ups this year… Marathon sports had a pop-up store with a bunch of brands (Topo, Feetures, Darn Tough, UCAN). If that’s the case next year, I won’t even bother with the expo (I volunteer so no bib to pick up or anything, just there for the shopping!!). Bummer!


Uggggg we were seriously so disappointed by the expo! I hear ya… I won’t go either (besides to get my bib) if it is like it was this year! Thank you for volunteering, you are the best.


Do you remember how much those Spike stuffed toys cost?
Thanks for sharing about the expo — wonder if that’s a sign of things to come, or if the major races are just slowly getting going again.


Hearing about Boston makes me want to run a marathon again!

Enjoy your recovery. I don’t love crowds but I will tolerate it to run a marathon major !

Your comment about the expo is similar to other comments I heard about this year. I haven’t been to Boston since 2013 and 2014 but the expos had a lot from what I recall!

Have an amazing day Janae and so happy you are reunited with your kiddos.


It’s almost wedding time for you! Ahhhhhh! Seriously, I don’t know why they cut the expo down so much. Thank you, Kristine and hope your Wednesday is a gorgeous one!


I agree that the expo was very disappointing this year. My parents and I got in Sunday around 11am and it was SO crowded. I felt like we were cattle being herded, and there wasn’t much to look at.
I live about a mile from the Erie canal path, so that’s where I would take you if you ever came to visit. It’s miles and miles of pancake flat asphalt or crushed gravel. It’s amazing!
I’m still licking my wounds from Monday. It’s hard not to be disappointed when so many things went right but my stomach revolted, but that’s the challenge of a marathon. I was super happy I got to see everyone who came to support me along the way. And Boston is fun no matter what.
I am so proud of you. Thank you for continuing to inspire me. Someday we are going to meet !!


I have been thinking about you, Stacey. I am so sorry about your stomach issues on Monday. It’s so hard after working for months towards a goal to have something out of your control hit you like that. We better get to meet someday. And I am glad I’m not alone on wondering what happened with the expo this year!! Happy recovering, Stacey!


It was such a pleasure to meet you at the shakeout run on Saturday!

I agree 100 percent that the shirt from our bags is pure perfection.

My husband and I enjoyed a Red Sox/Angels game on Sunday afternoon, and it was fun to see historic Fenway. We were especially excited to see Ohtani play!

Overall, my first Boston Marathon experience was amazing, but I blew up on the course and did not even come close to my goal. I’ve been telling everyone that the weekend was awesome, but the race itself was … blah. I was nursing a glute situation (alternating between moderate pain and my glute completely giving out), and my cadence was not what it should have been. Your reflections on the race are helping me manage my disappointment with myself.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement and positivity. Your perspective on goal setting inspires me so much. Thanks for being you!!


Sarah, I LOVED meeting YOU! Thank you thank you for coming. I am so happy you were able to go to a game! Congratulations on your first Boston. You are incredible. You are not alone. We will get through this and our next one will be amazing. Keep me updated with your glute. Let’s get our body to 100% again. Happy recovering friend!


I LOVE reading all about Boston from you! Partly because I am dying to go and partly because I know how hard you worked to get there and it’s so inspiring! It would be so amazing to meet so many people from this wonderful community you have created. You can talk all week about Boston!
Oh my goodness… You got to go to Ali’s live show! So fun! And yes, I think she is just the best too. And I think Kiera is such a great person… Real, humble, funny, and inspiring. I can’t wait to listen to that episode!
My run today is an easy longer run. The sun is already out, so it should be perfect.
Keep enjoying your down time and recovery.


I so totally agree with Andrew – I always tell people sometimes I’d rather not have my team in the playoffs. I get so worked up watching my teams play! It’s much more relaxing to just sit and watch 2 good teams you are not invested in play a close game. You should have seen me when the Royals were in the World Series back in 2014/2015, lol. Same goes when my Kansas Jayhawks play poorly in the NCAA Tourney (like this year). Definitely under-performed.

And I have you beat – there is no way you can suffer more than being a Mariners fan. I think they hold the current record streak for a major sports team not making the playoffs.

Janae – you are so right! Every great person fails multiple times before hitting their goals. I just got done reading David Goggins 2nd book, Never Finished. Anyone would think twice about getting too worked up about a little running injury after seeing what he has recovered from. The guy definitely is the epitome of dedication and hard work to overcome obstacles in life.


Great job Janae! You are AMAZING. Do you have a PO Box I could send something to?


AHHHH YES!!! You are so sweet. Email me, please!


Can you share more about your journey of what helped you through your divorce/eating/fueling or point me to a post you have previously written. What you wrote about your friend
“A woman that was so admirable in many ways was fueling her body and her training. She was not depriving herself. Her fueling herself properly was part of her key to success. Her example helped me so much.”
is how I feel towards you. Janae you are an example to many!


Janae!! I was so sad to not make it to the shakeout run. Boston is SO much. Trying to be so many places. It was my first Boston and honestly, all the events and things happening were incredible but overwhelming. I had to work to be in my own head some and take care of me. BUT, the core power shakeout was one of a few things I really wanted to make but alas. ALSO, the expo was a total let down. I wanted more.

I love your honesty and realness here. You’re a champ. Can’t imagine running as fast as you! 🤣 I loved the day on the course. The crowds were insane and I think my training was way more productive than I thought. It was a day. You always power back and I so respect that in who you are. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Thanks for being YOU!!


Pause???…… I was just settling in. Thank you for sharing with all of us, seriously.
I am inspired equally by your “failures” as your successes. It is the whole package in this running/life thing.


I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to all your recaps, and especially Boston! My sister was in college in Boston during the 2013 bombings and had been at the finish line, only to return to her dorm just before they went off because she wasn’t feeling well. I will never run Boston (4:27 marathoner here) but Boston means so much to me! I have volunteered at the race and cheered each of the last 5 years (my husband has run it 3x.)

This year was extra special, we brought our 4 month old baby to cheer for friends! In the mix of the rain I must have missed you come by but I am so proud of you! I have been reading your blog daily for probably almost 10 years now and you are always so inspiring to me. Glad you had an overall great visit and hope you return next year!


I can’t wait to read more! Enjoy the rest week! I live in Milwaukee and we have the best lakefront path that runs along lake Michigan so I tell people to go there. I love a good expo! The last big one I attended was the Chicago Marathon one in 2014! But you’re definitely inspiring me to get out there and train for another! The wheels are turning. Crowds-not my favorite but I can deal with them if I expect it!


Hi Janae! Love your recap!
I’ll be running a loop near a coffee shop my husband loves today! Random note for you- you said you were on antibiotics last week. For me it helps a lot when I follow antibiotics with probiotics for a bit! Helps my gut recover and get the “good bacteria” back. Thought I’d share in case anyone reading has had lingering gut issues after antibiotics!
Have an awesome day!


I love Expos….I hate that more and more races arn’t doing them, it’s sort of like the good old pasta parties. Victoria use dto have a huge one at the amazing Empress was huge, and sitting at a round table with random runners, it was great..miss that.
I like being anominous amoungst lots of people..never used to, I used to actually get physically ill in big groups, now, it’s all good.


I’m ok with crowds, except for the following scenarios. It’s super hot and muggy or I’m in a rush and the people are moving SO SLOW! My husband on the other hand, hates crowds. Once we did a day trip to Manhattan while visiting friends in Long Island. After we did some touristy stuff, my friend gave us two options. Grab a drink somewhere before waiting for the next train, or speed walk/run to catch the train leaving in a few mins to get back to their house. My husband picked the second option as he did not want to be in Times Square any longer. Haha

I just moved a few months ago, so if I’m Denver, I would say Sloans Lake or Wash Park. In St Louis, I’d recommend either Queeny Park or Forest Park!

I ran 3.5 miles this morning before the kids were up since we are road tripping to Hilton Head for my cousins wedding.

Love your recaps!


The shakeout and meet up was so great, thanks for putting it together.

I thought the expo was lacking as well. It’s kind of weird when they have non-running related things like windows- I didn’t even see that many places to buy stuff except the official store. Houston, Chicago, and NYC all had pretty great expos :)


Thank you SO much for coming. I loved meeting you! Seriously, it was so weird… I need to make it to Houston and Chicago next. Happy recovering!

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