The almost progression run + week #12 recap + weekending!

(shoes, shorts, tank, bra, long sleeve)

A few things went wrong for this run, but the #1 thing was getting behind on my calories. We did an out-and-back course and were supposed to do a progression throughout the 20 miles. It wasn’t very cold outside when I got out of my car, so I didn’t dress appropriately for what we encountered once we got to the canyon.   The canyon wind and temp were brutal.  Honestly, I have not been that cold in years… the wind was nuts. I was supposed to take my second gel at mile 8, but I could not even move my fingers to get it out and open. I didn’t take a gel until many miles after I usually do because I couldn’t move my fingers.

The last two miles were downhill, but here is what my miles looked like:

Total of 1,243 ft of up and 1,243 of down–> 7:58, 7:46, 7:35, 7:31, 7:13, 7:11, 6:59, 6:53, 7:26, 7:45 (the wind was so bad here and this is where we turned and then had the tailwind in the canyon), 6:33, 6:21, 6:19, 6:15, 6:53, 7:06, 6:24, 6:56, 6:05, 5:59. So while I didn’t hit my workout for the day, the effort was there, and I didn’t quit!

It was one of those runs where you wonder how in the world you are going to hit your goals in a month because marathon pace felt too hard, but then you remind yourself (100 times) that it is normal to have runs you feel awful in and if you hit every workout perfectly, they probably aren’t hard enough!

And if my fingers are too cold to open gels at Boston, I will stop to ask people to open them for me. I cannot run long distances without a gel every 4 miles.

Once we were back in the sun, my body was so thankful.

My niece came over so Andrew could join me for the last 7 miles.

He cheered me on and reminded me over the miles that I was just minutes away from jumping in the hot tub and then a date with him later. It was the reward I needed.
My newest habit is always bringing a blanket and Aquaphor in my car to relax after the run.
More races need to give out gloves for SWAG. I see everyone with these on, fantastic advertising.
We went for burgers from Cubby’s, and they were perfection.

We spent a lot of time outside with the neighbors.

I had the best maple bar ever.
And, of course, did plenty of this:

Andrew picked up Brooke in California to come home!

And we took carrot cake to my mom for her birthday!

Week 12:

Monday: 13 miles @ 8:09 average

Tuesday:  9.4 @ 8:24 average 

Wednesday:  20 miles @ 7:02 pace with 1,100 ft of climbing in the pouring rain.  This got us ready for Boston:). 3-mile warm-up, 4 miles rolling hills @ 6:14 average, .5 recovery jog, 3 miles of flat and then downhill @ 6:02 average, .5 recovery jog, 2 miles with 1st 1.5 miles straight up and then flat and downhill for the rest @ 7:57 average, .5 recovery jog, 1 mile downhill @ 5:30, 5.5ish c/d.  I definitely tested my mental strength with this workout.  

Thursday: 10 miles @ 8:26 average

Friday: 8 miles @ 8:47 average

Saturday:  20 miles @ 6:57 average.  I was supposed to do a progression from start to finish, and I accomplished that except for miles 9-10 & 15-18.  

Sunday:  Off!

80.5 miles.

It’s time for peak week this week… looks like the weather is going to try once again to stop us, but we won’t let it😵‍💫

Tell me some highlights of your weekend!

Favorite lip stuff?!

-Aquaphor.  I am hooked.

Hardest run you have done recently?  Did you make any mistakes?

Last flight you took? 


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Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t look 71.
A bad run is better than no run. or so the sign my sister gave me says. I tend to believe it. Things may not go as planned but you’re still able to do it.
Favorite lip stuff………..anything hot pink. if I’m running, I need to put chap stick or car-mex on over it.
Have a great day!


I agree, she still looks so young to me! Okay, I needed to hear that. SO so so true! Hope you have some hot pink lip stuff on right now, I want to be fun like that. Have a beautiful Monday, Lee!


Good on you for continuing to push yourself when that run got super hard! That burger and fries look good- is there anything better than a burger and fries after a long run? Happy belated birthday to your mom! Also, yes, Aquaphor girl here; have been for many years! This week is a week of easy runs/workouts- my FIRST half marathon is this Saturday and I am so PUMPED! Thanks as always for the inspiration, Janae! Happy Monday!


This is so exciting! Good luck and enjoy your first!


AHHHH so so so excited for you, Emily! I better get to hear all about it! Which half is it? So thrilled for you and enjoy some rest and carb loading this week leading up to the big day.

Thank you! I seriously crave a burger after every single long run… it must have exactly what we need! I hope you have one after your race.


Wow. Andrew really is the best!
The last flight that I took was from Paris. I think about that trip every day of my life.
Your Saturday run! Oh my gosh! Way to get through that one. I would refuse to ever leave the hot tub once I get in after that run.
I had a revolving door of wind+snow and then sunshine on my run this weekend. After running Indy Monumental Marathon in headwind of 20+mph for the entire back half, I refuse to let the wind dampen my spirit. Beyonce’s Break My Soul would pop into my head with each burst of wind.
Good luck this week!


He sure saved me! I BET you think about that trip often… sounds amazing! The only thing getting me out of that hot tub was knowing I had a burger to get to;) I seriously do not know how you did Indy in that wind… you are strong. Teach me your ways! Thanks friend, happy Monday!


I did a fartlik this morning and felt awful. I didn’t have a huge supper last night but snacked on peanut butter m&ms and those did me in. As I get more serious about my training I am starting to realize just how sensitive my stomach/digestive system is. I still hit some goal speeds and times but felt like I had a ton of rocks in my stomach the whole time. No bueno!

I am also now hooked on Core Power Chocolate Milk after my runs. It’s like a reward and definitely helps with my morning protein intake. Thanks for the recommendation!


Ugggg KJ, I am so sorry you felt awful on your run this morning. I’m with you, the harder the train the more we really have to dial in our nutrition or else we pay for it during our workouts! I am so happy you are hooked on Core Power… I feel so passionate about this topic and I love to hear this:). Have the best day! Keep me updated on your training.


I feel this so much. I keep having to adjust my mindset because I had a really huge goal for my half marathon and every workout I am doing, I just cannot get close. So I am reevaluating my goal. If it was just a workout here and there I wouldn’t be worried. But it definitely gave me a reality check. I’m not giving up on the goal, but working towards something more realistic haha!!!


Samantha, I feel for you and have definitely had that happen in training cycles. I need you to talk to my friend, Lauren! For St. George this last year she had workout after workout that she couldn’t hit and was usually finishing after me and then on race day she finished ahead of me, crushed her goal and had an amazing day! Don’t give up hope! YOU CAN DO THIS!


Knox holding your arm in the picture with your mom is so sweet! Happy birthday to your beautiful mom!


He is the sweetest! Thank you, Michelle! I hope your day is a wonderful one!


Happy Monday! Highlight of my weekend is I had a block of 5 hours to myself yesterday and finished the book I was reading.

I love lip balm. No preference really but prob buy blistex the most.

Separate topic. What do you wash you running clothes with? Do you wash them separately or with other clothes?


FIVE HOURS to yourself… oh I am so glad you got that! I hope you loved the ending of your book. I am probably the worst with this topic but I just wash everything together. I try to start a wash right after my shower so my running clothes don’t sit in their stinkiness ha but that’s the only special thing I do. I need help with this topic. What do you do?


Ugh – cold and windy weather is THE WORST for running. I can handle the cold by itself, but wind is just the absolute worst and it should be against the law. Good for you for pushing through! You stick with it and keep pushing when it’s tough and I admire that about you.


Thank you for saying it should be against the law… I totally agree! Thank you, Allison! I hope your day is off to a beautiful start!


Happy birthday to your mom!!!

I’m also a committed aquaphor fan!

I decided that I have quit running in the cold this year. Minnesota is saying “yeah right” to me – and I still will – but I’m about to do a treadmill run now instead!

Have a great day!


Aquaphor for life! I fully support you quitting cold weather running. We just can’t do it anymore. I hope your run was a sweaty one! Thanks friend, you too!


Happy Birthday HRG Mom!

Weekend highlight = bridal shower for a dear friend + one of the guests was a lifelong friend I hadn’t seen in a year!

I am all about plain old Chapstick or Blistex.

I did a trail run recently that was pretty tough, so much mud and multiple creek crossings. I ended up with wet feet and at one point almost got stuck.

We flew to Tennessee earlier this month for my mother-in-law’s memorial service. It was one of the sweetest services ever, so many wonderful memories of a life well lived.


Thanks Kathy! I am so glad you were able to go to that bridal shower and get in a trail run. You are tough! So grateful that the memorial service went so well. Sending love!


Ugh freaking love Andrew’s adventuring to California to pic up Brooke! Makes me so happy that you found him.

You and the work bestie swear by Aquaphor so I need to pick that up once I run out of lip stuff. I’ve yet to find my holy grail yet but I do love Burt’s Bees! Something about it when I wake up just does it for me since it’s not too thick for a work out.

Highlights from this weekend – cleaning the grout on my kitchen floor (only a highlight because it’s done ha!), snuggling with my dog while watching a movie and doing some run/walk intervals and actually enjoying the running parts! Haven’t run in forever because I wasn’t enjoying it and I just threw those in and had fun. Hope you have a great Monday!


He really is so good to us all! Oh how I love Burt’s Bees too. Definitely a highlight once it is done haha. YAY for loving the running parts, I’m so happy about that. Thanks Maureen, you too!


You have a lot of willpower! Good for you for not quitting when you wanted to.
I find since C and having to wear masks at work I havent been using lip balm/gloss as much as I use to..I use to be obsessed. I’ve been loving laneige from Sephora but it’s pricey, I’ll definitely check out aquaphor.
Do you have a link to the joggers you wore on stories last night? I’m always looking for the perfect jogger.
Thanks and have a nice day! Hope it’s warmer for your run today


Hey you! YES! Here is the link: I have the matching sweatshirt to go with them and they are fabulous. I think you get 20% off on your first order there too. Maybe I can see if I can ween myself off of lip stuff. Thanks Jane, hope your Monday is a beautiful one.


When I ran Boston in 2015, my hands were freezing and my sneaker came untied. I asked someone on the side to re-tie it for me. They were more than happy to do so. =)


THANK YOU for sharing when workouts are hard or don’t go as planned!!!! I just finished a 20 miler about half an hour ago and it was pretty awful, but I didn’t give up!!! For spring break we took a road trip, so I took 8 days off of running completely and ate way more fast food than I wanted. (Bad idea) Today’s run was a rude awakening, I’m hoping I don’t have a huge set back in training now.


If I can, I get them in the wash right away. I wash alone and on the speed cycle (I can’t justify a full cycle for just a few items :). I tried a few of the sports detergents but honestly didn’t seem to make a difference.

Anyone else have tips or suggestions?


Wind is so annoying. I detest it. When I am riding in wind I think it’s easier to run in it, when I’m running in it I think riding is easier. We have had so much wind it’s remarkable.

I love a good lip balm. Right now I am on a Portland Bee Balm kick. A co worker had this micro tub of Vaseline lip hydration and darn it if it wasn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I may have to get some just because that tiny tub is ridiculous cute.

Happy Belated birthday to your mom!! When is her next guest post!


Hi Janae! You have been crushing it lately — I hope Boston goes well for you :)

I was wondering about your training group — I think it’s so cool you have so many fast friends! How do you all make times for a 20 mile midweek run? Do most of you have flexible schedules? I’m a lot slower than you so I would have to start at 3:30 to be home in time to get ready for work, haha.


New life goals:
1. Get a hot tub.
2. Find a husband who will have a hot tub ready post run.
3. Bonus points: husband who also knows that a post run date is a great motivator.

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