Why haven’t I + FMW + Sideways

(shorts, shirt, socks, long-sleeve, bra, shoes)

Why haven’t I been eating cinnamon sugar toast before all of my runs for years?! It was delicious.

Last week’s caffeine made me feel so sick (I took way too much) so this week, I just had about 20mg of caffeine from my bai drink for the run and called it good. My gut felt much better!  I think the problem was using Perk Energy before my run last week because I had never had any problems from my Maurten caffeine gels.

There were so many fast people yesterday to chase after.

My coach helped me for the last .25 miles of each interval by pacing me in during the final kick. I was very grateful, and each time it brought my time down.

Also, grateful for places to stop to use the restroom and throw away our gels along the way… I dislike putting gel wrappers back in my pockets.
And for places I can stash my top layers and have them still be there when I go back later to get them.
2-mile w/u, 3 x 3 miles (6:12, 6:08, 6:05 averages for those) with about .6 mile recovery jogs between each one, c/d—> 18 miles @ 6:57 average for the day. I took a gel after each 3-mile set, which worked well for me. This first set was primarily flat, the second included a lot of climbing, and the third had a lot of downhill.

Oh, and I had to stop and tie my shoe during that final interval which was quite annoying trying to get moving again. I wore the alphaflys because I want to get the mileage out of them so I’m not wasting them. I love them on uphills but not as much on flat sections or downhills for some reason. I also don’t love how they sound like I’m stomping in them. Fine for workouts but not a shoe I want to race in or go for segment prs in.  

Beck joined me for a 20-minute full-body strength workout afterward. I modified some of the moves because my legs were dead.

We were able to see my aunt and uncle that are in town! Remember when I first had Brooke in California and didn’t have an apartment yet? This aunt and uncle took us in and took such great care of us.

These two were thrilled about getting to do this… 

And then when I went out to shop for Andrew’s birthday, snow was blowing sideways.

Our Easter plans this year:

We made burgers for dinner and then some Frosted Mini Wheats before bed… A great post from Meghann!

PS We watched the Truman Show last night and Brooke and Knox loved it. This was one of my favorite movies growing up… I loved it so much.

Have a favorite movie from when you were a tween/teen?

-I’m pretty sure I watched A Walk to Remember 300 times as a tween/teen.

Does running with someone next to you help you, or do you do better on your own?

How often do you switch up your running routes?  Does it depend on the season?

-I feel like in the summer, we are always running something new but the winter has kept us on a lot of the same roads each day.

What has been the best part of your morning so far?

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I am totally off topic but the cereal part made me think of my absolute most favorite cereal of all time that they longer have – Kellogg’s Product 19! When I tell you it was the BEST cereal you just have to trust me. It wasn’t a fancy cereal, but it was super good for you (had this slight salty taste to it) and I wish they would bring it back! https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/product-19-cereal-discontinued
The best part of my morning is sitting at my work computer eating my bagel reading your blog!


Sarah! Why did they take it off the market? Is there any possible way I can try it! I NEED! Thank you for letting me be a part of your morning, that means a lot. Hope your day is off to a great start!


Look at that young Jim Carrey! I loved The Truman Show and A Walk To Remember, too! And the soundtrack to AWTR! I also thought of Clueless and Legally Blonde. And I just love Home Alone in general. We would watch that year-round.
I love when I’m running through a neighborhood on garbage day. Trash cans are everywhere for my gel wrappers.
AH! 18 miles with that speedwork! You’re rocking this training cycle!


Oh, that soundtrack got me through many emotional days! I’m going to have to rewatch legally blonde and clueless asap… Brooke will love watching those ones with me eventually. The things runners do that non runners probably think is so weird… yay for trash day🎉 Hope you have the best day and that you are making some fresh bread soon!


I’m laughing at the Easter egg meme… you guys have had a lot of snow this year!
Great job on that workout and I’m extra impressed that you came home and did strength training afterwards- you are really nailing your training this cycle!


Easter will be so easy this year haha. Thank you so much! It was definitely hard to start but I was so glad I did it. Have a beautiful day, Jenny!


Oh, I love Life cereal and frosted mini wheats. I haven’t eaten any cereals in years! Maybe I will go get some.
That Easter egg hunt meme is hilarious! But yes, you have had and keep getting so much snow this year.
Best part of the morning so far… Having random texts from both boys. I love that. And because I’m hooked on this true crime podcast, it’s always nice to know they haven’t gone missing, ha.
My sister and her family are coming into town for the weekend, surprising her 2 step daughters, so I need to get my workout and run done so I can clean the house and get everything ready.
Have a great day Janae.


So happy you have your sister coming into town, that will be so much fun. And your boys texting… I bet that felt so good to start your day off with those! Hahah those podcasts getting me worrying more than I already to so Andrew has definitely had to pull me away from listening to those at times ha. I hope your day is a beautiful one, Wendy!


Hi Janae! Running with other people helps me so much for a workout! But I have to be careful during easy runs I don’t get pulled too fast. That Easter egg thing is hilarious! We’ve had so much snow this year too (not nearly as much as you but a lot for us) and I’m so ready for it to just go away and be a little warmer.
Have a wonderful day!


Yes! I have to tell my friends on easy days all of the time I need to slow it down a bit. Sometimes we get talking and cruising but that’s not the goal on easy days! Sounds like your Easter will be similar. I hope you get some warmer days asap! Happy Thursday, Amy!


That Easter meme….hahahaha! You should do it. Wonder if the dye would leach off anyways being surrounded by wet. In terms of running I do enjoy running with others, but often feel guilty if I can’t talk as easily as them. 🤣 So yes and no. They definitely help pass the time on longer runs.


Haha I’ll let you know how it goes when I am hiding eggs in the snow next month. Oh I totally get it… that can be so stressful but I think we all worry about that so you aren’t alone. Hope your day is off to a wonderful start, Beth!


Beck’s hair is adorable!

I LOVE having someone to chase! It seriously makes such a difference to me.

During the week, a lot of my routes are similar because I am trying to finish before work :) Sometimes, like today, we’ll head to the opposite side of town to get some hills in.

Best part of my morning so far was my running partner bringing chocolate milk for after the hills today!


Chocolate milk after the hills… you have a great running partner, I love that. Oh thank you, Andrew cuts his hair and he is so proud of it. Hope your morning is off to a great start, Marissa!


hi, also training for boston! can you speak more to your total mileage? You ran 2 miles + 9 miles + maybe an additional 2-3 in between (total). How do you get to 18 miles? Do you do a 4-6 mile cool down separately? just curious as i have noticed this with so many of your runs. best of luck!


Hey! Great question! Yes, our cooldown was about 5.5 miles yesterday… I prefer a longer warm up than cool down but this way more people can do more of the intervals before they need to get to work. I hope that makes sense. I hope your training is going well!


Hi Janae!

Love that you brought up the Truman show. 🙂 My grandfather was an actor and he was in that movie, a small role as the magazine salesman, but still cool to watch, especially now that’s he’s no longer with us. He shared a few stories from the set and how nice Jim Carrey was too. Love that people still watch it! Cheering for you from GA for Boston…and all your other races! 😉



This. Is. Amazing. I cannot wait to tell Brooke and knox. Wow! Thank you so much, I’m so excited!


Yay, a post including socks! I love socks :). Pls continue to include.

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