Friday Favorites!

Morning! My Peloton is seeing a lot more of me lately. FORCE ME TO INCORPORATE THIS INTO MY TRAINING THIS YEAR. Before I was blogging, there was a time I decided to do a marathon three days before the actual marathon. I hadn’t been running a ton, and my longest run in months had been 15 miles… But I had been teaching 3-4 spin classes a week. I ended up running a 4-minute pr in that marathon. My body likes the spin bike a lot, and it really helps me to quicken my leg turnover.

My strength training was emptying the pantry. We didn’t know the painters were showing up in the morning, and they needed everything moved out.

Beck thought he would add to the challenge by attaching himself to me.

And then we needed to be out of the house for the rest of the day.

Jimmy John’s is so good.

The kids got in some running…

And I dropped off the fabric for our window seat. I love it.

It has been a minute since I last shared my favorites, so here are just a few….

*This cheap box of pipe cleaners with wiggly eyes has offered my kids hours and hours of entertainment. They are so easy to bring a few around when the kids need to sit as we wait for something.

*The time I said I would never, but then I did, and I’m obsessed with them… MINI FLARES!

*Someone asked for my favorite t-shirts, so I’ll share them again today! My #1 is the cheap Amazon 2-pack (for $16).  The Outdoor Voices ones.  These ones are from Madewell.  My favorite t-shirts to wear with biker shorts. And this Scooped neck from Old Navy ($12!)!

*My spring/summer purse… I love it a lot.

*I have a new Core Power code–> 15HRGIRLCP and it ends on 5/20. It gets you 15% off HERE, and you can get as much as you want in one order only!

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

What was the last thing you bought on Amazon?

Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray… my grays are coming in hot and heavy.

A trend that you think will never be your thing?

-I was sure the flares were mine, but now I’m obsessed.

Does anyone else need to incorporate cross-training with their race training?

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I have been neglecting my Peloton for the last month, I have GOT to get back on it, but the weather has been so nice outside all I want to do is run outdoors. I’ve got the KY Derby Half tomorrow and I’m going for a PR so hopefully I will get it!!! I have major pantry envy and cannot wait till you all get everything done! We got our pool opened last week so hopefully we can have some pool time this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!!


That is the really hard part of the Peloton during this time of year… I want to be outside! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW… I have a really good feeling about how it is going to go for you. Please let me knowhow it goes. Cheering so loud for you! YOU HAVE A POOL… well, now we can just be jealous of each other. Have a beautiful weekend, and run fast in the beginning, fast in the middle and fast in the end:). You’ve got this, Sarah!


I’ll be making a key lime pie this weekend. I’m going for a medium rare finish compared to Andrew’s well-done preference. hehe
Last purchase on Amazon: Nuun hydration tabs, Huma gels, Saucony Guide 15s. Shocking, no?
Good work on the pantry. Last minute to-dos at least prevent procrastination. Can’t wait to see the complete finish of your house!!


I must come over for your key lime pie. That sounds so good. BAHAHA just sent your comment to Andrew… medium rare or even rare is the way to go for pies;). I need to try out the Guide, I’ve heard great things about them. Valid point, the only procrastination I could do was to take a picture of it all. Happy weekend, Molly (and a weekend off from work too wahoo)!


Looking forward to a weekend without an event/kids birthday party every ten seconds! Last weekend was nuts. This weekend we only have little league, so apart from that and running I plan to chill.

Also I’m taking the day off and going shopping my mom today. I personally HATE shopping but I need a few new things and she always knows what’s going to look good on me.

I stopped reading and went and bought Core Power (the strawberry is my favorite and hard to find in the store!) so I guess that’s the last thing I bought on Amazon, but before that (which let’s be honest was yesterday) it was birthday presents for kids.

Those flares are CUTE! That’s how I like my jeans anyway. Not a big trend girl, I feel like I know what looks good on my body and stick with it MOSTLY, but I do like all the people pairing blazers with casual looks (like white tank, jeans and blazer). I have some travel coming up and I feel like if I find the RIGHT blazer this could be a good airplane look.


Arianna! You have a weekend without craziness… I am SO happy for you, enjoy every second and good luck to your littles at the game! I wish I could join you on your shopping day and I think Andrew wishes I hated shopping so that is a great quality to have. Good luck, I hope you find everything you need quickly. YAY for new Core Power and the strawberry tastes like Nesquick:) OH I am so with you on the blazer look and you have the right blazer, send me the link!


Okay, I HAVE to give you this update… my mom and I went to Rack and I found some great stuff (and a cute blazer from Laundry). but the BIG NEWS… I FOUND A PAIR OF VAPOR FLIES AT RACK. Like just one. In my size. I’ve been wanting to just try them and I could NOT BELIEVE IT. I won’t tell you the cost because I don’t want you to hate me, but I just had to share. I couldn’t believe it.


Last Amazon purchase – pumpkin seeds and books (I do support my local bookstore but my daughter is in a reading kick and cheaper to but the series on Amazon). Next purchase – Core Power. Thanks for the code!

The stretch pants as every day wear trend. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them unless I’m running :)


TGIF is right… PS that took me back to my tween years and looking forward to TGIF on TV every Friday night:). How old is your daughter? You’ll have to let me know what series she is loving. Enjoy the Core Power, it’s so nice to get to save a bit. It is a weird trend… that is for sure!! Have the best weekend, Deidre!


Last thing purchased on Amazon: Some primer/foundation that I was “influenced” to purchase by a Vlogger I watch on YouTube. And 2 packs of Body Glide cause summer is coming and short season will be here! :-)

Hair/roots: oh the gray roots….sigh. With my current hairstyle (which, truthfully – been this same hairstyle for a long time, haha) but when my hair starts to grow out – the crown of my head looks balding in photos because the hair is gray growing in. It looks so bad but it almost seems like I am coloring it every 3-4 weeks. ugh.


If you like the primer, you have to share the link with me:). Yesssss to Body Glide, chafing is truly the worst. Oh I know what you mean and so that’s why I bought the spray (but I have really dark hair so that’s why it works)… going every few weeks is so annoying! Hope your day is a beautiful one!


This weekend will be easy runs because I just did my 4th full marathon last Saturday in Nashville! It was INCREDIBLE and I had my second fastest time! I think without the hills in the last 4 miles (yes there was a hill on mile 25) i might have been able to go sub 4 hours! I haven’t broken 4 yet, but I am now confident that I can. The weather was perfect (45 at the start, 68 by the end and sunny) and all the music on the course and the cheers and the party crowds were just the best. I already want to do it again!

we walked a lot the days after the race, so I never got stiff, and I did a 3 miler on wednesday, so I think i will attempt a few miles tomorrow.

have a great weekend!


CONGRATULATIONS LORIBETH! I am so so happy for you. You are incredible. Well, now I want to come do that marathon, it sounds amazing. Happy recovering! Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae! Your pantry looks incredible!! Also I love that mini flare cut for jeans. Some of my friends do a fast walk and it’s surprisingly a different muscle group than normal walking or running.
Happy Friday!!


Thank you, Amy! Oh I totally agree, I always get so sore from fast walking when I do it! Especially my shins. Thanks friend, you too!


It looks like you have some great weather right now! Yay
I love those mini flares. Those are something I think I could wear a lot.
We’re in Santa Barbara and it’s cloudy and a bit drizzly, but I’m still going to explore run around the campus of UCSB while my hubby does his water polo thing. Explore running is my favorite thing to do when I tag along on these trips!
Have a wonderful weekend!


I do some spin classes over the winter, but once I can get my bike on the road, I’m out of there until maybe October…I have done spins where I get to use my own bike on a bike trainer, I love those…..
Swim, strength, yoga…swim may continue, it’s summer, our summers are so short, I’ve gotta get lots of sunshine
so this weekend…, teach a run clinic, bike, plant garden, sleep, run some more…..some landscaping is in my future..


I love those flares! They look fabulous on you. Can I ask where you purchased them from? Spinning is a great workout! Considering getting back to doing some biking myself. Coming back to running slowly after an injury and have had some things pop up on my return. 😞

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